Biblioteca di Stato e Beni Librari

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The Biblioteca di Stato e Beni Librari is the historical state and today's national library of the Republic of San Marino .


The origins of the establishment of a public library in San Marino go back to the year 1826 when the then regent Giambattista Onofri ordered the establishment of a public library. In 1839 the Palazzo di Famiglia Valloni building in the Città di San Marino was acquired. The building from 1735 was rebuilt and the first national library was set up there. The collection initially consisted of taking over the literature collection from the property of the family of Antonio Onofri (1759-1825), an old established family of politicians and diplomats who had always had a significant influence on the fate of the republic.

Bartolomeo Borghesi (1781–1860), a numismatist who had moved his residence to San Marino in 1821, campaigned for the expansion of the library and the establishment of a museum. The library became open to the public on September 30, 1894. From this date the facility was managed by a full-time librarian and a deputy. On March 23, 1909, the government placed the facility under protection as a special cultural heritage site in San Marino.

The Palazzo Valloni in the historic city center was badly damaged on June 26, 1944 by the bombing during World War II . In the course of the restoration, the library was comprehensively reorganized. In 1954, under the direction of Pietro Zama di Faenza , most of the damaged books were restored and returned to the library. In the second half of the 20th century, especially in the 1960s, donations were used to procure new shelves, cupboards and showcases and the literature inventory was expanded considerably.

The State Library has been a national library since 1933. After San Marino became a member of CENL (Conference of European National Librarians ), it is now also known as the European Library . Since December 2008, the National Library of San Marino has been an active part of the Emilia-Romagna library network .


The library has around 120,000 volumes and numerous magazine subscriptions, including 17 newspapers from Italy and San Marino. The open shelves also contain literary, humanistic , scientific and legal literature as well as contemporary fiction and non- fiction books and numerous travel guides, encyclopedias and dictionaries. The approximately 800 valuable historical documents and rare incunabula from the 16th and 17th centuries are particularly noteworthy .

Research areas

  • Bibliography of San Marino
  • Historical newspapers
  • Documentation center
  • Fond Ancients
  • Fond Pietro Franciosi
  • Pictures of local history


  • Bibliographical advice on site
  • Interlibrary loan
  • Design of cultural events
  • Paper material preservation and restoration activities and restoration in the institute's laboratory
  • Organization of conferences and exhibitions
  • Development of research on behalf of the authorities and institutions
  • Internet editions and cataloging

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