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Flinker Igel 84 was a German - US American - Canadian FTX military maneuver at corps level in Bavaria , which took place in autumn 1984.

Division of troops

The II DE Corps Ulm was in charge of the exercise . BLUE exercise force (30,000 soldiers) was composed as follows:

The RED / YELLOW exercise force (14,000 soldiers) was divided as follows:

The management and referee service (10,000 soldiers) was provided by the following associations:


Flinker Igel 84 took place from September 13 to 21, 1984 with the participation of 55,000 soldiers (including 12,000 reservists ), 13,100 wheeled and 2,800 tracked vehicles, and 220 helicopters. The nationalities were divided into Bundeswehr : 47,000 (including 10,000 territorial armies ), US Army : 3,700 and Canadian Army : 4,300.


The Flinker Igel 84 maneuver was a so-called "three-country situation". BLUE against RED / YELLOW. The parade area included Donauwörth , Nördlingen , Beilngries , Neumarkt , Kitzingen , Herzogenaurach , Würzburg and Wassertrüdingen . In Wassertrüdingen, 160 pieces of chain from the 303 Panzer Grenadier Battalion, Ellwangen , were unloaded from the railway . Regensburg , Passau , Landshut , Straubing , B15 , Geiselhöring Susskofen , Eggenfelden , Kottingwörth formed the metropolitan area. In the course of the exercise, bridges were built across the Altmühl near Dietfurt and Trommetsheim / Treuchtlingen , across the Danube near Marxheim , Poikam , the war bridge near Ingolstadt , and across the Isar and Aitrach . The exercise, which was inspected by Federal Defense Minister Manfred Wörner , took place largely in rainy weather. The damage caused by exercises totaled approximately 5.5 million DM .

Field post

After the army exercise "Shining Dawn" , the maneuver Flinker Igel was the second maneuver in which mail was supplied to the maneuver participants .

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