Eduard von Brauchitsch (General, 1827)

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Eduard Matthias Otto August von Brauchitsch (born January 18, 1827 in Berlin , † January 21, 1889 in Potsdam ) was a Prussian major general and commander of the 16th Cavalry Brigade .



Eduard was the son of the same name of the Prussian general of the infantry Eduard von Brauchitsch (1798–1869) and his wife Elisabeth, née von Oertzen , widowed von Dewitz (1791–1839). His brother Karl (1822-1896) became major general, his half-brothers Konrad (1853-1916) Prussian major general and Louis (1857-1930) lieutenant general.


Brauchitsch visited the Berlin cadet house , was then transferred to the 5th Uhlan Regiment of the Prussian Army on July 4, 1844 as portepeef ensign and was promoted to second lieutenant until April 19, 1847 . From March 3, 1851 to September 30, 1853 he was assigned to the military school. After his promotion to Prime Lieutenant , on November 2, 1856, he was appointed regimental adjutant. Brauchitsch was promoted to Rittmeister on January 12, 1859, and from mid-February 1859 was commanded as squadron chief of the 5th Landwehr-Uhlan Regiment. For the duration of the mobilization on the occasion of the Sardinian War , he was the leader of the mobile 3rd squadron of his regular regiment. On July 1, 1860, he returned to the regiment as squadron chief.

During the war against Austria in 1866, Brauchitsch took part in the battles near Münchengrätz and Königgrätz . After the peace treaty he was promoted to major on October 30, 1866 and transferred to the Uhlan Regiment No. 14 in Warendorf as Chief of the 3rd Squadron . On September 25, 1867, he was employed as a regular staff officer in the 2nd Brandenburg Uhlan Regiment No. 11 in Wandsbeck . In this capacity, Brauchitsch took part in the sieges of Metz , Toul and Paris in 1870/71 during the war against France , as well as the battles at Le Mans , Dreux, Madeleine, Belleme, Beaugency-Travant, Marchenois and Morre. Awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class, he was initially commissioned with the command of the West Prussian Uhlan Regiment No. 1 on July 15, 1871 under position à la suite , promoted to lieutenant colonel in mid-August 1871 and appointed regimental commander on November 4, 1871.

He was promoted to colonel on March 22, 1873. On March 4, 1879, Brauchitsch was appointed commander of the 16th Cavalry Brigade under position à la suite of his regiment and promoted to major general on July 1, 1879. On the occasion of the festival in January 1881 he received the Order of the Red Eagle, 2nd class with oak leaves. With the award of the Crown Order II. Class with a star, he was put up for disposal on March 4, 1882 with a pension . He died in Potsdam on January 21, 1889.

In his assessment, Major General von Bernhardi wrote : "Colonel von Brauchitsch has an advantageous military appearance, pleasant, sociable form, an honorable, benevolent character and thorough service knowledge, is ambitious and zealous and has well trained his regiment in terms of regulations."


Brauchitsch married on September 10, 1854 in Hohen-Kränig, Königsberg district in the Neumark Elise von Humbert (1833-1905). The couple had several children:

  • Davida Elisabeth (* 1855)
  • Hedwig Anna Elisabeth (* 1858), sister of the Order of St. John
  • Richard (1861–1918), Prussian Lieutenant General ⚭ Louise von Hesse (* 1868)
  • Viktor Eugen (1864–1925) ⚭ Olga von Bomsdorff (1873–1954)
  • Eduard Gustav Adolf Rudolf (* 1866), District Administrator of Douala , Cameroon
  • Rudolf August Paul (* 1869)


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