Jean de Florette

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German title Jean de Florette
Original title Jean de Florette
Country of production France , Italy
original language French
Publishing year 1986
length 120 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Claude Berri
script Claude Berri
Gérard Brach
production Pierre Grunstein
music Jean-Claude Petit
camera Bruno Nuytten
cut Hervé de Luze

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Manon's Revenge

Jean de Florette is a French feature film from 1986. The film is the first part of the film adaptation of the novel The Waters of the Hills by Marcel Pagnol . The second part is called Manon's Revenge .


A village in Provence at the beginning of the 20th century . From the formerly large Soubeyran family, only the uncle Papet and the nephew Ugolin are left. Papet is rich and shrewd, his nephew is not very bright, but smart as a farmer and the only heir to old Papet. Ugolin would like to earn his living with a clove plantation in the future and expects big profits. He needs a lot of water to grow carnations. Only the neighbor Marius has a suitable plot of land. After Ugolin has convinced Papet of the sense of his plan, the two try to convince the neighbor to sell his farm. However, the neighbor hates the rich neighbors and does not want to sell. Papet murders him and makes it look like an accident. Heir to the property is Florette, who moved to the city years ago. She was old bachelor Papet's only love. When Papet learns that Florette has died, he believes the property will fall to some townspeople and it will be easy to buy it from them. He closes the source of the property with Ugolin to make it worthless.

The heir Jean de Florette, son of Florette, comes from the town with his wife Aimée, a former opera singer, and their young daughter Manon to take over the farm. Jean is hunchbacked and a former tax clerk. He has new ideas and plans to breed rabbits. He wants to plant a fast-growing Asian pumpkin fruit to feed the numerous rabbits. Papet and Ugolin did not expect this. However, Papet knows that it is only a matter of time before Jean fails as he will not get enough water. At first everything goes according to plan for Jean and his family can survive with his mother's inheritance. Ugolin befriends Jean to keep everything under control. He helps the stranger ostensibly.

During a dry summer Jean has to fetch water from the mountains with donkey and buckets. Yet there is not enough water to save the harvest. The family's money has also been used up. Jean decides to build a well and uses a divining rod to find water. If this well is blown up, an accident occurs and Jean is fatally injured. Jean's wife sells the farm to Ugolin after the funeral, but receives lifelong right to live in the house with her daughter. Ugolin is only supposed to work the land. First, Papet and Ugolin pretend to be looking for water using crazy methods. When Jean's wife decides to move back into town, Papet can't wait to reopen the source. While the family is packing, Papet and Ugolin go to work. Manon becomes aware of the two of them through the noise of their work. The girl is shocked to discover that there has always been water on the land.

The story continues in the film Manon's Revenge , which was also produced in 1986.


Jean de Florette plays the harmonica in the film . The harmonica theme is quoted at several points in the film and played by Belgian jazz musician Toots Thielemans . The leitmotif of the music is taken from the opera Die Macht des Schicksals (La Forza del Destino) by Giuseppe Verdi .


"Elaborately staged, atmospherically photographed Heimatfilm, which despite precise observations remains inadequate in the psychological exploration of the people", judged the lexicon of international films . The result was “[e] in an epic, broad-based drama with antiquated tension effects”.

The film critic Christopher Null said on that this film was Claude Berri's best, that it was extremely well done. The story is touching and concise, the actors Depardieu and Auteuil are at the height of their capabilities.



The German dubbed version was produced by Interopa Film GmbH , Berlin.

role actor Voice actor
Jean Cadoret / Jean de Florette Gérard Depardieu Manfred Lehmann
César Soubeyran / Le Papet Yves Montand Gottfried Kramer
Ugolin Daniel Auteuil Stephan Schwartz
Aimée Cadoret Elisabeth Depardieu Traudel Haas
Eliacin Didier Pain Andreas Mannkopff

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