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The Counts of Kastl were a noble family of the 11th and 12th centuries who owned Kastl on the Nordgau . In particular around 1100 they are also called from Kastl-Habsberg to the Habsberg Castle near Kastl (today a place of pilgrimage of the Eichstätt diocese ). This is a noble family who are rarely referred to as counts. A particular county cannot be assigned to the family.

A relationship with the Counts of Dießen , the Counts of Sulzbach and the Zähringers is assured.


Habsberg Castle near Kastl, Neumarkt / Upper Palatinate district

The first representative of the family was Hermann I, the elder, who died on January 27, 1056. He was married to Haziga (Hadegunde) von Diessen , who was her second marriage to Count Otto I von Scheyern († December 4, 1078). His siblings were Richwara († around 1070) and Gebhard I. (* 1030; † around 1071), Count of Sulzbach.

Hermann I had two sons: Hermann II the Younger († after 1071), Count of Cham, Margrave of Banz, and Friedrich I, († November 11, 1103), Count of Kastl and Habsberg. Hermann II was married to Berta (Alberada), the daughter of Otto von Schweinfurt . Both founded the monasteries Heidenfeld and Banz .

Hermann II died around 1074, his widow Berta married his brother Friedrich. Berta and Friedrich had three sons:

  • Hermann III, Count von Kastl († September 23, murdered before 1125)
  • Otto, Count von Habsberg († September 26, probably 1125)
  • Friedrich, Count of Ammertal

as well as the daughter Judith, who was married to a ministerial .

Friedrich, his son Otto and his relatives Count Berengar I von Sulzbach and Luitgard von Zähringen, daughter of Berthold von Zähringen , widow of Margrave Diepold II von Vohburg and Ernst I von Grögling , each owned a third of Kastl Castle. There they founded the Kastl monastery in 1103 .

Friedrich and Berta died in 1103. Their son Otto was married to Adelheid († August 9, 1105) and died after 1108 without children. His property goes to Heinrich V , possibly it was just an imperial property that had fallen back. The property passed to the Austrian Babenbergers via Agnes, Heinrich V's sister .

coat of arms

coat of arms

Today's coat of arms of Kastl (in the Lauterachtal) seems to be modeled exactly on that of the Kastl family , as can also be seen in the Kastl monastery at the feet of the founder figure of the Count of Kastl.

Count of Sulzbach

Family tree and its assignments mainly based on Heinz Dopsch , supplemented by information from existing Wikipedia articles.

  • Ernst I. (* before 994; † May 3, 1015), Duke of Swabia ∞ around 1014 Gisela of Limburg († February 15, 1043), her 2nd marriage
    • Hermann IV († July 28, 1038), Duke of Swabia (1030-1038) ∞ Adelheid (also Adelheid , Adelais or Adeline ; * around 1014/1020; † December 19, 1091) daughter of Margrave Maginfred von Susa - the two Dukes of Swabia are unsecured as ancestors.
      • Richwara († around 1070), co-owner of Kastl ∞ Berthold I. von Zähringen (* around 1000; † November 6, 1078 in Weilheim an der Teck)
      • Hermann I († January 27, 1056), approx. 1050 Count von KastlHaziga von Diessen (* around 1040; † August 1, 1104),
        • Hermann II. 1069–1071 Margrave von Banz ∞ Alberada (Bertha), daughter of Margrave Otto von Schweinfurt
        • Friedrich, († November 11, 1103), 1087–1102 Count von Kastl , founder of the monastery Kastl ∞ Alberada (Bertha), daughter of Margrave Otto von Schweinfurt (2nd marriage after that with Hermann II.)
          • Otto († September 25 around 1125), Count von Habsberg, co-founder of the Kastl ∞ Adelheid monastery
          • Hermann III. († September 23?), Count von Kastl , died before his brother (extinct)
          • ( Not listed on Dopsch: Friedrich, Graf von Ammertal)
          • ( Not listed on Dopsch: Judith)
      • Gebhard I. (* 1030; † around 1071), Count von Sulzbach ∞ NN, daughter of Count Berengar (1)


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