Happy like Lazzaro

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German title Happy like Lazzaro
Original title Lazzaro felice
Country of production Germany , France , Italy , Switzerland
original language Italian
Publishing year 2018
length 127 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Alice Rohrwacher
script Alice Rohrwacher
production Carlo Cresto-Dina ,
Gregory Gajos ,
Tiziana Soudani ,
Michael Weber
camera Hélène Louvart
cut Nelly Quettier

Happy as Lazzaro (original title Lazzaro felice ) is a film drama by Alice Rohrwacher , which premiered on May 13, 2018 as part of the Cannes Film Festival and where the director was nominated for the Palme d' Or. The film was released in Italian cinemas on May 31, 2018 and in German cinemas on September 13, 2018.


The farm boy Lazzaro, who is so good-natured that he is often thought to be simple-minded, meets Tancredi, a young, rebellious nobleman. They live in the isolated shepherd's village of Inviolata, where Tancredi's mother, the Marchesa Alfonsina de Luna, the queen of cigarettes, is in charge. Tancredi asks Lazzaro to fake his own kidnapping. A friendship develops between the two young men.

A later search for Tancredi led Lazzaro to the big city for the first time. In this modern world, Lazzaro is almost like a reminder of the past. Like his biblical namesake , the naive country boy Lazzaro appears here like someone believed dead.


The shooting took place in the Italian municipality of Bagnoregio in Viterbo , which served as a backdrop for the shepherd's village of Inviolata

It was directed by the Italian Alice Rohrwacher , who also wrote the script.

The film received a production grant of 150,000 euros from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and was also funded by Eurimages and Aide aux Cinémas du Monde (CNC - Institut français) . He receives distribution funding of around 30,000 euros from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

For Adriano Tardiolo , who can be seen in the film in the title role of Lazzaro, this was his first ever appearance as an actor. The younger Tancredi role was cast with pop singer Luca Chikovani . Nicoletta Braschi plays Tancredi's mother, the Marchesa Alfonsina de Luna. Alba Rohrwacher , who plays Antonia, is the director's sister.

Filming began on August 7, 2017 and took place in Italy, including in the Italian municipality of Bagnoregio in Viterbo in the Lazio region , which served as a backdrop for the shepherd's village of Inviolata. Hélène Louvart acted as camerawoman . Shooting ended on September 15, 2017.

The film premiered on May 13, 2018 as part of the Cannes Film Festival . There Netflix secured the distribution rights to the film. Country-specific distribution rights were also secured there by iQiyi (China), Modern Film (United Kingdom), PIFFL (Germany), Vertigo (Spain) and Mauris (Russia and CIS). It was released in Italian cinemas on May 31, 2018 and in German cinemas on September 13, 2018. The film was shown beforehand in July 2018 at the Munich Film Festival as part of the competition and celebrated its German premiere here. In August 2018 the film was shown at the Polish Film Festival Nowe Horyzonty and also at the Melbourne International Film Festival, in October 2018 at the Sitges Film Festival and at the New York Film Festival . In autumn 2018 there was also a screening at the Zurich Film Festival . The film opened the 56th Viennale on October 25, 2018 .


Age rating

In Germany the film was approved by the FSK from the age of 12, but allowed from the age of 6 when accompanied by parents. The statement of reasons for the release states: “The parable story about humanity, exploitation and dignity is told calmly and characterized by a dense atmosphere. Only individual dramatic and violent scenes can frighten children under the age of 12. "


Alice Rohrwacher woven the Lazarus legend into her script, here in an illustration from the Vaux Passional

Hannah Pilarczyk from Spiegel Online thinks that a look at the Bible and research into the various myths that have emerged about Lazarus reveal almost too much about this film and its magical twists and turns. Alice Rohrwacher brings up many small and one big miracles , but none of them feel trumpeted or undeserved, because Lazzaro Felice masterfully balances the magical and the (neo) realistic , continues Pilarczyk. Rohrwacher resurrects a proletarian Italy in the best tradition of Italian cinema , which does not serve to transfigure, but must nonetheless be kept in the collective memory. According to Pilarczyk, the film leads to some concise observations about what it can look like when you are marginalized.

Susanne Ostwald from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung explains that the director, with her magical, transfigured tone, locates her story in the temporal "Once upon a time", and for good reason, since the tobacco plantation of the Marchesa Alfonsina de Luna actually reigned in the darkest feudal times . Ostwald also notes that it is ingenious how Rohrwacher woven the Lazarus legend, its various versions, motifs and interpretations into their script: “It's about resurrection and the gift of finding animals and plants that were thought to be extinct - and about the poor who only desires what falls from the rich man's table. This is where Rohrwacher's social criticism comes in, which, however, refuses to be realistic. Rather, it carries on the legendary tone of the legend and puts it into the picture with allusions. "That is sad-beautiful, at times also funny and above all rather grotesque, so Ostwald, and so the film succeeds in a concise analysis of the present on the basis of Christian symbolism .

The film critic Rüdiger Suchsland explains that the name Lazarus literally means "God has helped" and notes that another motif is the legend of Romulus and Remus . If in the middle of the film Lazzaro falls from a rock and seems dead, he is brought back to life by a wolf and given him something like eternal youth, which reminds Suchsland of the mythological twins who were also saved by a she-wolf . Suchsland goes on to say in his review that the fact that Rohrwacher shot with 16 mm film emphasizes the nostalgic flair of this film that has fallen out of time. The director continues the tradition of Italian neorealism in her own very idiosyncratic manner, and in doing so ties in with Pier Paolo Pasolini , perhaps the greatest storyteller of cinema fairy tales of the 20th century. He calls Rohrwacher's film a fairy tale, filled with quiet humor and fine poetry, whereby she confidently plays with different time levels and different forms of reality, whereby her film fluctuates between fantasies for adults, naturalism and a naivety, as one can see from the films by Robert Bresson and Pasolini knows. The result is so beneficial and optimistic that it can no longer be adequately described in words, but has to be seen in the cinema, according to Suchsland: " Lazzaro felice is, in other words, one of the very best films of the year."

The German Film and Media Review sided Happy as Lazzaro with the predicate particularly valuable . The jury's statement: “As a modern version of the biblical Lazarus, Rohrwacher stages its main character as a saint, an angel, the symbol of a bygone era, nature and roots. At a wonderful moment, when organ music from a church of the rich simply joins the village community, the aura of the religious manifests itself around Lazzaro. "


European Film Award 2018

Munich Film Festival 2018

  • Nomination in the competition

Cannes Film Festival 2018

Independent Spirit Awards 2019

Jerusalem Film Festival 2018

  • Award as best film (Alice Rohrwacher)

London Critics' Circle Film Awards 2020

  • Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film

London Film Festival 2018

  • Nomination for best film in the official competition (Alice Rohrwacher)

LUX film award 2018

  • Nomination for Best Film (Alice Rohrwache)

Sitges Film Festival 2018

  • Nomination in Fantàstic Competición (Alice Rohrwacher)

Chicago International Film Festival 2018

  • Awarded the Gold Hugo for the best feature film

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