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Fredl Fesl, 2005

Alfred Raimund "Fredl" Fesl (born July 7, 1947 in Grafenau ) is a Lower Bavarian musician and singer who is considered the real inventor of the Bavarian music cabaret.


Fredl Fesl grew up in his native Grafenau in the Bavarian Forest and moved with his parents to Greding in the Middle Franconian Altmühltal when he was nine years old . There his parents ran the Gasthaus Zum Bayerischen . The family later moved to Munich . After finishing elementary school in Grafenau, Fesl attended secondary school in Ingolstadt , where he later lived in a boarding school . Fredl Fesl was twice Upper Bavarian junior weightlifting champion . Since 1962 he has been a member of the railway workers' sports club (East) . He learned to play the guitar during his time with the German Armed Forces , where he also became an enigmatic joker of the mountain troops and is said to have annoyed his superiors a little.

After Fesl had tested in different occupations (his own words as a furrier, stage carpenter in film, Statist, locksmiths, fashion jewelry seller, garbage collectors, antique dealers and beer driver), he wanted to be a blacksmith build an existence and straightened in Freising a workshop. According to his own statements, his career as a musician began with the fact that he did not have to pay entry to the Munich cabaret by bringing his guitar - he always posed as the performing musician. When one evening the actual artists were finally missing, Fesl let himself be persuaded and performed himself. He quickly won the sympathy of the audience through his funny, chatting manner. In 1976 he made his first record called Fredl Fesl in the Fraunhofer Theater in Munich . After the release of his first record he had his own television show, Fredl and his guests.

One of his trademarks when performing live was the extensive preface to his pieces, which he said was sometimes longer than the songs themselves. At the end of a concert, he gave a handstand as an encore on the chair on which he had performed the songs during his concert . Fesl is often associated with the Königsjodler he used to perform regularly . Other well-known songs are The Noble Rittersepp , The Jodler , the Taxi Song or the Football Song . In the media he was sometimes called "Bajubarde" or "Bavaria's best bard".

For several years Fesl was regularly heard in radio commercials for the Veldensteiner beer brand . In 2008, because of the mention of Jürgen Klinsmann in one of these commercials, a court case in which the beer manufacturer Kaiser Bräu was defeated. When the verdict was pronounced, he also proved his sense of humor in this situation by saying: "There are worse things, for example mashed bread dumplings."

Fesl has been suffering from Parkinson's disease since 1997 and had to end his well-attended farewell tour early in 2006. In 2009, a brain pacemaker was used for Parkinson's symptoms . He lives with his second wife Monika in the remote area of Häuslaign (municipality of Pleiskirchen , Upper Bavaria). He has two daughters.

Since 2013 he has been selling the original Fredl-Fesl-Schunkelhilfe that he invented himself . In 2015 his autobiography Without Gaudi is ois nix was published by Volk Verlag . The book contains memories of companions like Zither-Manä , Mike Krüger , Konstantin Wecker , Hans Well , Willy Astor and Martina Schwarzmann .


Fredl Fesl describes his works as "Bavarian and melancholy songs", which he also chose as the subtitle for his fourth album. They are held in dialect and are often rooted in folk music, but have extremely humorous and subtle texts, often with the use of puns. Willy Astor is strongly in the tradition of Fesl with his wordy comedy. Fesl himself plays guitar, tuba , trumpet , alto horn and piano . In his popular cabaret and talk show Ottis Schlachthof on Bavarian television in 1999, Ottfried Fischer aptly described him as a member of the top guild of Bavarian songwriters, as a "real pounding guy" and a rebel of the gentler kind with subtle and bizarre humor.


Awarded the Great Karl Valentin Prize 2010
Fredl Fesl, Bayerischer Poetentaler 2017

Well-known titles

  • 1976 Knight Hadubrand
  • 1976 Taxilied (often announced live as I don't want to go to Dachau )
  • 1976 The Königsjodler
  • 1977 The noble knight's carpet
  • 1978 special occasion yodelers
  • 1978 soccer song
  • 1978 The Bi-Ba-Butzemann
  • 1978 Preiß'n-Jodler
  • 1978 school administration
  • 1981 Sepp stay 'da (to the melody of Adelita by Francisco Tárrega )
  • 1983 A horse has four legs
  • 1983 Because i don't like it
  • 2000 giant negroes in the drizzle



  • Fredl Fesl (1976)
  • Fredl Fesl 2 (1977)
  • Fredl Fesl - three (1978)
  • Fredl Fesl 4 - Bavarian and melancholy songs (1981)
  • The fifth by Fredl Fesl (1983)
  • Fredl Fesl 6 - D 'Welt hat an Vogel (1993)


  • Fredl Fesl - My Most Beautiful Songs & Sayings (1985 LP [CDS records], 2006 CD [MVC])
  • Fredl Fesl - One Hour with Fredl Fesl (1989)
  • Fredl Fesl - A Bavarian Evening (1997)
  • Fredl Fesl - Special Yodel (2003, double album)
  • Fredl Fesl - The Bavarian Bull - His most beautiful melancholic songs (2005, double album)
  • Fredl Fesl - football song and other successes (2005, 3 CDs)
  • Fredl Fesl - Ritter, Wirtsleut, Preiss'n and i (2007, 3 CDs, albums 1–3)


Appearances and trivia

  • In 1977 Fesl played a singer in the film Die Jugendstreich des Knaben Karl (about the young Karl Valentin) and sang in a beer garden from his biblical Gstanzl'n (Amen) .
  • The song Ich bin der Räuber Hotzenplotz was created for the television film Wunderland (1983) .
  • 1989 Fesl had a guest appearance in the series Meister Eder and his Pumuckl in the episode Pumuckl and the music . He justified his late arrival with the fact that his car had not started, which is to be interpreted as an allusion to his well-known event yodel.
  • From 1997 to 1998 Fesl took part in 10 episodes of the Austrian cabaret series Tohuwabohu .
  • The documentary from the series Lifelines with the title Fredl Fesl: I bin wia i bin (2003) shows the artist's life using numerous interviews and excerpts from his performances.
  • Fesl bought an excavator privately . That is why Ottfried Fischer asked him about the excavator in several episodes of Ottis Schlachthof .

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