Gangster Squad

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German title Gangster Squad
Original title Gangster Squad
Gangster Squad Logo.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2013
length 113 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Ruben Fleischer
script Will Beall
production Dan Lin ,
Kevin McCormick ,
Michael Tadross
music Steve Jablonsky
camera Dion Beebe
cut Alan Baumgarten ,
James Herbert

Gangster Squad ( English gangster troops ) is a based on a true story, playing in the 1940s American gangster film directed by Ruben Fleischer . Sean Penn embodies the legendary gangster Mickey Cohen in him . The film premiered in Hollywood on January 7, 2013. In Germany it started on January 24th.


The criminal Mickey Cohen controls the Los Angeles underworld in the late 1940s and protects himself and his people from prosecution by bribing police officers and judges. As a result, Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Parker decides to cut the economic basis of Cohen's activities by violently destroying his operations and businesses without his agency being linked to it. For this secret assignment, he selects Detective Sergeant John O'Mara, actually a homicide investigator, an assertive and incorruptible officer who already served in a secret special unit during World War II. He dutifully accepts the assignment, despite his wife's pregnancy, and recruits a small, powerful force of a few policemen with special knowledge and skills under his command.

O'Mara and his troops raid Cohen's facilities and delivery routes to destroy his empire. They risk injuring bystanders and shoot many of Cohen's armed workers. To find out about Cohen's plans, they spy on him with a bug. Cohen and the public perceive O'Mara's actions as the campaign of a rival gang of Cohen. Even before O'Mara received his assignment, his future comrade Sergeant Jerry Wooters had an affair with Grace Faraday, Cohen's lover.

O'Mara's gang raids a Cohen betting shop and sets it on fire without stealing any money. Cohen concludes correctly that the perpetrators are police officers. He then discovers the bug and uses it as bait to lure the O'Mara crew into a trap. With a tip from Faraday to Wooters, he can save O'Mara. However, he is unable to prevent the attacks on the police officers' families and the murder of the crew’s communications specialist, Officer Conwell Keeler. O'Mara's wife survived the attack.

O'Mara has Cohen issued a warrant for his arrest by threatening a judge corrupted by Cohen to expose his connection to the underworld. Then O'Mara and his people make their way to a hotel rented by Cohen and shoot their way to him with submachine guns.

The film ends with a fist fight between Cohen and O'Mara and Cohen's subsequent arrest.


The film received mixed reviews and Rotten Tomatoes reached Gangster Squad a value of 32%. However, 59% of the audience liked the film. In the Internet Movie Database was Gangster Squad rated 6.8.

"The crime film relies on an elaborate, glamorous retro look, the flawlessness of which does not, of course, mask how threadbare the plot and how uncritical and pathetic its access to the subject of vigilante justice is beyond the rule of law."

"'Gangster Squad' is less serious crime noir in the style of ' LA Confidential ' than comic-like violence fable à la 'Django Unchained' - and as such, the great cast of crime rioters is just awful fun!"

“Despite the massive hail of bullets in Gangster Squad, mood rarely really comes up, which is also due to the absence of a moving score. In addition, with some bloody deposits, you get the feeling that they were written in purely for the sake of effect. "


“The violence shown could have a disturbing effect on the mild-tempered, but it fits the gloomy, pessimistic mood and the real fascination of the film: the conflicting characters who, alienated from society, seem to have lost any illusion, but still feel driven by their own mission . The last time there was such a captivating constellation was 'LA Confidential' in American gangster cinema. "


The filming took place in the period from September 7, 2011 to December 15, 2011 in Bellflower , Santa Clarita and Los Angeles. The film is being marketed by Warner Bros.

As a result of the Aurora rampage , Warner Bros. withdrew commercials on Gangster Squad because the film contained a scene in which gangsters were shooting automatic weapons at the cinema audience in a movie theater.


role actor German voice actor
Mickey Cohen Sean Penn Tobias Master
Sgt. John O'Mara Josh Brolin Oliver Stritzel
Grace Faraday Emma Stone Anja Stadlober
Connie O'Mara Mireille Enos Antje von der Ahe
Sgt. Jerry Wooters Ryan Gosling Tobias Kluckert
Coleman Harris Anthony Mackie Stefan Günther
Officer Conway Keeler Giovanni Ribisi Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Navidad Ramirez Michael Peña Nico Mamone
Officer Max Kennard Robert Patrick Ronald Nitschke
Chief Bill Parker Nick Nolte Thomas Danneberg


  • Paul Lieberman: Gangster Squad - tough cops, the mafia and the battle for LA Hannibal Verlag, Höfen 2013, ISBN 978-3-85445-405-2 (Original edition: The Gangster Squad )

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