Brandenburg Historical Commission

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Brandenburg Historical Commission
purpose Research into the history of Brandenburg
Chair: Klaus Neitmann
Executive Director: Kristina Hubener
Establishment date: 1996

The Brandenburg Historical Commission ( BrHiKo ) is the historical commission of the state of Brandenburg . It was founded on November 20, 1996 and is organized as a registered association . The commission has its seat at the Historical Institute of the University of Potsdam at the professorship for modern history there.

The chairman of the commission is Klaus Neitmann , who was director of the Brandenburg State Main Archives from 1993–2020 , the managing director is Kristina Hübener , who is a research assistant at the Historical Institute.

The task of the commission is the "research and presentation of the Brandenburg regional history" and the "promotion of the regional historical work between the Elbe and Oder".

With the establishment of the BrHiKo, the state of Brandenburg was the last of the 16 federal states in Germany to receive a historical commission. This publishes its results in various series.


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  1. See website of the commission under “About us” .