Karl von Brauchitsch (General, 1822)

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Karl Ludwig Heinrich Eduard von Brauchitsch (born May 5, 1822 in Berlin , † July 17, 1896 in Rostock ) was a Prussian major general .



Karl was a son of the Prussian general of the infantry Eduard von Brauchitsch (1798–1869) and his wife Elisabeth, née von Oertzen , widowed von Dewitz (1791–1839). His brother Eduard (1827–1889) became major general, his half-brothers Konrad (1853–1916) Prussian major general and Louis (1857–1930) lieutenant general.

Military career

After visiting the Berlin cadet house Brauchitsch was on August 8, 1839 second lieutenant of the 1st Guards Regiment walk the Prussian army aggregated and end April 1842 einrangiert in the budget. From 1845 to 1846 he was assigned to the combined Guard Reserve Battalion and from mid-April to mid-August 1847 to the cadet house in Berlin. From there he switched to the Schleswig-Holstein Army on April 2, 1848 and took part in the campaign against Denmark in the battles near Friedericia, Missunde, Kolding and Gudsoe.

Brauchitsch returned to the 1st Guard Regiment on foot on September 14, 1849, and rose to Prime Lieutenant in May 1852 . From 1853 to 1856 he came to Potsdam as a teacher at the United Divisions School and during this time he was promoted to captain on June 14, 1854 . After returning to his regular regiment, he was appointed company commander on October 1, 1856 . From July 1, 1860 to October 13, 1862 he was active in the 3rd Guards Regiment on foot . This was followed by a promotion to major in the 2nd Rhenish Infantry Regiment No. 28 . On November 21, 1864, Brauchitsch was given command of the 1st Battalion, which he led in the 1866 war against Austria in the battles of Münchengrätz and Königgrätz . After the war he rose to lieutenant colonel and was awarded the Order of the Red Eagle, IV class with swords , for his work .

He received the character of a colonel on July 23, 1868 and was appointed commander of Swinoujscie on August 10, 1868 under position à la suite of his regiment . The patent for his rank was awarded to him on July 26, 1870. Under ceremony of the character as a major general he was placed on April 15, 1873 in approval of his leave request with board for disposition . He died on July 17, 1896 in Rostock.


Brauchitsch married on August 25, 1851 in Wismar Thekla von Liebeherr (1819-1891), a sister of Major General Rudolf von Liebeherr . The daughters Elisabeth (* 1854) and Marie (* 1859) emerged from the marriage.


Individual evidence

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