Emil Karl Friedrich Meyer

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Emil Karl Friedrich Meyer (born July 27, 1792 in Graudenz ; † December 3, 1861 in Koblenz ) was a Prussian major general .



His parents were Samuel Friedrich Meyer (1758-1827) and his wife Karoline Barbara, née Henke (1768-1826). His father was initially a government auditor in Graudenz, then a war councilor and police director.

Military career

Meyer joined the Pioneer Company of the Prussian Army as a trainee on June 1, 1810 and advanced to Portepeefähnrich at the beginning of January 1811 . In 1811/12 he graduated from the General War School and was transferred to the engineering corps as a second lieutenant at the end of February 1812 . During the Wars of Liberation he fought in the battles near Großbeeren , Dennewitz , Leipzig , Laon , Ligny and Wavre . For the battle near Luckau he received a commendation and the Order of St. Vladimir IV class. In the battle near Döhren Meyer acquired the Iron Cross 2nd class and for Maubeuge he was awarded the Cross 1st class. He was also at the sieges of Wittenberg, Soissons , Landrecies , Rocroi , Philippeville and Givet .

After the war, Meyer rose to the position of captain in the 1st Engineer Brigade until April 1816 . On July 14, 1828, he was transferred to the second engineer inspection as an engineer officer from the square in Neisse . On May 12, 1832 he came to the 3rd engineer inspection as an engineer officer from the square in Luxembourg . With his promotion to the surplus major , Meyer was assigned to the staff of the engineering corps on June 22, 1832 and put on budget at the end of May 1834. In this position he received the Order of the Red Eagle III in 1839 . Class with a bow. On March 28, 1840 he was commissioned with the management of the business as inspector of the 4th fortress inspection, promoted Meyer to lieutenant colonel in mid-September 1841 and appointed him inspector on January 13, 1842. From May 12, 1842, he was employed as an inspector of the 1st fortress inspection and on March 30, 1844, he was promoted to colonel . From March 27, 1848 to April 23, 1849 Meyer was inspector of the 5th fortress inspection. He then took his leave with a pension , giving him the character of major general . He died on December 3, 1861 in Koblenz.


Meyer married Betty Julie Friederike Stenger (* 1808) in Poznan on May 11, 1826 , the only child of the Justice Commissioner and criminal adviser Joachim Heinrich Stenger (1770-1832) from Wollstein . The marriage was divorced on May 29, 1828.


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