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Circuit 1 between Petkus and Ließen with a view of the Golmberg
At Ließen
Resting place near Ließen

Flaeming-Skate is the name for a system of trails in the Brandenburg district of Teltow-Fläming in the area of ​​the cities of Luckenwalde , Jüterbog , Baruth / Mark , the Dahme / Mark district and the communities of Niederer Fläming , Niedergörsdorf and Nuthe-Urstromtal , which is specially designed for the needs was designed by inline skaters , but can also be used by cyclists and other roller sports. It is the longest continuous route of its kind in Europe. The project was inaugurated in 2001, built with various subsidies to develop tourism in this structurally weak region. The sponsor is the district of Teltow-Fläming, which controls all activities relating to advertising, marketing and sponsoring relating to Flaeming-Skate via Flaeming-Skate GmbH. Flaeming-Skate is a registered trademark.

Route network

The route network covers a total length of approx. 230 km. It consists of 2 to 3 meter wide circuits and usually 2 meter wide feeder routes, which are provided with a very fine layer of asphalt with a grain size of 0.5, as well as the Jüterbog skate arena. The paths lead through the Baruther glacial valley and the Niedere Fläming . Some routes were laid out on the former embankment of the Jüterbog-Luckenwalder Kreiskleinbahnen .

The circuits:

  • RK 1 (94.6 km; large circuit): Course: Jüterbog , Werder , Neuhof , Kolzenburg, Jänickendorf , Holbeck, west along the foot of the Golmberg , Ließen, Petkus, Wahlsdorf , Niebendorf, Hohenseefeld, Wiepersdorf , Welsickendorf, Körbitz, Langenlipsdorf , Oehna , Dennewitz , Niedergörsdorf , Jüterbog.
  • RK 2 (12.0 km): Luckenwalde - Jänickendorf - Luckenwalde. Particularly suitable for beginners.
  • RK 3 (11.0 km): From Jüterbog via Neuheim and Grüna to Zinna monastery with the famous Cistercian monastery and back to Jüterbog.
  • RK 4 (43.0 km; marathon route ): Werder , Markendorf , Fröhden , Hohengörsdorf, Bochow , Oehna, Dennewitz , Niedergörsdorf, Jüterbog, Zinna Monastery
  • RK 5 (50.6 km): Luckenwalde, Kolzenburg, Neuhof, Werder, Markendorf, Fröhden, Schlenzer, Wahlsdorf, Petkus, Ließen, Holbeck, Jänickendorf
  • RK 6 (48.6 km): Langenlipsdorf, Körbitz, Welsickendorf, Wiepersdorf, Hohenseefeld, Niebendorf, Wahlsdorf, Schlenzer, Fröhden, Hohengörsdorf.
  • RK 7 (39.1 km): consisting of parts of RK 1 and the feeders S6 and S13 - Hohenseefeld, Dahme, Prensdorf, Buckow, Wahlsdorf - long forest sections
  • RK 8 (83.7 km; circular bike course): Consists of parts of RK 1 and the feeders S4, S5, S7, S13 and unpaved sections of the Dahme cycle path in the eastern part - Wahlsdorf, Buckow, Prensdorf, Wildau-Wentdorf, Golßen , Museumsdorf Glashütte , Baruth / Mark , Stülpe , Petkus

The feeders:

  • The S1 and S2 branch off from RK1 or 2 between Kolzenburg and Jänickendorf and provide short connections to Luckenwalder city center.
  • S3 : A 4 km long branch path (3 m wide) branches off between Jänickendorf and Holbeck and leads through an extensive forest area to Gottow. Swimming at Gottower See.
  • S4 : In Holbeck, a 22.5 km long branch line branches off, which leads via Lynow, Paplitz to Baruth / Mark and from there as S5 via Klein Ziescht, Klasdorf to Glashütte.
  • S6 : The 11 km long branch path branches off at Hohenseefeld and leads via Ihlow and Niendorf to Dahme , an 800 year old town with a historic town center . At the entrance to Dahme, the 4.7 km long S8 branches off in the direction of Körbaer Teich and the 12 km long S7 through the city center of Dahme via Prensdorf to Wildau-Wentdorf.
  • S9 : Between Oehna and Dennewitz, an approximately 10 km long branch line branches off via Göhlsdorf, Seehausen (Kulturscheune) in the direction of Naundorf (Saxony / Anhalt).
  • S10 : From Dennewitz a 3.0 km long route leads to Rohrbeck and from there on to Jüterbog via a cycle path .
  • S11: From the level crossing on the Jüterbog - Potsdam line, the site of the former Altes Lager military airfield is 4.4 km away with the Altes Lager kart track.
  • S12: 10.5 km long connection between Markendorf and Wahlsdorf, part of circuits 5 and 6.
  • S13: Around 12 km long route between Wahlsdorf and Prensdorf, from Buckow almost exclusively in the forest, part of circuits 7 and 8 and extension of the S12.

The Jüterbog skate arena:

The facility comprises a 200-meter oval (5.85 m wide), a 600-meter street course (6.00 m wide) with a natural soil profile and a hockey field (20 × 40 meters). Floodlights and public address systems as well as digital time recording complete the multifunctional equipment. The arena has 1,400 seats, 800 of which are covered. In 2005 the 17th European Speed ​​Skating Championships took place here on the track.

The Fläming Walk was opened in 2004 in the vicinity of the Fläming-Skate , a Nordic Walking route with 43 signposted circular courses on a network of over 450 km of routes.

Since 2003, the Zossen-Jüterbog Adventure Railway has also crossed the Flaeming Skate several times.

Linking with other national bike paths

The Flaeming-Skate is in parts also a section of the route for other national bike paths.

The section from Wiepersdorf via Petkus, Jänickendorf, Luckenwalde, Jüterbog (RK1), with detours to their inner cities and via Rohrbeck S10, to Niedergörsdorf (again RK1) is also part of the Brandenburg Tour .

The section from Stülpe (S4) via Luckenwalde, Jüterbog, Niedergörsdorf, Dennewitz (RK1), junction S9 via Gölsdorf, Seehausen to Naundorf is also part of the Berlin – Leipzig cycle path . Already in Naundorf you can change from the Berlin Leipzig cycle path via Seyda and Listerfehrda to the Elbe cycle path or Schwarze-Elster cycle path , alternatively to the connection in Lutherstadt Wittenberg .

The section in the southern area from Wiepersdorf to Hohenseefeld (RK1), via Ihlow to the entrance to Dahme / Mark (S6) and from there further south to the Körbaer Teich (S8) is part of the 170 km long Elsterradtour (not to be confused with the Schwarze-Elster-Radweg ).

The RK8 or the S7 between Dahme / Mark and Wildau-Wentdorf is also part of the Dahme cycle path , which continues north via Kümmritz.

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