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Fridolin "Frido" Mann (born July 31, 1940 in Monterey, California ) is a German psychologist and writer . He is also a citizen of the United States, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.


Frido Mann was born into a family of writers as the son of Swiss Gret Moser (1916–2007) and Michael Mann , Thomas Mann's youngest son . He grew up mainly in Switzerland with his grandmother Katia Mann . Several times during his childhood he was looked after in the house of his grandparents, today's cultural center Thomas Mann House in Pacific Palisades , USA. Frido Mann is considered to be Thomas Mann's favorite grandson, who created a literary monument for him in the form of Nepomuk Schneidewein ("Echo") in his novel Doctor Faustus and who often dealt with this child of his youngest son in his diaries.

Signature of Frido Mann (2018)

After graduating from high school in Switzerland in 1959, Frido Mann first studied music at the University of Zurich . He completed his studies in 1964 at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome . Immediately afterwards he completed a degree in Catholic theology at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich . He received his doctorate in 1969 on the subject of “The Last Supper with Young Luther” and then became Karl Rahner's research assistant at the University of Münster . At the same time, he completed a degree in psychology there, which he completed in 1972 as a qualified psychologist. He then worked as a clinical psychologist at the Psychiatric Hospital in Gütersloh . In 1978 he was visiting professor for psychology at the University of Leipzig . Since 1980 he has worked as a research assistant in the field of medical psychology at the University of Münster. Here, in 1981, the habilitation and the award of the Venia legendi for the subject of psychology took place. After subsequently working as a private lecturer, he was appointed professor of psychology in 1986. Until 1990 he was managing director of the Institute for Medical Psychology.

He has also been active as a writer since 1981 and deals, among other things, with his family history, especially the Brazilian legacy of his great-grandmother Julia da Silva-Bruhns . The Casa Mann association he founded wants to build a Euro-Brazilian cultural center in the house where he was born , the Villa Boa Vista in Paraty . Otherwise, his works are strongly influenced by experiences and impressions from his work as a psychologist. In May 2008 his autobiography Roller Coaster was published. A life path in which he also deals with the history of the Mann family from a psychological point of view and does not ignore the difficult relationship with his parents.

In 2009 he left the Catholic Church ; he justified this "overdue" step with the reconciliation gesture of Pope Benedict XVI. (2005–2013) opposite the Pius Brotherhood , to which the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson belonged at the time .

Frido Mann at the Leipzig Book Fair (2012)

Frido Mann has been married to Christine Heisenberg, a daughter of the physicist and Nobel Prize winner Werner Heisenberg , since 1966 and has a son with her.

Mann already had American and Swiss citizenship when he received the Czech Citizenship Certificate in 2007. It was confirmation that it had been valid since he was born. You could choose between Czech and Slovak citizenship. In 2012 he applied for German citizenship in Munich and learned that the citizenship that had been revoked from his family during the National Socialist era had long been restored and that an application was therefore not necessary.



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