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The CSU regional group (also CSU in the Bundestag ) comprises the members of the Bavarian CSU party in the German Bundestag . Together with the members of the sister party CDU , the regional group forms the joint CDU / CSU parliamentary group .

The CSU only competes in nationwide elections - i.e. elections to the German Bundestag and the European Parliament - in Bavaria. In return, the CDU does not have a regional Bavarian association and is therefore running for general election in the other 15 German states .


The first CSU regional group was constituted on 30./31. August 1949 with Fritz Schäffer as 1st chairman and Franz Josef Strauss as 2nd chairman. When the entire parliamentary group was constituted in September, the CDU and CSU founded their parliamentary group , which continues with interruptions to this day and is renewed at the beginning of each legislative period. The parliamentary group contract stipulates that the CSU group has its own organs and is "appropriately involved in all organs of the parliamentary group".

Members of the CSU regional group

The following table shows the results of the CSU in federal elections, the number of members of the CSU regional group and the proportion of CSU MPs in the total number of members of the German Bundestag:

CSU MPs elected in federal elections
Bundestag election Share of votes 1 in Bavaria Share of votes 1 in Germany Elected MdB Share of total MPs 2
1949 29.2% 5.8% 24 6.0%
1953 47.8% 8.8% 52 10.7%
1957 57.2% 10.5% 53 10.7%
1961 54.9% 9.6% 50 10.0%
1965 55.6% 9.6% 49 9.9%
1969 54.4% 9.5% 49 9.9%
1972 55.1% 9.7% 48 9.7%
1976 60.0% 10.6% 53 10.7%
1980 57.6% 10.3% 52 10.5%
1983 59.5% 10.6% 53 10.6%
1987 55.1% 9.8% 49 9.9%
1990 51.9% 7.1% 51 7.7%
1994 51.2% 7.3% 50 7.4%
1998 47.7% 6.7% 47 7.0%
2002 58.6% 9.0% 58 9.6%
2005 49.2% 7.4% 46 7.5%
2009 42.5% 6.5% 45 7.2%
2013 49.3% 7.4% 56 8.9%
2017 38.8% 6.2% 46 6.5%
1) From 1953: second votes.
2)From 1949 to 1987: Share in the members of the German Bundestag with full voting rights, ie without taking the Berlin Bundestag members into account .


The chairman of the CSU regional group is also the first deputy of the parliamentary group chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group and thus has a prominent position, as he has the floor in a row with the parliamentary group chairmen in government statements by the Federal Chancellor . The following persons have held this office since the first electoral term of the German Bundestag:

With the exception of Gerda Hasselfeldt and Richard Stücklen after his second term in office, all of the chairmen of the CSU regional group moved directly from their positions to the federal government . The background for this change was, on the one hand, that the CSU regional group chairmen, as prominent spokespersons for their party, should implement their party's policy in a government office even more effectively; on the other hand, that they should be included in the "cabinet discipline" for the purpose of better cooperation within the federal government (especially in the relationship between the CDU and the CSU). Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl (CDU) made this statement on the occasion of the appointment of the CSU chairman and regional group chairman Theodor Waigel to the federal government on April 15, 1989 before the federal press conference in Bonn :

"For the further work of the coalition and the federal government, it is very important that the CSU chairman Theo Waigel joins the federal cabinet - and that in a department of outstanding importance. I have therefore offered him to take over the office of Federal Minister of Finance. Theo Waigel accepted the offer. I am convinced that he will perform this office in an excellent manner. "

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