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Babymetal studio album


February 26, 2014



Label (s) BMD Fox Records, Toy's Factory

Format (s)

CD, DVD, download, vinyl

Genre (s)

Kawaii Metal ( Metal , J-Pop )

Title (number)


running time


  • various studio musicians


Chibametal, Inabametal, Kobametal

- Babymetal Metal Resistance
Single releases
October 22, 2011 Doki Doki ☆ Morning
March 7, 2012 Babymetal × Kiba of Akiba
4th July 2012 Headbangeeeeerrrrr !!!!!
January 9, 2013 Ijime, lady, Zettai
19th June 2013 Megitsune
May 31, 2015 Gimme Chocolate !!

Babymetal (written BABYMETAL) is the debut studio album by the Japanese metal band Babymetal of the same name . The album was first released in Japan on February 26, 2014. It reached number 4 in the Oricon album charts and contains, among other things, the commercially successful singles Gimme Chocolate !! , Ijime, Dame, Zettai and Megitsune . The international version was published in May / June 2015. Some of the songs had already appeared on albums by the idol pop group Sakura Gakuin , from which the band was formed. In general, the album Babymetal is considered to be a style defining for the subgenre Kawaii Metal .

Publication and promotion

The album was released in Japan on January 26, 2014 by Toy's Factory in three versions: a standard edition, a limited edition and the Apocalypse edition. The limited edition has the same content as the standard edition, but it comes with an additional DVD . It contains the band's previous music videos with audio commentary from the members, a live music video from Gimme Chocolate !! and footage with the performance at the Festival Summer Sonic 2013. Toy's Factory re-released the limited version five months later , with a special cover to commemorate the 2014 world tour. The Apocalypse edition of the album was only available on CD and contains alternatives Versions of the songs Akatsuki and Song 4 . The former was sung live on December 21, 2013 in the Makuhari Messe in Chiba . This edition was only available to people who had pre-ordered it on the band's special Apocalypse website.

In mid-2015 the album was released internationally by other record labels, on May 29 in Europe by earMusic and on June 16 in the USA by RAL and Sony Music Entertainment . Both the European and American editions contain two bonus tracks : a live version of Gimme Chocolate !! and the new song Road of Resistance . The limited version was also available in Europe, but without the audio commentary. To further promote the album, a music video for Road of Resistance was uploaded to YouTube in May 2015 , a live recording of a concert in the Saitama Super Arena .

Singles and other songs

Babymetal contains material that was created over a period of almost three and a half years. After the song Doki Doki ☆ Morning had been presented since November 2010 as part of concerts by the idol pop group Sakura Gakuin , it first appeared on March 23, 2011 on the album Sakura Gakuin 2010 Nendo: Message and finally on October 22, 2011 as a standalone Single . The release of Babymetal × Kiba of Akiba , a split single with the alternative metal band Kiba of Akiba , took place on March 7, 2012; on it is the song Iine! . Next up was the single Headbangeeeeerrrrr !!!!! on July 4, 2012. Ijime, Dame, Zettai , released on January 7, 2013, was the first single on a major label and the first song that was not included on a Sakura Gakuin album. Finally, on June 19, 2013, the single Megitsune was released , the first release after Babymetal had separated from Sakura Gakuin and had become an independent group. These five songs as well as five B-sides are included on the album.

Two songs, Akatsuki and Rondo of Nightmare , are sung solo by lead singer Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal). Two other songs, Onedari Daisakusen and Song 4, are sung together by Yui Mizuno (Yuimetal) and Moa Kikuchi (Moametal) in a duet under the stage name "Black Babymetal". Song 4 was composed by the two of them themselves.

Before the international album version was released, the new song Road of Resistance was digitally released on February 1, 2015 . This is a cooperation with Herman Li and Sam Totman from the British metal band DragonForce , who were involved in the production of the guitar tracks. Although Gimme Chocolate !! was only subsequently released as a single, this song helped the band to international breakthrough. Responsible for this is a music video that was recorded on December 21, 2013 at a concert in the Makuhari Messe and was viewed over 82 million times on YouTube by January 2018.


source rating
Rolling Stone Japan
The Japan Times positive
Rock sound

The album received positive reviews from Japanese music critics. Rolling Stone Japan described it as a work “full of quality, hardness, humor and cuteness” as well as a self-contained masterpiece that could undoubtedly be representative of 2014. The Japan Times wrote, “ Babymetal revels in the madness of both the idol scene and metal, but is far from being a joke. It's a whole lot better than many more serious metal albums. "

The ratings were generally positive abroad as well. Allmusic said: “ Babymetal is obviously not an album for metalheads who like to follow the clear definition of what makes metal metal, or for J-pop fans who are afraid of massive guitar riffs. But those who don't really care about the rules and just want to jump around like idiots to the brightest and most absurd music imaginable will find exactly what they never dared to ask with Babymetal's brilliant debut. " Rock Sound said the album offered" tons of fun "and it was" completely and completely absurd, but when was that ever something bad? "

Kerrang described the music as "cynical and manufactured, but absolutely brilliant" and stated that the band used "the fine line between genius and madness as a skipping rope". Metal Obsession was of the opinion: “This band was created for the target group 'Music that your Japanese friend, who actually doesn't like Metal, would like'. (...) It is a unique album by a unique band that made no compromises and created an enchanting and pretty hard sound contrast. She made metal cute without losing any sharpness, which you can't say about any other band ”. praised the quality density and the entertainment value; Babymetal works " just as well at the bony Sonisphere Festival [...] as as a provocation in the children's room" and devalues ​​"even current pop goddesses like Lady Gaga into unimaginative bores ".

In July 2016 the readers of Metal Hammer voted Babymetal as the best album of the 21st century.

Track list

Japanese edition 
No. title music text length
1. Babymetal Death Kitsune of Metal God Kitsune of Metal God 5:46
2. Megitsune ( メ ギ ツ ネ ) Norimetal Mk-metal • Norimetal 4:07
3. Gimme Chocolate !! ( ギ ミ チ ョ コ !! ) Takeshi Ueda Mk-metal • Kxbxmetal 3:50
4th Iine! ( い い ね! ) Mish-mosh Nakata Caos 4:08
5. Akatsuki ( 紅月 ) Tsubometal Nakametal • Tsubometal 5:25
6th Doki Doki ☆ Morning ( ド キ ド キ ☆ モ ー ニ ン グ ) Norizō • Motonari Murakawa Nakametal 3:44
7th Onedari Daisakusen ( お ね だ り 大作 戦 ) Team-K Nakata Caos • Ryu-metal • Fuji-metal 3:15
8th. Song 4 ( 4 の 歌 , Yon no uta) Black Babymetal Black Babymetal 4:01
9. Uki Uki ★ Midnight
( ウ キ ・ ウ キ ★ ミ ッ ド ナ イ ト )
Team-K Ryu-metal • Fuji-metal • Nakata Caos 3:17
10. Catch Me If You Can Narasaki Edometal 3:53
11. Rondo of Nightmare
( 悪 夢 の 輪 舞曲 , Akumu no rondo)
Yuyo soup Yuyo soup 3:33
12. Headbangeeeeerrrrr !!!!! ( ヘ ド バ ン ギ ャ ー !! ) Narasaki Edometal • Nakametal 3:53
13. Ijime, lady, Zettai ( イ ジ メ 、 ダ メ 、 ゼ ッ タ イ ) Kxbxmetal • Tsubometal • Takemetal Nakametal • Tsubometal 6:04
Overall length: 54:55
International bonus tracks 
No. title music text length
14th Road of Resistance Mish-Mosh • Norimetal • Kyt-metal Kitsune of Metal God • Mk-metal • Kxbxmetal 5:20
15th Gimme Chocolate !! (live at O2 Academy Brixton ) Takeshi Ueda Mk-metal • Kxbxmetal 5:04
Overall length: 65:19


(Information according to the booklets of the album and the singles)

  • Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal): lead vocals
  • Yui Mizuno (Yuimetal): vocals, lyrics, music
  • Moa Kikuchi (Moametal): vocals, lyrics, music
  • Kei Kobayashi (Kobametal, Kxbxmetal, Kitsune of Metal God):
    producer , management, lyrics, music, arrangement
  • Hitometal: Management
  • Chibametal: Executive Producer
  • Inabametal: Executive Producer
  • Millennium Japan: producer
  • Miki Watanabe (Mk-metal): Text
  • Norikazu Nakayama (Norimetal, Nakata Caos, Nakametal): text, music
  • Tatsuya Tsubono (Tsubometal): text, music
  • Ryugi Yokoi (Ryu-metal): text
  • Shinichi Fujita (Fuji-metal): Text
  • Shion Hirota (Edometal): Text
  • Takehiro Mamiya (Yuyoyuppe): text, arrangement, mix
  • Takeshi Ueda: text, music
  • Nobuaki Miyasaka (Mish-Mosh): Music
  • Sari Miyasaka (Mish-Mosh): Music
  • Norizo: music
  • Motonari Murakawa: music, arrangement
  • Shuhei Takahashi (Team-K): Music
  • Kazuki Higashihara (Team-K): Music
  • Nobuki Narasaki: Music
  • Takeru Yōda (Takemetal): Music
  • Keiji Kusama (Kyt-metal): Music
  • Daiki Kasho: arrangement, sound engineer
  • Kyoto: arrangement
  • SOH (O! SD): arrangement, guitar
  • Tatsuo: arrangement, programming , guitar, bass
  • Narametal: arrangement
  • Herman Li : guitar
  • Sam Totman : guitar
  • Leda: Bass

Chart placements

Charts Top ranking Weeks
Chart placements
Germany (GfK) Germany (GfK) 95 (1 week) 1
Japan (Oricon) Japan (Oricon) 4th (...Template: chart placements / maintenance / preliminary Where.) ...Template: chart placements / maintenance / preliminary
Austria (Ö3) Austria (Ö3) 69 (1 week) 1
United States (Billboard) United States (Billboard) 187 (1 week) 1


year Award category result
2015 7th CD Shop Awards Grand Prix Won

Overview of publications

region date format Label Editions Catalog no.
Japan Jan. 26, 2014 CD, digital, DVD BMD Fox Records • Toy's Factory Standard • limited TFCC-86461
CD "Apocalypse" limited PPTF-8058
July 26, 2014 CD, DVD limited (re-release) TFCC-86460
Europe May 29, 2015 CD, digital, DVD earMusic Standard • limited EMU02103957
United States June 16, 2015 CD, digital RAL • Sony Music Entertainment default RAL0096922
Japan 17th June 2015 vinyl BMD Fox Records • Toy's Factory TFJC-38024
United States Jan 15, 2016 RAL • Sony Music Entertainment RAL0509692
Japan Sep 14 2016 CD, DVD BMD Fox Records • Toy's Factory "Visiting Japan Commemoration" (limited) TFCC-86571

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