Congregation for Indulgences and the Holy Relics

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The Congregation for Indulgences and Holy Relics ( Latin Congregatio Indulgentiarum et Sacrarum Reliquiarum or Congregatio Indulgentiis Sacrisque Reliquiis Praeposita ) was a cardinal congregation . She was by Pope Clement IX. Erected on July 6, 1669 with the bull In ipsis Pontificatus . Their tasks were to check indulgences and to check the authenticity of relics .

At the head of the congregation was a cardinal prefect , who was supported by other cardinal members , a secretary and numerous consultors. Members by virtue of office were the Pope's sacristan , the Magister sacri palatii and the promoter Fidei .

On January 28, 1904, the Congregation was united with the Congregation of Rites through the Motu proprio Pius' X. Quae in Ecclesiae . In the course of the Curia reform in 1908 and after the publication of the CIC in 1917 , the tasks of the former Congregation for Indulgences and Holy Relics were transferred to the Holy Office and the Apostolic Penitentiary .

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