The face of truth

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German title The face of truth
Original title Freedomland
Country of production United States
original language English , Italian
Publishing year 2006
length 108 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Joe Roth
script Richard Price
production Scott Rudin
music James Newton Howard
camera Anastas N. Michos
cut Nick Moore

Freedomland ( Freedomland ) is an American film drama by Joe Roth from the year 2006 . Richard Price's script is based on his own 1998 novel.


The action takes place in 1999 in the suburb of Dempsy in New Jersey , which is mainly inhabited by working class families. Blood smeared Brenda Martin is admitted to Dempsy Medical Center . When police investigator Lorenzo Council interrogates her, he learns that her car was stolen by an African American while she was driving in the car. After it turned out that her four-year-old son Cody is still in the car, more and more police officers join the investigation. In response to the crime, a senior police officer, her brother, cordoned off the city's black district in order to find Brenda's son Cody. This leads to racist tension.

Little by little, other people try to help find Cody again. Likewise, a group of mothers who stand up for missing children. Brenda shuts himself off even this. When the search is narrowed down to the Freedomland Children's Home , the entire city seems to have been mobilized. The entire area of ​​the former children's home, which has been abandoned for decades, is searched.

Here it finally seems to shed some light on the matter. So it is learned that Brenda left her son unattended and he drank a bottle of cough syrup while she was not in the apartment. It is known that she always gave him small doses of cough syrup for children to help them fall asleep. Brenda tearfully mentions that it should be the last time that she will give him the "night vitamins" (this is what Brenda calls the cough syrup for her son). After the confession, Brenda breaks down and asks Lorenzo to notify her when Cody has been taken from the grave she previously shown and is safe.

After the trial, Brenda is taken to a psychiatric institution to be on the safe side, where Lorenzo visits her, as his son is also in a different wing because he committed a robbery with his service weapon. At this point, Brenda also reveals that she loves Lorenzo because of his open heart and manner. Lorenzo seems to be rethinking his relationship with his son based on what he experienced: His previously aloof manner now appears more open.


James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews that the film was one of those rare adult films that would cover a serious subject. He is "provocative" and reminds that the fiction is "unsettling" close to reality. The film has some dramaturgical weaknesses. The representations are "strong", especially those by Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore.


The story was inspired by the authentic case of Susan Smith, who murdered her sons in 1994. She claimed that she was ambushed by an African American. The woman was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1995; She can only be released on probation after 30 years at the earliest.

The underlying novel ends with the suicide of Brenda Martin and the funeral of Cody.

The film was shot in New York City and Yonkers . It grossed $ 12.6 million in US cinemas .

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