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Dieter Noll in 1955 when the FDGB was awarded the literary prize
Dieter Noll, 1966
Book signing with Dieter Noll, 1979
Gravestone of Dieter Noll in Wernsdorf

Dieter Noll (born December 31, 1927 in Riesa ; † February 6, 2008 in Zeuthen ) was a German writer . His main work is usually the two-volume novel The Adventures of Werner Holt from the early 1960s, which was sold over two million times by the time he died.


Dieter Noll was the son of a pharmacist . Since his mother was considered a “ half-Jew ” according to the regulations of the Nuremberg Race Laws in the Third Reich , she was subjected to repression. Noll attended high school. In 1944 he was drafted as a flak helper and served as an air force helper and senior helper with the heavy home flak battery 210 in Chemnitz-Borna, and from the end of 1944 he was deployed as a soldier. Against the war, he became for a short time in American captivity . After his release he put in Chemnitz the matriculation examination from. In 1948 he began a study of German language and literature , art history and philosophy at the University of Jena . From 1950 he lived in Berlin and was editor of the magazine Aufbau published by Bodo Uhse and employee of the New Germany . Since 1956 he has been a freelance writer . Noll last lived in seclusion in Königs Wusterhausen-Wernsdorf .

Dieter Noll had been a member of the KPD since 1946 . From 1964 to 1967 he was a member of the SED district leadership in Berlin . The protests with which numerous GDR authors had responded to Wolf Biermann's expatriation from 1976 onwards was countered by Noll's loyalty to the SED's course and in May 1979, in an open letter to Erich Honecker, referred to the writers Stefan Heym , Joachim Seyppel and Rolf Schneider as "broken types" who allegedly made common cause with the class enemy out of a desire for recognition. Said letter contributed to the exclusion of nine authors from the GDR Writers' Association in June 1979.

In the early 1950s, Dieter Noll mainly published reports about the development phase of the GDR. His main work is the two-volume novel The Adventures of Werner Holt . The first volume describes the development of Holt from the high school graduate influenced by National Socialism to the stations of flak helper and Wehrmacht soldier up to the prisoner of war. The reader can follow Holt's initial doubts through to the end of the “Third Reich”. The second volume describes the difficult development of a former Wehrmacht soldier into a supporter of socialism . According to the publisher, the work achieved a circulation of over two million copies. The first volume was school reading in the GDR and was made into a film by Joachim Kunert in 1964 .

Dieter Noll had been a member of the GDR writers' association since 1954 and from 1963 to 1966 deputy chairman of the Berlin district association of this organization. From 1969 he was a member of the German Academy of the Arts in East Berlin . He received u. a. The following awards: 1955 the FDGB Literature Prize , 1961 the Heinrich Mann Prize , 1963 and 1979 a 2nd Class National Prize , 1964 the Johannes R. Becher Medal in gold and 1979 the FDGB Art Prize .

In 1996 the news magazine DER SPIEGEL exposed his past as an IM of the Stasi . Since Noll committed himself as IM several times over the course of four decades, he had a total of four aliases.

His son Hans, born in 1954, is the writer Chaim Noll , who now lives in Israel and who moved from the GDR to West Berlin in 1984 . Dieter Noll died on the night of February 6, 2008 in Zeuthen of complications from cancer.

Dieter Noll was a regular author of the communist-socialist monthly magazine RotFuchs .


  • News from the dear foolish nest , Reclam-Verlag Leipzig 1952
  • Die Dame Perlon and other reports , Aufbau-Verlag Berlin 1953
  • Sun over the lakes , cheerful and dubious adventures of a barge passenger, Aufbau-Verlag Berlin 1954
  • Mother of the pigeons , Aufbau-Verlag Berlin 1955
  • Kisch calendar , Aufbau-Verlag Berlin 1955
  • Mecklenburgische Landschaft , Sachsenverlag Dresden 1958 (together with Renate Rössing and Roger Rössing )
  • The adventures of Werner Holt , Aufbau-Verlag Berlin
  • Kippenberg , Roman, Aufbau-Verlag Berlin and Weimar 1979
  • Live in love , poems 1962–1982, Aufbau-Verlag Berlin and Weimar 1985


  • Kisch calendar , Berlin 1955 (together with FC Weiskopf )

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Individual evidence

  1. ^ Guenter Caspar, foreword in Dieter Noll, "News from the dear, foolish nest", Verlag Philipp Reclam jun. Leipzig, 1951; Quote:

    “When Dieter Noll was six, his grandfather had to emigrate to Palestine. The mother of the fourteen-year-old was taken away because she was not supposed to raise her "half barbaric" children. The boy went wild, became a "flak helper", later a soldier, was taken prisoner. "

  2. ^ Open letter from Dieter Noll in Neues Deutschland from May 22, 1979, excerpt:

    “A few broken guys like Heym, Seyppel or Schneider , who work so diligently with the class enemy in order to gain cheap recognition because they are apparently unable to find a constructive response and response from our working people, represent certainly not the writers of our republic. The party can also be convinced that the people working in the factories of our country approve of the measures of our government and do not understand how a small group of so-called literary figures desperately want to make a name for themselves by standing in front of the cart of the West television or treats the party with outrageous open letters. "

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