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Liechtenstein National Library

The Liechtenstein National Library is the national library of Liechtenstein with its seat in Vaduz .

Legal basis and tasks

Beginning of the text of the incunable “De orthographia”, printed in 1477 by Hermann Liechtenstein in Treviso
Front mirror of the incunabula “De orthographia”, copy in the State Library

The State Library was established by law on the establishment of a Liechtenstein State Library in 1961 as a foundation under public law (State Law Gazette No. 25 of November 14, 1961). On the basis of this law, the State Library also has the right to deposit copies . A foundation council, a library commission and a librarian were planned as organs. The members of the Board of Trustees are appointed by the government , which is also the foundation's supervisory body. The state teachers library, founded in 1906, was integrated as a separate department under the administration of a three-person commission elected by the teachers' conference and under the supervision of the state school board. The office of librarian as head of the state library was carried out in personal union by the state archivist before the statutes were changed in 2001 to separate these two functions.

It combines the tasks of a national library with those of an academic and a public library. As a national library, the institution collects printed works as well as image and audio documents whose authors are Liechtenstein citizens or which concern Liechtenstein and its neighborhood. The State Library also acts as a patent library for the Principality of Liechtenstein and as such offers access to comprehensive international patent information. As a scientific library, it supports researchers, students and learners in their knowledge work. For example, all dissertations of graduates from the private university in the Principality of Liechtenstein can be borrowed.

The State Library must make the currently valid version of the EEA legal provisions applicable in Liechtenstein and the Swiss legal provisions available for inspection and for printing (subject to a fee) during opening hours.


View into the rooms of the state library

As of 2016, the library had around 285,000 media with 192,820 loans and renewals and recorded 48,111 visitors. Via its online library system Aleph 500, which was introduced by the Ex Libris Group in 1999, the State Library offers access to the holdings of all public and other Liechtenstein libraries. She is an associated member of the Information Network for German-speaking Switzerland . Since August 2010, through the eLiechtensteinensia project, the State Library has been offering access to the content of the yearbook of the Historical Association for the Principality of Liechtenstein , the old state newspapers and other publications from Liechtenstein.


According to its 2016 annual report, the State Library employed 16 people, including one in training as information and documentation assistants . The State Library is the only training center in Liechtenstein for the profession of I + D assistant.

In 2016, the state library had SFr. 1,811,939. The income mainly consisted of a state contribution of SFr. 1,740,000 from the government of Liechtenstein.

After starting in 1962 in three rooms in the state school, the library moved in 1968 to what was then the AHV building at Gerberweg 5. Extensions followed in 1986 and more in 1997/98. There is an external depot in Pflugstrasse in which more than half of the inventory is stored.

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Individual evidence

  1. Law of October 5, 1961 regarding the establishment of a Liechtenstein national library
  2. ↑ In accordance with Art. 8 Ordinance of May 31, 1995 on the EEA Collection of Laws, LGBl. 146/1995, the government chancellery and the state library are obliged to do so during periods of office.
  3. ↑ Pursuant to Art 4 (3) of the Act of June 20, 1996 on the publication of the Swiss legal provisions applicable in Liechtenstein (LGBl. 122/1996), these are the adjusted collection of federal laws and ordinances 1848-1947 (BS) and the official collection of federal law (AS) and the Systematic Collection of Federal Law (SR).
  4. Annual report 2016 of the Liechtenstein National Library (PDF file; 800 kB)

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