Ippolito II d'Este

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Cardinal Ippolito II. D'Este (oil painting around 1600)
Cardinal coat of arms

Ippolito II. D'Este (also Hippolytus ; born August 25, 1509 in Ferrara , † December 2, 1572 in Rome ) was the second son of Duke Alfonsus I of Ferrara, Modena and Reggio and Lucrezia Borgias .


At the age of ten he was appointed Apostolic Administrator of Milan to succeed his uncle of the same name . From March 1536 to 1539 he stayed at the court of King Francis I of France , who in 1539 enforced his appointment as cardinal , in the justified hope that Ippolito d'Este would consistently defend the interests of France and the “French party” in the Holy See represented. On October 29, 1539 he became administrator of Lyon and on November 10, 1539 he was assigned the title diaconia Santa Maria in Aquiro . Between April 26, 1542 and October 26, 1548 he was administrator of Tréguier and between January 23, 1547 and June 17, 1550 of Autun . On March 19, 1550 he was appointed Archbishop ( personal title ) of Novara . On May 11, 1551, he resigned as administrator of Lyon to take it back on April 24, 1562 and finally to give it up on July 14, 1564. On June 27, 1550 he became administrator of Narbonne and on April 22, 1551 of Auch . He held the latter office until October 8, 1563. In 1555 he was reappointed administrator of Milan and resigned on December 16, 1556. Between 1562 and 1567 he was administrator of Arles . On October 8, 1564 he became cardinal deacon of Santa Maria in Via Lata , on December 8, 1564 of Santa Maria in Aquiro and on April 13, 1565 of Santa Maria Nuova . Ippolito was also the French candidate for several conclaves , but was not elected Pope .

Ippolito II. D'Este is the builder of the Villa d'Este in Tivoli .


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