Lena - love of my life

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Television series
Original title Lena - love of my life
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 2010-2011
length 45 minutes
Episodes 180 in 1 season
Mondays to Fridays,
  • 4:15 pm (09/10 - 04/11)
  • 10:30 am (04/11 - 06/11)
  • genre Telenovela , drama
    Theme music Tone Damli Aaberge - Butterflies
    production Producers:
  • Max Wiedemann
  • Quirin Mountain
  • Jan Richard Schuster
  • executive producers:

    music Curt Cress , Joe Dachtler , Manuel Mayer , Chris Weller
    First broadcast September 20, 2010 on ORF 2 , ZDF , SRF 1

    Lena - Love of my Life is a telenovela that was broadcast daily on ZDF from 2010 to 2011 . It was based on the Argentine soap Don Juan y su bella dama and was the first series adaptation of the Mainz broadcaster. The protagonists of the format were Jessica Ginkel and Max Alberti .


    The telenovela was shown Monday to Friday at 4:15 p.m. on ZDF from September 20, 2010 to April 1, 2011, and the repeats ran on the following working day at 10:30 a.m. As the broadcaster announced on February 28, 2011, the new production Herzflimmern - Die Klinik am See took over the broadcasting slot of Lena - Love of my Life from April 4, 2011 . The main problem that had caused the reprogramming in the afternoon was the generally low audience ratings of the telenovela, the remaining episodes of which ran until the happy ending on June 21, 2011 on the former slot of the previous day's repeats.

    The broadcast cycle in Switzerland had also changed as a result of this restructuring. On SF 1, the Lena episodes no longer ran at 4:55 p.m., but at 4 p.m. While the old slot was now also occupied by fibrillation , the Lena repeats were still broadcast on SF two at 12:10 p.m. on the next working day.

    The current episodes previously broadcast at 2:25 p.m. on ORF 2 were - as in Germany - moved to the morning and could already be seen there at 10:10 a.m., while here too, fibrillation was now on the old Lena slot. The previous day's repetitions have been deleted.

    On ZDF, Lena - Love of my Life - took over from Hanna - Follow your heart in September 2010 . Initially 240 episodes were planned, with only 120 episodes initially ordered. Only shortly after the first episodes were broadcast, they were increased to 180 episodes. The final episode finally aired on June 21, 2011.

    From October 17, 2013 to July 1, 2014, the episodes were repeated on ORF 2 at 2:25 p.m.


    The villa of the von Arensberg family

    From June 30, 2010 to April 15, 2011, the episodes were filmed in the MMC studios in Hürth-Kalscheuren near Cologne. Outside locations were Gymnich Castle , downtown Cologne and various locations in the Rhine Valley . On March 30, 2011, a number of scenes were also produced in Bonn , namely in the Hofgarten and in Riesstrasse, and in front of the lockers in the main train station at the exit to Bonn's Klanggrund. The scenes were seen on June 14, 2011 in episode 175.

    Although the telenovela was able to achieve excellent ratings on its new slot from April 2011 , those responsible decided not to exceed the planned 180 episodes, as production would have been too expensive for a morning format in the long run. The last day of shooting was April 15, 2011.


    Several actors have been nominated for the German Soap Award , which was first presented in June 2011:


    Part 1 - David turns Lena's life upside down

    The 28-year-old Lena Sander from Cologne-Ehrenfeld loses her job as a window cleaner by standing up for a colleague and messing about with her boss. To make matters worse, on the way home, the apparently confused Amelie von Arensberg runs in front of the bike, who is looking for her dog Minnie. Lena brings the overwhelmed lady home and finds out that she lives in a castle in the Rhineland. Amelie takes a liking to Lena and shows her one of her youthful clothes, in which she meets Amelie's grandson David, a successful music producer who has returned from LA . David has a very close relationship with his grandmother, from whom he learns that his father Rafael is planning to send her to a retirement home. Together with his new partner, the irresistible and greedy Vanessa Meyer, he is planning to sell the property. David is resolutely against his father, but also makes it clear to Amelie that she will need help in the future. Lena would like to hire her as a partner, but she only comes to the castle once to reject the offer. Lena is determined to avoid being close to David, which could turn her previous life at the side of the garage owner Tony Weiss upside down. After clashing with him about the new job prospect, however, she agrees to David's delight.

    Since their plans suddenly seem doomed, Rafael and Vanessa want to get the returned family member on their side in order to influence Amelie through him. At a joint meeting in the Tango bar and lounge , where Lena's best friend Conny Küppers works, Vanessa is supposed to use all her charm, but she is shocked to discover that Rafael's son is about her affair, which she is dating on the return flight America got to know where she had recruited interested buyers for the Arensberg Castle. With a trick - a fake phone call to the lock - Vanessa manages to avoid a meeting with her lover. Because when Lena informs David that an unannounced visitor from a senior citizens' residence is almost at the door, he immediately goes to see his grandmother. When Rafael returns from the tango , there is a quarrel between him and his son over the supposed visit. Accordingly, the wind blows against Lena when she meets David's father, who wants to quickly get rid of his mother's new companion. He insults her and expels her from his home. When David wants to apologize to Lena and goes to her home, he meets Tony - to Lena's discomfort. He is now vehemently against Lena's occupation at the castle, but when she surprises him at night in his workshop while he is working on a stolen car, Tony gives her his blessing to get rid of her. Lena has no inkling of the dubious business her boyfriend is involved in.

    In addition, Tony's son Luca is observed and photographed by a mysterious person. Tony suspects that this is his birth mother Janka Kovac, who was once a drug addict and neglected their child. Since then, Tony has been raising his son on his own, but the now clean Janka, who Luca believes is dead, is now looking for contact with Luca again. Meanwhile, Rafael and Vanessa deploy harder guns: They smuggle Janka, who was previously cleaning Vanessa's loft apartment, into the castle as a housemaid, where she is supposed to give Amelie pills that make her seem insane, but which Janka believes are vital for her old countess. The medication does not fail to work: Amelie soon feels miserable and exhausted. However, after she blames her symptoms on the new drug and secretly stops taking it, Rafael personally administers the drug to his mother as soon as he has noticed that Amelie's health is better again.

    In order to beat David out of the field, Tony becomes engaged to Lena, much to the delight of the Sander family. His potential father-in-law Frank, head of the police station at Ammerplatz, becomes suspicious of Tony's engagement present: Lena's bracelet is amazingly similar to that of the late Julia von Arensberg, who was hit by him and Tony two years earlier. For fear that connections would become apparent, he too tried from the beginning to keep his daughter away from the count's family. Lena, however, realizes how worried David is about his mother's accidental death and asks her father to inquire about the long-closed case. As he opens the files on the case, a photo of the engagement tape falls into his hands and he confronts Tony about it. With the case reopened, Frank plans to steal his daughter's engagement present in secret and then to have the evidence disappear.

    Although Vanessa had actually decided to forget about David, she lets her affair with him come back. The two meet several times in Vanessa's loft, but neither of them suspect that they are being filmed making love in the elevator. When Vanessa learns from the still unsuspecting Rafael about the surveillance camera in the elevator, which her fiancé has access to, she tries in a panic to remove the evidence from Rafael's laptop. While Vanessa passes away from longing for David, he realizes that "Theresa" cannot be a distraction from Lena and ends the affair. Despite their engagement, David Lena confesses his feelings. Tony continues to see David as a dangerous competitor and puts him in his place on a joint excursion by visiting an idyllic church for the upcoming wedding with Lena and David. However, he does not expect Lena to flee the church in her conflict and give the relationship a break.

    Part 2 - The fate of Julia von Arensberg

    While attending a concert, David suffers a fit of weakness, which his best friend, the film producer Tom Lorenz, interprets as a sign of being in love. Although David denies Tom's assumption, he has to grapple with his feelings for Lena. To get a distraction, he throws himself into the investigation of the night of his mother's death. At the police station, David Frank's colleague Gaby Keller was able to persuade him to look into the police files, and was surprised to find that there was a witness against all information, a certain Matthias Zöller. When he visits him, he has a bad feeling, especially since the former parking lot attendant, who was on duty on the evening of Julia's tragic death, now lives in a villa in the upscale Lindenthal district and tries to get rid of him. In the event of a renewed confrontation, Zöller fled his car and almost ran over Lena, who had accompanied David.

    Frank also meets with Zöller and has to find out that Zöller knows about his hit-and-run and also has a surveillance tape that can prove Frank's guilt. With this leverage, Zöller urges the policeman to keep David away from him. He is very surprised that Zöller is suddenly ready to give him important information about the night of the accident. When there is a tango meeting , Lena has to watch as David is arrested in front of her by her own father on charges of harassment. To save his own head, Frank puts David in a detention cell for one night while Zöller disappears from Germany. For David, it seems that the only way to clarify the circumstances of his mother's death has been wasted.

    Part 3 - Vanessa's "Dance at Two Weddings"

    Tony can't accept the breakup with Lena and asks her for one last chance. Lena is torn and decides with a heavy heart to quit the castle. When she wants to say goodbye to Amelie, Amelie is doing very badly, which makes the decision even more difficult for Lena. Due to the medication Rafael continues to administer to his mother, Amelie talks confused about her great love Fritz Schubert - a good opportunity for Rafael to convince David of Amelie's insanity. At first he claims to his son that there was never a Fritz, but then hires a detective who is supposed to make all inquiries calmly. Instructed by Rafael, he brings the sad news of Fritz Schubert's death, which is said to have happened a few years ago, but Amelie senses that the opposite must be the case. When Rafael is satisfied that he has set an important course for his endeavors by clearing up this topic, Amelie now comes up with surprising news. When she collapses at his grave on the day her deceased husband dies, believing that she has seen Fritz, she reveals to her son that his biological father is not the noble Clemens von Arensberg, but the former gardener Fritz Schubert.

    After further advances, David rejects Vanessa and also makes it clear to her that he is in love with another woman. When she identifies Lena as the one, she first ensures that she misinterprets her relationship with David. In the end, however, Lena decides against a new chance for a life at Tony's side, whereupon Vanessa sees the chance to use Tony in her fight for David. When he learns of Lena's intentions to separate, he uses Luca as leverage, but his ban on contact is ultimately what hurts his son the most.

    When Rafael officially introduces Vanessa to his family and announces their engagement, David is stunned to realize that his future stepmother is his ex-affair "Theresa". She continues to have hopes for David and, according to Zöller's report, picks him up from the police station, which Lena also planned. When she overhears the two kissing, her trust in David is so badly shaken that she ends the relationship. David is so tired of Vanessa's penetrating advances that he threatens her to have her already ended affair exposed in front of Rafael if she doesn't disappear from the castle. When Vanessa wanted to leave her fiancé, who did not suspect of the conflict, then under pressure, he suffered a breakdown, which is why David can no longer expect him to tell the truth. On top of that, he witnessed a friendly hug between Lena and Tony, which this time he misinterpreted, and made the decision to return to LA. While Lena thinks she is not important enough to David, Vanessa tries everything to prevent David's departure. She staged a break-in at the castle, which made David reconsider his decision.

    Part 4 - The shadows of the past

    Janka finally wants to reveal herself to Luca as a mother, but Tony threatens to tell the child about her past as a drug addict. After separating from Lena, he lets himself be carried away to get confirmation from Luca's mother of all people. Janka's hopes for a new beginning are nipped in the bud when she learns about Tony's reconciliation plans with Lena, whereupon she threatens Tony to finally enlighten Luca. Nevertheless, he cannot prevent her and Luca from getting closer. Janka poses in front of her son as the friend of his allegedly deceased mother and tells him how much he was loved by her. To convince Tony of the finality of their separation, Janka sends him a picture of David and Lena. He then pisses off a customer who creates a momentous accident in which Luca is involved. When Janka finds out about this, she can hardly keep her concern for her son a secret from David. When she is turned away by Tony in the hospital, she has to experience again the big role Lena plays in Luca's life. Janka successfully pulls them over to her side, whereupon Lena works with Tony to ensure that Janka can spend more time with Luca. Tony confronts this, but Janka makes it clear to him that she will fight for her son by all means.

    Lena is happy about David's decision to stay in Germany, but the trust they have regained is put to a severe test when David suspects that Frank has covered his mother’s traces. His suspicions can only be dispelled when Frank and Gaby's colleague Peter Evers confirms that the case is legally correct. On their first inaugural visit to the Sander family, everyone takes David into their hearts, but the mood is clouded when Tony appears and feels betrayed by them. The next day Lena helps her boyfriend finish writing the text for the title song for Tom's new film Jonas and Marie . David's best friend is enthusiastic about Lena's voice and asks her to sing the song for the film, but Lena is afraid of suddenly being in the spotlight. David also believes in Lena's talent and tries to encourage her to sing Love of my Life in front of an audience. Lena does enjoy working with David, but she doesn't dare to appear in public.

    Janka wants to prove that Tony is involved in crooked business and searches his workshop. David knows about her plan and supports her, because he too suspects that Tony has something to hide. When Peter gives him information about Frank, he gives the policeman the idea to search Tony's workshop. Frank prevents that initially, which increases David's distrust. In order to dispel all suspicions against himself, he agrees to a search, but he secretly warns Tony. He can take a deep breath after the unsuccessful action until he first suffers a slight attack of weakness and finally collapses in front of Luca. When he can be released after an examination, he finally decides to make sure that Janka can no longer get in his way. She is completely shocked when she is suddenly arrested for drug possession, but soon realizes that Tony is responsible, because despite Janka's plea, he has made no move to intervene in the arrest. Due to the amount of drugs, she now faces a long prison sentence. A nasty surprise awaits Lena too when she learns that Tony has an incurable brain tumor. He immediately tries to bind Lena back to himself through the illness and simulates an emotional breakdown in front of his ex-girlfriend. She promises to stand by him until his death and then to take care of Luca. Since Lena has no idea that Luca's mother is still alive, Tony blackmailed Janka after he learned that she wanted to deliver him to the knife. Vanessa, who also wants to prevent Lena from finding out the truth about Luca's mother, because she wants to separate from Tony and be happy with David, then bribes a lawyer who is supposed to have Janka sign a false admission of guilt, which would keep her behind bars . When she realizes that even the lawyer does not believe her, she tries to take her own life and is admitted to the psychiatric hospital.

    Amelie asks Rafael to help her find Fritz, but he gets angry and insults his mother seriously. Amelie pains her son's contempt, so that she denies her great love in order to appease her son. But her suspicion that Fritz might have been at her husband's grave troubles her. Meanwhile, Vanessa is overtaken by her past: With Isabelle Lisson, her half-sister is uninvited at the door. She plays with the idea of ​​staying in the castle and puts Vanessa, who wants to get rid of Isabelle as soon as possible, under pressure with her knowledge of her past. To make matters worse, Isabelle Amelie is so personable that she hires her as the second housemaid. Isabelle also finds out who Vanessa's secret affair was. Meanwhile, in a small accident, Rafael meets Lena's aunt Linda Behrendt, who, after many disappointments, makes up her dream man in her personable counterpart. The two start an affair.

    Part 5 - From Insidious Fraud to Bitter Reality

    Lena is repeatedly provoked by the jealous Vanessa, but she is sure that nothing can destroy her love. David plans a marriage proposal, which makes Amelie especially happy, but then Lena learns about Tony's fate and rejects him with a heavy heart. David is deeply offended and seeks a conversation with Tony, which raises doubts about his illness in David. When Lena agrees to marry Tony before his imminent death, David tries in vain to dissuade her, with the result that Lena keeps her distance from him. In another conversation, David tries to get his opponent to release Lena, but he uses the situation to his advantage and discredits David in front of Lena. Meanwhile, there is an argument between Rafael and Vanessa, in the course of which Rafael beats his fiancée. The offended Vanessa demands his immediate departure from the castle, whereupon Rafael, who is shocked to note his loss of control, asks his son of all people to mediate. For Vanessa, who enjoys David's friendly care, everything goes as planned, but she has no idea that he overhears a phone call between her and Tony, which leaves further doubts about David’s sincerity. He spies on the two of them, but they manage to talk their way out. Tony is now pushing ahead with his wedding plans and confronts Lena with the ceremony that will take place in a few days. By chance she finds Janka's suitcase under Tony's bed and remains skeptical even after his excuses. Meanwhile, Vanessa Janka pays a visit to the psychiatric ward. Janka, who swears revenge on Tony and believes her former employer is on her side, gives Vanessa a call for help to David, but she simply lets the letter disappear.

    Tony is now seriously concerned about his health after further seizures, but Vanessa nips his worries in the bud, and although he is paralyzed, Tony cannot bring himself to see the doctor. When he suffers another breakdown that he cannot explain himself, he speaks of suicide in front of Lena, which further fuels her sense of duty to Tony. Meanwhile, David retreats to Tom's country house, where Lena suddenly shows up. After a night together, Lena finally leaves David and accepts her fate. Meanwhile, Tony is put under pressure by Vanessa, who threatens him with consequences if he confesses the truth to Lena. And although Tony no longer wants Lena to marry him out of sympathy, the solemn ceremony finally takes place, which even the rushed David can no longer prevent. Despite her marriage, Lena wants to work for Amelie, but Vanessa influences her, who then with a heavy heart decides to fire Lena to protect David from further grief. When Janka found out about the wedding, she had to come to terms with the fact that Lena is now officially the mother of her son. When she loses control of herself at the thought of it, she tries to escape and ends up in prison again.

    David remains aloof from Vanessa, although she adamantly ensnared him with her caring after breaking up with Lena. Instead, he confronts her with the money that had disappeared from Rafael's account, which led to the heated argument between Rafael and Vanessa. When she claims to have financed Tony's treatment with it, David, as an ostensible insider, equips the doctor Dr. Jessen pays a visit who unwittingly reveals everything to Vanessa's alleged accomplice. David is stunned by Tony's betrayal and confronts Lena, who doesn't believe him. Tony comes under pressure when Lena, out of her doubts, demands that he consult a doctor whom she has chosen. Vanessa fails to manipulate the results, but to everyone's surprise, the doctor who was recommended to Lena by Linda confirms Tony's diagnosis.

    Part 6 - Rafael's feigned crash

    The suspicion that Rafael might be having an affair makes Vanessa realize that she needs to re-bond her fiancé more closely. She promises him a reconciliation, which Rafael is very happy about. In addition, the two of them come a little closer to their goal of selling the castle and starting a new life together when Amelie decides to leave the castle and move to the Hohenried senior citizens' residence after the recent events. First of all, David manages to dissuade his grandmother from making the hasty decision. This plunges Rafael into a great dilemma, as the sale of the castle is now a long way off and the sum that he had borrowed from donors cannot be raised in the short term. Amelie finally leaves the property and meets her great love Fritz, who was believed to be dead, in the senior citizens' residence.

    While both are reviving their love, David is in danger because he is kidnapped by Rafael's financier Sven Kahl, to whom Rafael still owes a large sum of money. Vanessa manages to arrange a deal with Kahl that will free David, but Kahl continues to threaten Rafael and Vanessa. Both decide to fake Rafael's death and use the 6 million euros from life insurance to pay off the debt. When Kahl found out about the alleged accident, he gave Vanessa six months' respite until the insurance company paid her off.

    The news of her son, who died in a plane crash, puts Amelie in a state of shock, through which she suppresses the past. She no longer recognizes Fritz, who then pretends to be "Tristan Morgenstern" out of consideration. So he can visit Amelie, who has returned to the castle, and stand by as a friend without arousing suspicion, since he was introduced to all visitors by Amelie as "Tristan" in the senior citizens' residence.

    Part 7 - Many lies are exposed

    Tony has to undergo emergency surgery after a severe breakdown and decides to take a cure for several months, to which Lena and Luca accompany him. Three months later, rehab started and Tony was able to walk again. When the three of them return to Cologne, Tony learns from Vanessa that Janka is about to be released from prison. By chance, Peter discovers disagreements regarding the information that Janka had passed on to David in a letter and what David seems to believe about Janka's whereabouts. David then visits Janka in prison and learns that she is Luca's birth mother, whom Tony has always claimed to be dead.

    Through Vanessa's interaction, Janka is kidnapped immediately after her release, before she can get in touch with David. Tony implores the accomplice to sedate Janka with drugs, but an overdose puts the prisoner's life in danger. Believing that Janka had died, the kidnapper takes her body to a monastery, where she is nursed to health by Sister Benedikta. Janka then knocks Tony down and kidnaps her son. However, Lena can find her hiding place and drives with David to the monastery. Lena then learns the whole truth and hides Janka and Luca with their mother Pia.

    After her return from Tony's rehab, Lena loses faith in David because Vanessa sends her fictitious pictures of a night of love with David. She then wants to devote herself entirely to her professional future and now sings the title song for Tom's film. At the same time, David meets Fritz's step-granddaughter Felicitas, with whom he falls in love. Felicitas is a music producer and owner of a record company for which Lena is applying for a job. In addition, she is now receiving singing lessons from Felicitas, who was once a musical star, but ended her career after a motorcycle accident in which she lost her right leg. Felicitas finds it very difficult to get involved with David, but he shows himself to be understanding.

    Meanwhile, Rafael returns from Ireland and hides with Linda, who, overjoyed, embraces the living Rafael and, blind with trust, revives her secret affair. Because of Isabelle, who finds Vanessa's pictures and can offer him alleged evidence of her infidelity, suspicion rises about the loyalty of his fiancée. Again and again he secretly appears at the castle to check Vanessa. This is now blackmailed by pilot Breitbach, who threatens to go public with the story of the crash if his fee does not increase. After an interview with Breitbach, Vanessa gets in contact with Kahl again, to whom she explains that he would not receive any money if the insurance company did not pay due to Breitbach's statements. To prevent further inconvenience, Kahl kills the "death pilot".

    Part 8 - Vanessa's betrayal puts David's life at risk

    Pressured by a tape recording, Vanessa and Rafael now have to watch them pay off their debts. Vanessa, meanwhile, begins an affair with Tony and hopes to get pregnant from him, so that David and a child from the fake night of love can be tied to him. At the moment, Frank becomes aware of Kahl, who has Lena observed, but he manages to use a ruse to get Frank to jail for attempted rape. Lena gets to know the attractive Eric Gercke in Tango , with whose help Kahl can kidnap Lena. However, David senses beforehand that Eric poses a threat to Lena and, with Frank, who has been released, sets out on their trail. They are able to save Lena through a risky maneuver in which David almost falls victim to a car bomb. Eric is arrested, while Sven Kahl is seriously injured when he is arrested by a gunshot that is broken up in a scuffle with Frank. He dies in the hospital the next day.

    Rafael's attempt at fraud is revealed when Peter approaches him in the park. At first Rafael feigns amnesia, but his facade crumbles more and more when he realizes that “Tristan Morgenstern” is his biological father Fritz Schubert. Thereupon he gives his mother an ultimatum, but realizes that he will not get against Fritz in this way, whereupon he moves out of the castle. Linda falls for Rafael one last time, but then finally gives him the pass. By chance, Rafael overhears a conversation between Vanessa and Isabelle, through which he learns that Vanessa is apparently expecting a child from David. Although the two manage to convince Rafael that Isabelle is the pregnant woman, he remains suspicious. Meanwhile, David demands a pregnancy test from Vanessa, which, to her own surprise, is positive.

    When he is absolutely convinced that Vanessa's child is from David, but cannot find him, he confronts Vanessa, who, under the enormous pressure, confesses her allegedly long-lasting relationship with David. Meanwhile, Janka is given sole custody of Luca. Tony blames David for finding a lawyer for Janka. Both Rafael and Tony make their way to a party hosted by Tom's producer Philipp Schneider with a gun in their luggage. When David receives a call there and goes outside to make a phone call, he learns from Vanessa, who wants to warn him about Rafael that he overheard a phone call between the two of them and that he knows about their alleged affair. When the connection is lost, David realizes that someone is standing in front of him with a gun drawn. After a shot is fired, David collapses seriously injured and falls into a pool.

    Part 9 - Attack with consequences

    After the attack on David, Tony flees the scene. Rafael, who is also present, saves his son from drowning. After Janka found out about the incident, she informed the police about Tony's death threat against David after the court hearing, which is why he was arrested that evening. The gun he had with him is found in Tony's apartment, and traces of gun smoke are found on his hand. After he confessed to Frank and Gaby that he wanted to scare David with a gun at the party, an investigation is initiated, although he protests his innocence.

    Meanwhile, Rafael doesn't leave his son's side and stays in the hospital overnight. It wasn't until the next morning that his condition stabilized to such an extent that the bullet can be surgically removed, but David's physical condition remains critical. Vanessa immediately thinks Rafael is the culprit, but he pretends to be David's savior. For Tony, the noose turns tighter and tighter: the forensic investigation reveals that his weapon was fired, which is why he has to admit that he actually fired into the air, which makes him urgently suspect. However, after David's operation, it turns out that the projectiles do not match. Rafael, meanwhile, asks the attending physician, as a flimsy advocate of David's wishes, to turn off the life-support devices that keep his comatose son alive. In fact, Rafael wishes his hated David death and even goes so far as to manipulate the tubes. However, David can be saved and wakes up shortly afterwards. When the police questioned him about the attack, he admitted to knowing the perpetrator, but refused to give his name.

    After Tony's release, Vanessa finally knows who the real culprit is, and Fritz feels the same suspicion when he remembers how upset Rafael was on the day of the crime. He confronts his son about his suspicions, but is rejected and insulted by him, and David also hides the real perpetrator from Fritz because he feels complicit in the act. With her confession, Vanessa has gambled away her chances as mistress of the castle, but when she accidentally gets hold of the murder weapon, she blackmailed Rafael with her knowledge. Fearing his revenge, she follows Isabelle's urging to move into a hotel for the time being, but she runs straight into Rafael's arms, who discovers her true identity. Isabelle quickly becomes suspicious of Vanessa's whereabouts, as her sister no longer calls her. When David and Lena, who got engaged after David's awakening, learn of Vanessa's disappearance and a woman's corpse is found nearby, the description of which would fit the missing person, they fear the worst.

    To get clarity, David agrees to identify the dead person, which turns out to be not Vanessa. Meanwhile, she has been wandering through the forest for days and finds - exhausted and frozen - help from a truck driver. When she calls Tony, he picks up Vanessa, who explains to him that she was abandoned by Rafael and is now completely penniless. Her only hope is a box in the castle in which she has kept 50,000 euros in cash. She instructs Tony to get the money out of the castle on the pretext of visiting his son, but when they break open the box, they find nothing but malicious news from Rafael. In order to help Vanessa to get her rights, Tony - disguised as a taxi driver - matches Rafael, who is on his way to see Linda in Rio. He manages to get the money from Rafael and finally leaves him in a wooded area so as not to withhold Vanessa's bad experiences of the last few days, for which he is mainly to blame. As he drives off, he watches as Rafael runs after him and finally falls.

    When Tony got home, a local news station told Tony that a male body with severe head injuries was found in a wooded area near the airport. Fearing that he was to blame for Rafael's death, he pulls back, but his hopes that it is not Rafael are dashed when he finds several traces of blood in the snow. Tony realizes that Rafael's fall must have been worse than it looked in the rearview mirror. First he steals 40,000 euros from Vanessa's money and leaves them in the belief that Rafael has taken the remaining sum. At another meeting at the castle, where Vanessa has quartered herself again, Janka, who has resumed her old job as a housemaid and lives there with Luca, happens to hear Tony confessing to Vanessa that she may have killed Rafael and trusts dissolved to David. Rafael was taken to hospital after his severe fall, where doctors are waiting for his injuries to heal so that they can operate on his cheekbones. At the bedside, Rafael finally reconciles with his mother and later with David.

    Meanwhile, Vanessa wants to disgust Lena out of the castle and kills two birds with one stone. When David wants to take her to a genetic test to clarify his doubted paternity, Vanessa stages an argument with her rival and finally rushes down the stairs in front of her. Although Isabelle confirms Vanessa's version that Lena deliberately pushed the pregnant woman, David continues to trust his fiancée. The two decide not to wait another five months with the wedding, but rather to tie the knot in a week.

    Part 10 - Resumption of Investigation

    As Lena and Amelie look at old family photos, a bracelet worn by David's late mother caught her eye as it looked very much like her engagement gift from Tony. She speaks to her ex-husband about it, but he continues to claim that he inherited the bracelet from his mother. With Conny's help, she succeeds in enlarging the photo. Tony and Frank panic fearing that their secret may be revealed. When Tony breaks into David's room at Frank's request to make the bracelet disappear, he is caught by Lena and confronted. Tony finally admits that he got the bracelet from Frank, which is not true, as he himself found the piece of jewelry in Julia's car, on which he had removed all traces of an accident in his workshop, and took it away. This gives Lena a new, terrible suspicion.

    She immediately confronts her father, but he denies participation and discusses the next steps with Tony. Despite some doubts, Lena is only too happy to believe her father, but when she meets Frank at Julia's grave, the facade, which has been painstakingly maintained, crumbles. Finally he confesses to Lena that he hit David's mother and left her helpless. Lena asks her father to face the police, which Frank promises her. When Tony learns of his plan, he tries desperately to keep Frank from it, fearing the consequences himself, but Frank promises to keep him out of it for Luca's sake. Since Tony recently almost fell for the undercover agent Bronk, who wanted to prove that he was pushing a car , Peter suspects Tony was involved in the fatal accident and arrests him. However, Frank surrenders and relieves Tony, who then leaves town for a few days. Lena and David, who overhear Frank's confession at the police station, struggle desperately for harmony and trust, which should not be impaired by Frank's act, but against all common sense they finally cancel the wedding and part.

    When David asks Lena to go to Los Angeles with him and leave what had happened behind, she hesitates. She also has serious doubts about Frank's guilt, as she cannot imagine her father stealing a car and driving around drunk with it. In fact, Frank's statement that the ignition key that was found on the dead Juliet's belongings was in the car when he stole it, has to be revised because the police investigation had found a short circuit. Lena suspects that her father is covering someone with his confession and comes back to Tony through the bracelet, who confesses to her that years ago he worked with a gang of car smugglers whose heads are now used by Luca as leverage over Tony's testimony in Frank's trial against him. When Tony also admits to have stolen Julia's car specifically for his business, but Frank had urged him to bring it back, Lena is overcome by despair, since now all the evidence speaks against her father, who had driven the car instead of the drunk Tony.

    Meanwhile, Conny and Tom track down the missing Matthias Zöller, who was supervising the car park that night where Julia von Arensberg was found dead. He now reports from Thailand and tells David to understand that Frank is not the real culprit. David now wants to fly to Thailand with Lena to finally clear up his mother's death. However, since Lena fears for the safety of her family, who are still threatened by the gang of car smugglers, she definitely wants to prevent David from doing any further research and gives him the engagement ring back.

    Part 11 - Frank's Trial and Accident

    When Rafael woke up from anesthesia after his operation on the cheekbone, he was horrified to discover that he was blind, but his doctor Dr. Schmelting diagnoses a psychological cause. A few days later, when Rafael and David get closer, Rafael's eyesight returns, but from then on he mimes the blind. He uses this state of health to talk to Linda and also to bring about a reconciliation with Vanessa, but he is cool, dismissive and condescending because she believes that she has gained the upper hand. Although Fritz suffered a heart attack after a serious argument with Rafael when he wanted to travel to see Linda in Rio, he is very happy that his son seems to be approaching him after his blindness, but this move is more of Rafael's hope, through the influential Severin von Krieger - an old friend of Fritz - to be able to get back into the real estate industry. Both finally seal a collaboration, whereupon Fritz wants to provide his “purified” son with the necessary start-up capital.

    After Vanessa's unsuccessful attempt to deport Rafael to a special clinic for the blind via Amelie, he repeatedly terrifies her, so that she soon no longer feels comfortable in her skin. One night Rafael threatens the apparently sleeping Vanessa of wanting to take everything that is dear to her. Rafael also learns by chance that Tony is in financial difficulties and tries through Luca to give him a lesson about the accident. At first Tony is calm despite Vanessa's warning, but when Luca disappears for a short time with Rafael, he too realizes that this is not a helpless blind man. Rafael now stages a new assignment with a henchman for Tony, who falls into the trap and is briefly arrested by Peter for pushing cars. Finally, Rafael tells Tony that he has long since realized that the 40,000 euros that have disappeared cannot be retrieved from him.

    Meanwhile, the trial against Frank begins, in which David appears as a joint plaintiff after the final separation from Lena in order to advance the complete investigation. Frank is still determined to keep Tony out of this. When David's lawyer Katharina Jung calls Lena to the stand, she confronts her with the suspicion that Lena only used her job at the castle to do research on David's research for her father. David and Katharina are firmly convinced that Tony is involved, and when Katharina directs the conversation to Julia's bracelet, Lena has to reveal his origin in court. When Tony now has to testify, he sticks to Frank's version of the night of the crime so that he cannot be prosecuted. Frank is then sentenced to two years without parole.

    Lena believes David was behind her interrogation by Katharina and is deeply hurt. After the verdict is announced, she breaks up with David and firmly tells him that she no longer wants to see him. Completely paralyzed by this, David runs out onto the street without noticing that a car is approaching him. Frank, who is being taken away, rushes to David to avoid an accident and is eventually hit by the car himself, causing severe internal injuries. Emergency surgery can save his life, but a short time later Frank's circulation breaks down due to a progressive infection. In desperation, Lena asks her uncle Andreas, a renowned cardiologist, for help because Frank has to have an artificial heart valve inserted after his pericardium was punctured by the emergency doctor. Since Andreas, unlike Frank, did not take care of his dying father, the two brothers have been falling out for over ten years, which is why Frank refuses to be operated on by Andreas. Only when Andreas speaks to his conscience and makes it clear to him the consequences of his stubbornness for his family does his brother finally give in.

    Frank's accident showed Amelie how quickly life can come to an end. She therefore decides to grant Fritz a lifelong right to live in the castle. Rafael, who openly admits to Vanessa that he is faking his change and has nothing but contempt for the naivety of his family, wants to get rid of Fritz once and for all and hires Ulla Hellwich, who admits to Amelie under a false name that she was married to and by Fritz for their fortune to have been brought. At first Amelie doesn't believe a word of the stranger, but when a forged marriage certificate appears, she briefly doubts, which hurts Fritz very much. He finally travels to Lindau to prove that no original of the document exists. After his return, Fritz accidentally overhears a phone call from Rafael in the park that he finds suspicious. When he later redialed on his son's cell phone and was put through to Ulla Hellwich, he quotes her - disguised as a hoarse Rafael - at the castle. However, Ulla runs into Rafael, who understands the context and now has to act. In the presence of "Ursula von Bergfeld" he admitted the intrigue and asks his parents for forgiveness.

    After Vanessa's amniotic fluid test, David sends a hair sample of himself to a laboratory to finally find out about his alleged paternity. With Isabelle's help, Vanessa succeeds in exchanging the sample, but a few days later she learns that there has been an error in the laboratory and that a new sample is needed. To get hold of Tony's hair, she steals a sweater from Tony's apartment, which she briefly leaves unattended in the castle. During this time, Amelie's dog Minnie makes herself comfortable on it, whereupon the unsuspecting Vanessa submits a hair of the long-haired Chihuahua. When David receives the test result, he realizes that Vanessa tried to manipulate the test and kicks her out of the door. When Vanessa then asks Rafael for a new chance, Rafael freaks out because he realizes he shot his son because of a lie and tells Vanessa not to come crawling until she's really down. The desperate pregnant woman now sees Tony as her only support and moves in with him.

    Part 12 - New ways, new tracks

    Despite Frank's conviction, David and Katharina continue to investigate the accident because they have not been able to incriminate Tony so far. When Katharina goes through all the relevant documents again for this purpose, she makes a decisive discovery in the pictures of the crime scene: Small red dots can be seen under Julia's eyes, which suggest a petechial hemorrhage that can occur as a result of a strangulation. When Katharina David describes her suspicion, she also expresses the suspicion that Frank only wanted to reduce his sentence with his confession in court. But David immediately thinks Tony is the culprit, but becomes unsure because he cannot imagine that Frank is covering a murderer.

    While Lena is walking in the city park and singing Love of my Life , she meets Gregor Wilke, the new owner of Tango , who is enthusiastic about her singing and hires her for his new musical program in the bar. After Lena was able to convince herself at a rehearsal, she got the chance to sing at the reopening party and gratefully registers how much Gregor helps her with the preparations for the evening. When Lena asks David to accompany her on the piano during her performance in tango , he agrees, but when she asks him to go on stage, David has disappeared. He takes care of Katharina, who looks agitated after meeting her ex-boyfriend Gregor. Despite David's disappearance, Lena manages to inspire her audience.

    Linda, who has taken care of the allegedly blind Rafael, reacts increasingly annoyed to his mood swings and wonders whether he is actually the right man for her. Although Rafael proposes to her, Linda doubts his feelings for her, and when she has to discover by an unfortunate coincidence that Rafael can see again and he has lied to her for weeks, she finally breaks up with him. So that his family does not expose him as well, Rafael plays a sudden recovery, which he justifies with the resolution of his psychological blockage through the forgiveness of his parents in the "Ulla Hellwich" case.

    Due to the new suspicions, the public prosecutor's office is reopening the "Julia von Arensberg" case. Her corpse is exhumed and forensic medical examination with David's consent. Both he and Lena hope that the new autopsy result will give them the chance to start over, but the pathologist's judgment is devastating: Julia von Arensberg has died as a result of the accidental injuries! In fact, however, Rafael had his hands in the game, and Lena is now pleased to leave Lena on the basis of the desired result.

    Since she cannot imagine that Julia's larynx injury was supposed to have been a result of the impact, Lena asks Andreas, who has since reconciled with Frank and works in the St. Johann Hospital , to obtain the new autopsy result from the forensic medicine department. In fact, the old accident report and the current findings show contradictions, as the injuries found cannot cause bleeding under the eyes and as a result of the accident alone no breakage of the hyoid bone is possible, whereupon Katharina and David commission a new report.

    Meanwhile, Frank is confident of getting away with a suspended sentence and even being able to return to the police force, but then suddenly Gaby stands in front of him to arrest him on suspicion of murder. When Frank's lawyer resigns his mandate, Lena is desperately looking for a replacement until David finally relieves Katharina of her duties with the request to take over Frank's defense. Katharina finally ensures that Frank does not have to go back to prison until his new trial. When Lena finds out about this, she sets out to thank David for the help, but then she observes an intimate moment between him and Katharina.

    Although it is difficult for her to conclude with her great love, Lena can look confidently into the future, as a music producer is interested in Love of my Life . At first, David is also happy for Lena, but when he learns that the song is to be rearranged, he refuses Lena to release his melody. Nevertheless, in the hope of being able to convince Ulf Böhler of herself as a singer without the song, she makes her way to his agency. When Gregor learns about the meeting through Conny, he rushes after Lena, who has to realize in the meantime that Böhler is not interested in her vocal qualities, but would rather see her on his " cast couch ". Lena defends herself confidently against the attacks of the music producer and is surprised when Gregor shows up to save her from the precarious situation. Finally, through Katharina, she learns that he used to work as a music producer himself, but has long since withdrawn from the industry.

    When Lena wants to record a demo tape so that she can introduce herself to record labels, Gregor lets his old contacts play for her and arranges a collaboration with the well-known composer Collin Williams, whom he knows from before. He composes the song Say my Name for her , but Gregor is not particularly taken with it at first. When they discuss a revised version of the song, Lena is grateful for Gregor's constructive criticism. In a conversation with Katharina, he realizes that he would like to produce Lena. She gratefully accepts and is determined to give him a chance as a new man by her side.

    At first, Lena is disappointed that she only gets rejections for her demo. When the label Green Grove promises a lucrative collaboration, she is very irritated when Gregor simply tears up the contract on the grounds that it is “not a good shop”. Meanwhile, David and Tom come across an article on the Internet that does not throw a good light on Lena's producers: Allegedly, Gregor is said to have driven his 19-year-old protégé Steffen to suicide out of sick ambition. David thinks it's better to keep the spicy information to himself, as he doesn't want to interfere in Lena's life, but then the article falls into the hands of Conny, who comes out to her best friend with the supposed truth about Gregor. From Gregor she finally learns the truth about the smear campaign of the tabloids at the time and the exact circumstances of Steffen's death, whereupon Lena accuses David of wanting to drive a wedge between her and Gregor with his research.

    Part 13 - Vanessa's heaviest gear

    Although Tony takes care of her lovingly and she enjoys being around, Vanessa makes it clear to him that they will never become a couple because she does not want to bond with him. Nevertheless, she gets closer to Tony, which Isabelle also notices, but Vanessa dismisses this as an affair. After talking to Frank, Tony puts Vanessa before a fait accompli: Either she tells him the name of the child's father or she moves out immediately! Vanessa has to admit Tony's paternity, but blocks his advances because she “doesn't want to become part of his stuffy family”. Although she now has deeper feelings for Tony, she still sees her future as the lady of the castle at Rafael's side. When Vanessa accidentally overhears Rafael proposing marriage to Linda, she thinks he wants to wipe her out. After hearing about Rafael's “miraculous healing” through Isabelle, she meets him in a tango to persuade him to return to her old life. Both are very friendly, but when Vanessa tries to fool Rafael that the child could be his too, Rafael, who of course knows about Vanessa's motives, shows his ugly face and asks her once more to come crawling with him repentant . During a business meeting between Rafael and Severin von Krieger, Vanessa, informed by Isabelle, joins them and presents herself as Rafael's fiancée. He plays Vanessa's charade inevitably, but then immediately expels her from the castle, whereupon Vanessa's labor pains.

    Gaby and Peter are assigned a case from Cologne-Zollstock about a car theft. This is a model that they seized in Tony's workshop, but they could not prove the crime. Now, however, a criminal with a criminal record has been identified with the help of an eyewitness, Mr. Pesch, who also arrested Tony at the station using a police photo. In order to put pressure on him, Gaby and Peter then close his workshop.

    Rafael recognizes Vanessa's emergency situation and calls the ambulance, but simply leaves her in front of the door. With the support of Tony and Isabelle, Vanessa gives birth to a daughter and is initially happy to have become a mother, but the next morning she is in despair in her situation in the hospital room. When Vanessa and Tony return home with their daughter, thanks to Tony's care, a harmonious family life sets in, in which Vanessa also takes part according to her possibilities. In doing so, she takes her little daughter Letizia into her heart, but notices that she is still very unsure about how to deal with the little creature. Since Tony's workshop remains closed, he tries to find other work and eventually has to transfer a car to Hamburg.

    Rafael is now closer than ever to his goal of making a name for himself in the real estate industry thanks to von Krieger's support, but as von Krieger reports about a customer who only wants to be looked after by Vanessa, who in turn enjoys a good reputation he forced himself to approach her. When Rafael unexpectedly shows up at her house, he offers her to leave her unhappy life in the small apartment behind and move back to the castle, but makes it clear to her that there is no room for Tony's child there. But Vanessa is determined and tells him on the head never to accept this offer. When Tony is offered another tour and travels to Vienna because of it, Vanessa is overcome with self-doubt and she calls Rafael, but immediately hangs up again. Nevertheless, she feels that the temptation is very great. She is getting lost in her postnatal depression.

    Eventually she feels completely alone and gives up. During a visit from Isabelle, she admits to her sister that she is afraid of ending up like her mother, who felt unhappy at her husband's side, kept blaming her daughters for their botched lives and eventually killed herself. Although Isabelle encourages her by making Vanessa understand that she is doing her best as a mother, and trying to talk her out of her worries about her mother, Vanessa realizes that she is well on the way to treating Letizia the same way, since she is one I still can't imagine living with Tony. When Isabelle has left and Letizia doesn't want to calm down, Vanessa makes a fateful decision for herself and her daughter. She takes her newborn child to St. Johann Hospital and leaves it there with the words that she wished her a better mother than herself. Vanessa returns home in shock, but when she discovers Letizia's romper suit on the floor, she collapses in despair.

    Meanwhile, Tony has tried to contact Vanessa several times and is worried. The pain almost breaks and immediately sets off the next morning to fetch her daughter back. However, through a conversation between Linda and Gaby, who has since been informed about the find, Vanessa learns that she has committed a criminal offense, as the right to integrity and life is enshrined in law, and that she may face legal consequences, so that she again Loses courage and leaves without having revealed himself. Isabelle is already waiting for her in Tony's apartment, and Vanessa asks about Letizia. In tears she confesses what she did and makes it clear to Isabelle that she loves Letizia despite everything, but that she is confronted with her mother's situation. Isabelle is disappointed and suggests that Letizia would have been Vanessa's only chance for a happy life, but apparently her sister cannot stand any real feelings. Nevertheless, she holds on to Vanessa and tries to persuade her to bring Letizia back together. But Vanessa realizes that it is finally too late for that.

    Foster parents have now been found for Letizia, but the baby has to stay in hospital for a few days for observation because she suffers from newborn jaundice . Just as Vanessa is about to leave her unloved home, Tony, who has returned from Vienna, stands in front of her. When he realizes Vanessa's desperation, he inquires about Letizia's whereabouts. He was shocked to learn that his daughter allegedly died of sudden infant death syndrome and was buried anonymously that morning. At the grave, Tony initially made bitter reproaches to Vanessa out of his desperation about the loss because she did not inform him in time, but Vanessa asks him not to torment her unnecessarily, as she was completely overwhelmed with the situation and could not have endured the pain, which is also true indirectly. At home Vanessa packs her things and gives Tony to understand that after Letizia's death there will be no more chance for them both.

    Through Janka, Rafael learns of Vanessa's loss and shortly afterwards watches her return to the castle. Although he welcomes her again, he makes it clear to her once again that she is no longer allowed to see Tony. Nevertheless, he takes part in Letizia's fate. David, who is angry about Vanessa's return, also expresses his sympathy, but when he registers Vanessa's renewed hopes for a life at Rafael's side, he has to admit that strokes of fate could change people, but that this does not apply to Vanessa . When she secretly visits Tony one more time and is embarrassed to see how he and Luca symbolically say goodbye to Letizia, she is very touched. Tony notices Vanessa as she is running away and comes to the castle because he wants to fight for her, but after his request is shown by Rafael.

    Meanwhile, Rafael has a good opportunity to intensify his collaboration with Severin von Krieger when he happens to learn from Fritz that his old friend Karl Fischermann is in dire straits and is forced to close his real estate - an entire, ancient street complex to sell. Through a chance conversation with Severin, Fritz recognizes Rafael's motives for buying the property far below its value and confronts him. While he appeals to his son's tact, he gives his father - subliminally contemptuous - to understand that as a priest or gardener he can think that way, but not in his position. He mockingly offers Fritz a commission for his tip, who is immensely disappointed in his son. However, Rafael receives a setback when von Krieger tells him that such a high investment in such old properties is too risky for him and refuses to give him financial support for the project. Vanessa now believes she is gaining the upper hand because she knows how Rafael can make his business partner docile. Because von Krieger always fears a scandal, since his wife is the actual owner of the largest share of the property, and Vanessa has something convincing against her, she offers Rafael her support if he marries her in return.

    Rafael declines her offer because he demands unconditional support from his future wife and contemptuously refuses to become dependent on Vanessa in any way. When she tries to make up for her mistake in bed, Rafael asks her not to sleep with him again until she is really ready and not to make her forget about her blackmail. But when he realizes that Vanessa is overwhelmed by her memories of Letizia even while she is working, he sensitively offers her the prospect of marrying her after all. Since she is now even having nightmares, she visits her daughter in the hospital and thus alleviates her pain. After assuring her of her love again, she leaves the nursery, but runs into Tony, who asks at the hospital about Luca, who has broken an arm. Tony becomes suspicious when he meets Vanessa, but asks her worried why she is torturing herself so much, whereupon Vanessa admits that she cannot forget Letizia. At home, they both revive the shared memories of the short time with their daughter. However, after Vanessa has made a fatal confession to Tony who has fallen asleep and threatens to be blown up by the waking father, reason wins again and she eludes Tony's presence despite his request to stay.

    However, Vanessa cannot escape her grief and is confronted with Letizia's identification bracelet at the castle. Since she doesn't want to allow her pain, she asks Isabelle to dispose of this last memento of her daughter, but she refuses, since it is not too late to bring Letizia back. At the same time, she lets Vanessa understand that she is trampling her child and the man she really loves. Isabelle is still convinced that the caring Tony would be the right man by her sister's side, and shows Vanessa how many people want a child while she just gives up on this happiness. She also persuades her again that her punishment will certainly be milder if she is genuinely repentant, but Vanessa continues to block.

    Part 14 - The second process

    Rafael notices the approach of his son and Katharina is alarmed, especially when he learns that the lawyer has taken over Frank's mandate. When she asks him about Juliet's death, Rafael comes under pressure and tries to unsettle Katharina by stirring up her jealousy of Lena, which she sees through. When Katharina saw a picture of him and her forensic doctor friend Dr. Gerlach thinks if she suspects bribery. However, since David finds this absurd and is certain that his father has nothing to do with Julia's death, Katharina wants to have the surveillance tapes of the parking lot examined, as she suspects that the recordings from the night of the murder were manipulated. The hard drive that stores the camera recordings does not contain any data at the time in question. About the IT specialist Dr. Bernd Giesing from the University of Cologne, who deals with the manipulation of visual media, can use the invisible time code to determine that the hard drive secured by the police only reaches the surveillance camera in the parking lot at 4 a.m. - several hours after the accident was connected and the incriminating material is in the possession of a witness who had access to it and who is probably using it to blackmail the killer.

    Because David suspects a connection with Zöller's disappearance, Katharina has his bank details disclosed, which reveals that he has regularly deposited cash in the past two years, even a very large sum in the autumn of last year. David realizes that this booking was made shortly before Zöller's disappearance, that is, at the time when he started his research.

    Since Frank's second trial is imminent, he would like to show himself cooperative and have a psychological report drawn up about himself. Katharina's skepticism is confirmed when it turns out that the forensic psychologist Ms. Albrecht was already biased in her opinion about Frank. The day before, there was a meeting in Pia's new studio, where Ms. Albrecht saw how Frank wanted to help a customer, whose car was heavily parked, with unconventional comments out of her predicament. The perplexed Frank is faced with the question of whether, in addition to violating the traffic rules, he would also consider the hit-and-run as a trivial offense. Albrecht continues to corner him by addressing the unauthorized arrest of Sven Karl. From his actions at the time, she concludes that Frank may no longer be able to reason logically if his family and professional existence is at stake, and Julia's statement would have meant nothing else to him. Although neither of them have a good feeling about the report, Frank and Katharina wait for the final result.

    In order to concretize her defense strategy, Katharina does not ignore the possibility that the hush money that Zöller collected could also come from Frank, who wanted to cover up his hit-and-run, recorded by the surveillance camera, which would be extremely stressful for him. But neither she nor David believe in this possibility, and without the missing hard drive there is no real evidence against Frank either. Since the murder charge is not dropped, however, he remains the main suspect, as the vague lead to Zöller continues to run in the sand. Once again David and Katharina talk about Tony's role in the accident and continue to wonder why Frank vehemently denies his involvement. Theoretically, there are two possible courses of events: Either he protects Tony, the real murderer, because there is nothing to prove Frank and Tony would not be prosecuted, or Frank is the real culprit, which is why Tony could incriminate him, but only if he also called Tony Witnesses would indicate, whereby both could also exonerate themselves. Should Frank actually be Julia's murderer, he should have run into her, got out and strangled her, which requires a high degree of criminal potential and callousness, which neither of them see in him.

    Meanwhile, the heads of the gang of car smugglers report again, having become aware of Tony's closed auto repair shop, and reassure themselves through a possible threat to Lucas that Tony will keep tight. Frank promises Tony to keep him out of a lawsuit one more time, but that's all he can do for him. At a meeting with his lawyer, Frank and she go over all the possibilities that could help and harm him. At the same time, she asked Frank once again whether Tony was in the car. She makes no secret of suspecting Tony of the commercial car theft that Frank might be trying to cover. Katharina makes it clear to Frank that Tony could probably be his only exonerating witness, unless Tony is the killer and Frank is his confidante. So Frank would go to jail for the real perpetrator.

    Since Janka is surprised at Tony's mysterious warning to take good care of Luca in the near future, she speaks to Frank and Lena about his behavior. While the two can reassure Janka and can credibly assure her that Tony has not committed any new stupid things, Frank tells his terrified daughter about the renewed threat. She asks Tony to finally go to the police to put an end to this madness and threatens him with her own testimony. Since Frank has taken Katharina's words to heart, he decides to pave Tony a way with the police and, before Peter, admits Tony's cooperation with the car dealers he is looking for. Peter then offers Tony a deal that would bring him back his workshop and ensure police protection if he reveals all the names of the ring that he knows. Tony feels safe because he believes in a bluff, but Peter confronts him with Frank's "betrayal". Since Tony doesn't believe that the police can give him and Luca adequate protection, he has nothing to say to Peter.

    Katharina now receives Frank's report, which, as expected, turned out bad. In it, he is assumed to have a subliminal potential for violence through his years of activity as a police officer. His long service activity also corrupted and demoralized him. Frank is stunned and sees himself slandered, since these allegations should also apply equally to all other long-term police officers. Katharina assures him that the psychological report will be challenged because of bias, as she sees Ms. Albrecht's competencies far exceeded. She not only strives for her client's acquittal, but also for their complete rehabilitation.

    Peter tells Gaby about Tony's lack of cooperation, which he justifies with his fear for Luca. In order to signal their trustworthiness to him, Gaby and Peter do not want Tony's name to appear in the investigation files and also stand up for him as key witnesses to the prosecutor. With the prospect of anonymity and impunity, Tony finally testifies after Frank opened his eyes to his future in constant fear. Peter assures him that the car dealers would not suspect him as a traitor because he was recently threatened. In order to keep the suspicion completely away from him, Tony's workshop is to remain temporarily closed until all of the named have been caught.

    Via Pia's orders, Katharina gets the name and address of the customer who helped Frank park out. This testifies for him on the first day of the trial, which means that Katharina can apply to exclude the expert opinion from the evidence, which is granted. When David is questioned on the witness stand about his relationship with his mother, he describes it as very intimate, since he came to music through Julia and owes his career to her. In addition, the prosecutor directs his questioning to the engagement to Lena, which was solved because of Frank's partial guilt. When asked if he had a grudge against Frank, David admits that this was initially the case, but that now neither he nor any member of his family thinks Frank is guilty of Julia's murder. In order to steer the process in a new direction, David reports from the second hard drive with the complete record of the facts. When asked by the public prosecutor, David admits that he suspects this to be the case with possibly the only witness - Matthias Zöller. But in doing so he unwittingly harms Frank, as the prosecutor now comes up with David's investigation and his targeted arrest by Frank.

    Katharina is appalled by the new course of the process and asks Gaby to find Zöller as soon as possible. You find out through the ex-husband of the sister of a Thai woman named Pjong Ang that Zöller was in a relationship with her for a long time and was also reported to her, but the trail is lost again, which is why it must be assumed that Zöller will probably not show up and will testify that Frank was commissioned by him to keep David away from him. Since Frank's situation seems to be getting worse and worse, Lena asks Tony urgently for a statement, but Tony is afraid he could be seen as a perpetrator himself. He also points out that not everyone involved in the car slide ring has yet been caught. Lena then lets him feel all her contempt.

    While David has to hear from Rafael that his love for Lena makes him blind to reality, Katharina tries to get the judge and the lay judges on her side by rejecting David's testimony because of bias. He was the son of the murder victim and wanted to deliberately discredit Frank. Since Frank asks her before the trial what prison sentence he should expect in the event of a conviction and Katharina admits that she will have to be in prison for more than 15 years, Frank is forced to do so because of the decision between prison and family, despite his innocence To confess to murder in order to obtain extenuating circumstances for him, although he had sworn to himself and his family not to lie anymore. While Katharina desperately tries to get Frank acquitted, as nothing sufficiently incriminating against him has been found and he is also concerned about a due process, Tony wrestles with himself and finally turns up in court, where he is called to the stand. There he says that Frank stayed in the car after the accident while he wanted to check on the victim. Under the false assumption that Julia was already dead, they both drove to Tony and talked about the incident for at least two hours, so Frank can finally be exonerated. When asked by the public prosecutor why he is only now speaking in the proceedings that have been going on for months, Tony also reports on the threat posed by the car pushers, which Lena confirms. Frank is then acquitted of the charge of murder and sentenced to a ten-month suspended sentence for bodily harm and fleeing an accident, which also allows him to return to work in the police force.

    Part 15 - Lena's experiences in the music industry

    After Frank's acquittal, Lena meets Maja Klemens, a well-known producer and owner of the record company Fresh Beat Records, in Tango . At first she doesn't see any possibility of getting into a conversation with her, but when she gets into the elevator alone, Lena takes the chance and convinces her to listen to her demo. Maja attributes Lena potential, but would like to see the rising star live. Lena sees her chance - after all, she has performed in tango many times with great success . But chance thwarted her plan. Since the new bar pianist, with whom she harmonizes excellently, almost forgets his wedding day and is sent on a conciliatory journey with his wife by Gregor, who has no idea of ​​Lena's big "catch", her big dream is looming burst.

    Since Gregor knows about Lena's harmony with David, he calls him at short notice and earns Lena's gratitude for it. However, this is quickly brought back down to earth when she registers that Maja disappeared from the tango immediately after the performance - also when Gregor encouraged her a few days later to take this as a good sign, since Maja is apparently thinking about her . When the producer reappears in the bar, Lena sees her skins swim away, but is offered a record deal.

    When the contract arrives in writing, Lena is disillusioned because a clause says she should appear under the stage name "Stella Rose". At first Lena tries to make friends with it, but after a conversation with David she encourages Maja to be marketed under her name, as her family raised her to be proud of who she is. Although the record company with the stage name is aiming for an international career for Lena, Maja is impressed that Lena has proven backbone, which she considers rare in the industry, and changes the contract, which Lena finally signs with confidence.

    Soon Lena's first video shoot of an up-tempo version of Say my Name is due and Lena asks Tom to produce it. Although he initially refuses, he shows up a little later with a first concept in Tango , where he also wants to shoot the video. Lena is enthusiastic about the result, because Tom captured exactly the pictures she had imagined for the song, but at a meeting with Maja she openly admits that she is not convinced of the result. Lena is a brand for which an advertising strategy has already been developed, but with which Tom's clip cannot be reconciled. She asks Lena to make a new video and show more skin. Outraged, Lena points out that she wants to convince with her songs and not with her body, whereupon Maja leaves the tango with amusement and quotes her with amusement.

    Once again, Lena doubts whether this collaboration can really bear fruit and makes serious reproaches to Gregor, who takes Maja's criticism to heart and does not simply reject it like Lena because he doesn't like it. Despite her insecurity, Lena gives in to the relationship and goes to the recording studio, where an even faster version of her song is to be recorded. There she reconciles with Gregor, but Lena can't do anything with the new version. Gregor points out that the new version is Lena's only chance of success, but she has no access to the song. After another argument, she flees to the city park, where she literally runs into David and hugs him in despair. She later confesses to her mother that she would have loved not to let go of David.

    Part 16 - Disastrous Developments

    When Katharina visits a friend in the hospital after the trial, she accidentally meets Letizia, who is now called "Mathilda" by the nursing staff at St. Johann Hospital . When Linda notices her loving treatment of the foundling, whose adoptive parents have since dropped out, she suggests that Katharina visit the child more often, especially since "Mathilda" seems to like the lawyer. In Katharina, who cannot have children of her own, the decision matures to apply for a guardianship for “Mathilda”, which Linda also approves, especially since there is no longer any hope that the birth mother will contact her. Nevertheless, she gives consideration to the change in life caused by a small child and asks Katharina to reconsider this step for the best interests of the child, but Katharina is now determined.

    Since she has decided to initially only work part-time, nothing stands in the way of a guardianship after a conversation with the responsible youth welfare office, but adoption is out of the question with Katharina because she is unmarried - this is precisely the fact that upsets her an idea. She resolutely reminds Gregor of an old promise in Tango : The two are still on a waiting list as a married couple and Gregor once promised Katharina that, despite the separation, they would adopt a child with her if the opportunity arose. But now Gregor refuses because he sees his future at Lena's side. Katharina's assurance that the adoption would be a mere formality must also be put into perspective, as they would both be responsible for the child. Nevertheless, he encourages his ex-wife and asks her to talk to David about it, as she is also planning the next few years of his life. Katharina, however, doubts the plan because she has not known David long. Gregor's encouragement to make David the father of her child puts a stab in the heart of Lena, who overhears by chance. Although she is still in a relationship with Gregor at this point, her longing for David begins to grow again.

    The outcome of the murder trial against Frank enraged Rafael so much that he unceremoniously canceled a dinner with Vanessa. She is angry, but finally spends the evening with Isabelle in a tango . When the sisters talk about Rafael there, the language comes back to Tony who wouldn't treat Vanessa like that. In a short-circuit reaction, Vanessa calls Tony and confesses on the answering machine that Letizia is still alive and that she has abandoned her in the hospital. Immediately shocked by her emotional outburst, Vanessa gains access to Tony's apartment and deletes her message.

    When Rafael got stuck with the Fischermann property, Vanessa saw another chance to offer Rafael her damaging information about von Krieger in return for a wedding, which he actually agreed to. After he officially made the engagement in front of Amelie and Fritz, Vanessa honors her part of the deal and hands over photos to Rafael in which von Krieger is amorous with a friend of Vanessa. When von Krieger continued to refuse to support the project at a joint meeting, Rafael blackmailed him with the photos, whereupon von Krieger had to give in and award him the 20 million euros. After a dream in which Vanessa gleefully throws him out of the castle, Rafael is forced to make arrangements for his upcoming marriage and has a contract drawn up that, in the event of a divorce, stipulates that Vanessa will renounce the name "von Arensberg" and makes no claims for maintenance payments or the inheritance she is actually entitled to. Vanessa now denies him the original files against von Krieger and instead gives him a prenuptial agreement in her favor. Positively surprised by Vanessa, who did not accept his contract without a fight, she now hands him the photos and a chip card with the originals, which he sends from Krieger.

    Delighted about her upcoming wedding, Vanessa asks her sister to be her witness, but Isabelle does not dream of it. Once again, there is an argument between the sisters because of Tony, whereupon Isabelle again accuses Vanessa of having abandoned her child in the hospital, which Janka, who surprises the quarreling sisters, overhears. Alarmed, she informs Tony about the conversation, which confronts the horrified Vanessa in the palace gardens. However, she immediately recovers and tells Tony about an alleged son she gave away because she became pregnant much too early. Although Tony is satisfied with the explanation after many crocodile tears, Vanessa sees Janka as a danger and tries to move her out of her reach. For this purpose, she steals money from the household budget, for which Janka is responsible, and discredits it in front of Amelie and Fritz, who ask Janka and Isabelle about the lack of money. But to Vanessa's horror, Amelie has no doubts about Janka's or Isabelle's integrity.

    Since all the incriminated people in the car slider ring have now been arrested, Gaby and Peter promise Tony to reopen his workshop, but he soon realizes that he is repeatedly confronted with crooked deals, for which he seems notorious. Tony realizes with disappointment that an honest new beginning will be more difficult than he had expected. At first he rejects the thought when he is offered a job as a chauffeur, but after a brief hesitation he decides to do a complete cut, closes his garage and finally accepts the new offer.

    When Katharina watches David playing with Luca in the park, she finally takes courage to inform him of her plans. But then she learns that David is not happy about his father's wedding to Vanessa, and learns the whole background of Vanessa's intrigues against him and Lena. She also shows herself taken when David confesses to her that although he took care of Vanessa's child, he was glad that everything turned out differently. Finally Katharina starts at this point and carefully questions whether he could imagine a child with a woman he loves. Although he asks her to have a say in the decision and not to be confronted with a fait accompli, she finally tells him about the planned guardianship. She also assures him that she does not want to urge him to do anything, but only to confront him with it, since she must now decide whether she really wants to accept the child.

    David reacts cautiously, since the relationship is still fresh, but having a child would mean a lifelong responsibility, and confides in Amelie. When the conversation is directed to the abandoned child in the St. Johann Hospital , Vanessa overhears by chance and finds new hope to know her daughter every day in her vicinity, whereupon she persuades David to take this chance with Katharina. Vanessa visits her little child again in the nursery full of anticipation.

    In the meantime, Katharina is so strengthened in her hope of having a child that she decides to eat “Mathilda” in any case, should she be awarded her - even if she might be a single parent. To support David in his decision, she suggests visiting "Mathilda" together, and in fact David is immediately taken with the little girl, whereupon he agrees to Katharina's plans. David is determined to want to make Katharina and the child happy, as he sees the chance in his new small family to make a fresh start. When Vanessa heard from Katharina that the news was good for both women, she carefully asked the lawyer whether she would move to the castle with Mathilda. Katharina carefully feels whether Vanessa would have a problem with this situation after her own loss, but Vanessa gives her to understand that she will be happy if at least one baby lives in the castle. While Katharina is still waiting for positive feedback from the youth welfare office, David actually suggests that she move in together.

    In order to ensure that her daughter doesn’t miss anything, Vanessa has Rafaels and David's old cradle fetched from the attic, which Isabelle notes with irritation. In the meantime, Katharina receives the message that the guardianship has now become official and that she can pick up "Mathilda". When she briefly leaves the child in Vanessa's care at the castle, Isabelle overhears her sister lovingly addressing the little one as "Princess" and later tells her on the head that she suspects "Mathilda" is Letizia. Once again she tells her in conscience whether she can really bear to watch her child being raised by someone else, and again reproaches her for simply leaving Tony. When he shows up at the castle to bring Vanessa's last things over, Isabelle urges him to continue fighting for her sister. Meanwhile, she is determined to make herself indispensable with Katharina in order to be able to build up a relationship with Letizia. Janka in turn overhears a conversation between the sisters and thus also learns of "Mathilda's" true identity. Tony then asks Janka to get him something from "Mathilda" in order to have a paternity test done so that David and Katharina can open their eyes.

    Part 17 - The fight for Letizia

    Since learning of David's and Katharina's plans for foster care, Lena has become aware of her ongoing feelings for David, which she also confesses to Gregor and ends her relationship with him with a bad conscience. Then she wants to reveal herself to her ex-boyfriend, but at this moment Katharina joins them with "Mathilda". Their mistrust is immediately aroused - especially when she found out about the separation from Gregor - whereupon she openly seeks a confrontation with her competitor. She reproaches Lena for wanting to push herself into their relationship and asks her not to come to the castle and not to see David for the time being. Lena rejects the request, but assures Katharina not to destroy her love. However, she secretly resolves to fight for David if he should still have feelings for her.

    Insecure, Katharina also seeks a conversation with David, who admits that he cannot get Lena out of his head and still loves her. When Katharina, disappointed, wants to leave the castle with "Mathilda", events come thick and fast, because Vanessa has found out about the plans to move out and finally pulls the child out of Katharina's arms when she is about to leave forever. Vanessa admits her story in tears, but David and Katharina believe that Vanessa is slowly going crazy after the loss of their child. When Vanessa tries to defend herself and her daughter with scissors in front of David and Katharina and finally locks herself in Rafael's room with her, the two have no choice but to call in the police.

    When Rafael comes to her, she desperately asks him to raise Letizia with her, but Rafael continues to let her understand that she will never be able to accept a strange child. But Vanessa is not ready to part with her daughter again, as she has shown her what is really important in life, and shows herself determined to give up her luxury life, although she has to admit to Rafael that she is very much would be difficult. Rafael then persuades her to surrender and leave the child to Katharina for the time being, as Gaby and Peter have already notified an employee of the youth welfare office and, for their part, threaten to have the castle stormed by a task force if necessary. Vanessa gives herself insight and leaves her daughter to the relieved Katharina. When she asks Rafael in the evening to support her in a custody battle against Katharina, he tells her to move out of the shared room for the time being.

    After Katharina can finally hold her "Mathilda" in her arms again, she leaves the castle immediately. She meets Lena, who makes her bitter accusations. However, Lena is not deterred and goes to David to talk to him about her feelings. In the process, she overhears David playing a newly composed melody on his grand piano while singing a text she wrote, which Conny sent him months ago through Tom. Lena and David find each other again through their mutual connection to music. Meanwhile, Katharina appears at Tony's, who has already been informed about the latest events at the castle through Janka, so that “Mathilda” can establish contact with her biological father. Finally she is ready to leave the child to him completely and asks him to be allowed to continue to see her, to which Tony replies with the admission that he would like to make her godmother to Letizia. When Janka finally hands him a pacifier from Vanessa's daughter, Tony asks Andreas to initiate a paternity test. Although this requires a court order, Andreas does the DNA comparison so Tony can apply for custody of Letizia.

    Vanessa's fight for her daughter has meanwhile begun: She files a voluntary report with Gaby in order to be able to signal to the court in a custody suit that she regrets what she did. Vanessa learns that the public prosecutor's office will probably also investigate her, but Vanessa wants to fight for her rights - no matter what punishment she expects. After his visit to the hospital, Tony also appears at the station and in turn reports Vanessa to Peter. In order not to lose her, Rafael takes a big step towards Vanessa: She can visit her daughter at any time if she leaves Letizia to her father and he takes over custody in her place. However, if she cannot bring herself to take this step, she should have left the castle by evening. Isabelle asks Vanessa urgently, but she still hopes that Rafael will eventually get used to Letizia. When he gives her another choice, Vanessa packs her bags and is about to leave when Tony storms into the castle angrily and surprises her with surprising news: Letizia is not his daughter!

    In Vanessa new hope germinates, since now only Rafael is possible as a father, and asks him to also have a paternity test done. By doing this, she hopes Rafael will recognize Letizia as his daughter, as she alone is unlikely to be granted custody. Rafael fulfills Vanessa's hope for a joint fight for Letizia and gives a saliva sample, which he then describes as a mere formality - he is already determined to apply for joint custody. Meanwhile, Gregor Katharina speaks to the conscience that it is not fair to withhold her child from her birth parents and gently persuades her to let "Mathilda" go. Since she realizes that the parents would win a lawsuit sooner or later and the bond between her and "Mathilda" would then be even greater, she finally gives the child back to Rafael and Vanessa, while she also acts as guardian by means of an injunction the two resigns. The “freshly baked” parents are immediately absorbed in their family happiness. When the DNA test arrives and all doubts about fatherhood are cleared away, Rafael announces to his family that he and Vanessa will finally get married, but Amelie firmly rejects her future daughter-in-law because of her serious lie.

    Gregor wants to give up the Tango first and sell it, but then he offers Conny the management. After a discussion, during which Lena sincerely thanks Gregor for his help and support, the two can reconcile. Gregor also thanks Lena for showing him what role music still plays in his life. Inspired by their collaboration, he would like to move back to Berlin and work as a producer again, while Lena is finally parting ways with Fresh Beat Records . In order to further advance her career, she puts the clip for Say my Name on the Internet with Tom's help , which was followed a few days later in the form of a newspaper article.

    When David and Katharina met by chance, the dealings remained tense, but the two could now part with a clear conscience. Katharina has meanwhile received an order from her law firm for a complicated economic crime and wants to accept it, but before that she goes to the Seychelles with Gregor to take a vacation to get some distance from the events of the last few days.

    Part 18 - Juliet's death gets justice

    The private detective Rainer Hartmann, whom David set on Matthias Zöller in Thailand, reports with good news: He found the former parking lot attendant and met him when he was about to leave the country. During his escape from the detective, Zöller had to leave an important briefcase behind, which is now on its way to Germany. Since David had hoped to finally find incriminating material in it, he is flabbergasted when he apparently has to accept another, this time devastating setback: the case only contains bills, reminders and newspaper clippings about his mother's death. David thinks he has finally failed and forcibly pushes the suitcase away. Only later does Lena discover a key that must have been in the suitcase.

    Since she recognizes that a number has been removed from the key, she calls the manufacturer Bronnemann Sicherheit based in Düsseldorf. The identifier on the key bit shows that it is the key to a locker for which only a Cologne train station can be used. Lena immediately makes her way to the Deutz train station and tries desperately to find the storage location of Zöller's information, but only when David arrives do they find the appropriate compartment in which the replaced hard drive is located. At the castle, they watched the evening of the crime spellbound: First of all, the accident was shown, whereupon Frank and Tony rushed to leave the scene of the accident. Immediately afterwards, a figure emerges from the darkness that bends over Julia. David is stunned to see who actually killed his mother: Rafael, his own father!

    Horrified, he has to watch as his mother asks her killer for help, who then covers her mouth and strangles her. David rushes off to confront his father with the monstrous knowledge, but Lena holds him back out of fear - again with the murder attempt in mind. But then Rafael unexpectedly stands in David's door, as he wants to announce the exact wedding date with Vanessa to his family. When he realizes that he has been blown, he flees to his room, but David, whose anger is breaking through, follows him on foot to then face the barrel of a gun. When asked where he got the material from, David replied truthfully, to which Rafael contemptuously regretted not having killed the "little parasite" Zöller at the same time. Shaken, David realizes his father's madness, which increases even further when he takes David and Lena, who has hurried after him, hostage and prepares his escape to South America with them.

    When Vanessa suddenly joins them, who has once again felt Amelie's contempt, she too has to learn the bitter truth about Rafael. Despite David's and Lena's demands that she and Letizia get to safety, she tries to appease her fiancé, but finally has to escape the threatening situation. In the presence of the stunned parents, Vanessa calls the police for help.

    At the same time, David learns the whole background to the tragic death of his mother. After Rafael had speculated on the stock market, his wife originally promised him financial help, but on the way to a vernissage she told him to pack her bags the next day, as she had discovered another affair with Rafael. In the end, the bracelet, which she had lost during the argument in the car and now wanted to look for it when she was hit by Frank, was her undoing.

    At Gaby's behest, Amelie, Vanessa and Fritz hide in David's room, where they too are paralyzed by the images from the surveillance video. Amelie wants to confront her son immediately, believing that he would do nothing to her as his mother, but Fritz, who was taught better after the attack on David and knows about Rafael's unpredictability, holds her back. He is about to escape the castle through a secret passage with Lena as a hostage, but he is distracted by the argument between Amelie and Fritz, who in turn hear a shot. David has seized his father's gun and is about to shoot Rafael, but Lena appeals to their future together. The police command, which has meanwhile arrived, storms the castle, whereupon Gaby Rafael arrests his wife on suspicion of murder. Under the disappointed gaze of his family, Rafael is led away by Gaby and Peter. Vanessa, the advanced Countess von Arensberg, falls very deeply at this sight.

    Part 19 - The love of your life

    Despite the deep-seated disappointment, Amelie and Fritz want to visit their son in prison to confront him. Amelie desperately asks her husband if they had brought about a murderer, but he suggests that neither of them could help Rafael's cold feeling. David also tries to build up his grandmother by making it clear to her that he has only ever seen the good in her son. Although she accompanies Fritz to prison, Amelie cannot bear the thought of having to face Rafael and leaves without having achieved anything. Fritz's conversation with his son is deconstructive. Rafael tells his father to his face to despise him for his bigotry and his dull belief in the good in people, and leaves him with these words.

    Vanessa also grapples with Rafael's personality and confesses to Isabelle that she hoped that Rafael would change for Letizia, but that she actually only kept out of his bad character. When she found out about Amelie's visit to prison, she chose the “walk to Canossa” and told her the whole story of her life. Amelie continues to disapprove of Vanessa's actions, but is glad that she finally approached her openly. When Vanessa dares to meet Rafael, her fiancé asks her to help him and marry him. Unsettled by this, she hesitates briefly to refuse the offer, as this would secure Letizia's future, but Isabelle's outrage makes her think again. She takes Rafael's hopes for a marriage because he will sit in prison for life and she doesn't want to wait for a man who doesn't actually love her.

    Meanwhile, Lena indulges in love and tells David to look forward to their future together. He sees this as a sign, proposes another marriage to her at the pavilion in the palace garden and asks Pia and Frank for their daughter's hand once more. However, their happiness is tarnished as David torments himself with the thought of nearly shooting his father and fears that he will become like him. In prison he seeks a confrontation with Rafael, who makes no secret of his doubts about David's wedding plans, as he doubts his ability to be lifelong fidelity. When David angrily attacks his father, Rafael provokes him to vent his anger and strike, but David lets go of him and finally abandons Rafael full of contempt. However, this is closer to him than expected, whereupon he collapses crying in his cell.

    Despite the bad experience, Fritz dares to try his son again because he is worried about his condition. He admits that his life consists only of a single heap of rubble and screams his anger and self-contempt from his body. After David's visit, he realized that he needed the support of his family, and Rafael confessed to his father that he was not afraid of prison but of loneliness. On the admission that he would prefer to turn back time and undo everything, Fritz realizes that this regret is probably the first in Rafael's life. At Rafael's request to visit him again tomorrow, Fritz makes him a concession, but also reminds him that he cannot continue to count on Amelie.

    The wedding preparations are in full swing. Lena wants a new dress, because the old robe only seems to have bad memories. Confident that Lena can look forward to a happy future, Pia sews a piece of her own wedding dress into the new design. Lena is not doing badly professionally either: A producer who found out about Say my Name on the Internet contacts her and asks if she has any more songs in her repertoire. Lena finds the song too good musically, because she lacks the drive, and wants to rearrange it. David has an idea and calls an old friend.

    Rafael is very surprised when Amelie has decided to pay a visit. When his mother confesses to him that he owes this solely and exclusively to Fritz's encouragement, he realizes that his hated father is the only one who still stands by him. Amelie meanwhile hopes that her son is not a monster after all, as he seems to regret his actions. Although she cannot answer him as to whether she could ever forgive him, she still wants to be there for her son. When she learns of Vanessa's decision not to marry Rafael and to leave the castle, she approves of her decision, but offers the young mother to stay in the castle for a while until she can find an apartment and a new perspective has found.

    Vanessa is now cleaning up her life and looking for a discussion with Tony, who rejects her. Since she continues to feel Rafael's presence at the castle, she packs her bags and says goodbye to her sister, whose financial support she refuses, although her own funds will only be sufficient for a few days. It has become clear to her that she will have to cope on her own from now on, and she immediately decides to take care of her own affairs and to stand on her own two feet, as she does not want to be a mother for Letizia who can only get ahead through intrigue . Nevertheless, Amelie prevents her from making a hasty decision and asks Vanessa to stay a few more days - if only because Letizia is part of the von Arensberg family.

    On the day of David and Lena's wedding, Amelie visits her son again in prison and hands him a letter from his son, in which David Rafael promises to remain his father - no matter what he said or what Rafael did. He also thanks his mother by confessing how much her encouragement meant to him. Although Vanessa, who has since received a job offer from Brussels, was invited to the wedding by David and Lena, she leaves Arensberg Castle - unnoticed by everyone - for her new life. Tony has also decided to say goodbye and would like to go to the south of France for six months because he was offered a well-paid job, but Janka asks him to stay. Both of them are overwhelmed by their feelings for each other that they have awakened over the past few weeks and - to Lucas' great delight - they come together again.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the wedding party is celebrating their big day with the bride and groom. Isabelle keeps an eye on the supposed temporary waiter Phil Barley, who sneaks undercover under the wedding party. Only after the church wedding does David resolve the irritations that arose about his wedding present. On the most beautiful day of her life, Lena found out that she had received a contract with the globally successful record company Barley Records .


    main actor

    Before the plot of the first episode started, a short prologue showed some scenes of the murder attempt from episode 98. The two main actors Max Alberti ( David von Arensberg ) and Thomas M. Held ( Tom Lorenz ) already appeared in this preview . This table is sorted according to the order in which episode 1 started, from the beginning of the plot six months before.

    actor role Episodes Years
    Max Alberti David Graf von Arensberg 1-180 2010-2011
    Janina Flieger Vanessa Meyer alias Anke Meyer 1-180 2010-2011
    Jessica Ginkel Lena Countess von Arensberg, b. Sander 1-180 2010-2011
    Kosta's summer Anton "Tony" Weiss 1-180 2010-2011
    Johanna Liebeneiner Amelie Countess of Arensberg 1-180 2010-2011
    Joachim Raaf Frank Sander 1-180 2010-2011
    Kilian Krüll Luca Weiss 1-180 2010-2011
    Mila Kostadinovic Janka Kovac 1-180 2010-2011
    Urs Remond Rafael Graf von Arensberg 1-180 2010-2011
    Isabella Schmid Gaby Keller 1-178 2010-2011
    Jenny Juergens Pia Sander, b. Behrendt 1-180 2010-2011
    Felix Bold Michael "Micha" Sander 1-135, 180 2010-2011
    Isabel Varell Linda Behrendt 1-180 2010-2011
    Barbara Prakopenka Jasmin Blohm 2-135, 180 2010-2011
    Thomas M. Hero Thomas "Tom" Lorenz 2-180 2010-2011
    Annika Ernst Conny Kueppers 2-180 2010-2011
    Mirco Reseg Peter Evers 2-180 2010-2011
    Andreas Jung Mathias Maerz 7-110 2010-2011
    Cécile Bagieu Isabelle Lisson, b. Meyer 32-180 2010-2011
    Wichart from Roëll Friedrich "Fritz" Schubert 24, 55-180 2010-2011
    Ivonne Schönherr Felicitas Martin 74-96 2011
    Aylin Esener Katharina Jung 128-175 2011
    Jens Nünemann Andreas Sander 131-180 2011
    Alex Huber Gregor Wilke 134-175 2011

    supporting cast

    Sorted according to the order of entry.

    actor role Episodes Years
    Barbara Schwarz Silke Lorenz 7-39 2010
    Thomas Bartholomew Matthias Zoeller 11-18 2010
    Heinz Simon Keller Sven Kahl † 49-64
    Alexander Sholti Alex hostage 49-62 2010
    NN Christoph Breitbach † 60, 73-74 2010, 2011
    Roman Haubner Sascha Wagner 66-71 2010
    Christa Rockstroh Sister Benedikta 73-78 2011
    Dirk Moritz Eric Gercke 89-94 2011
    Kerstin Gähe Christine Lorenz 106-109 2011
    Mike Reichenbach Richard Kueppers 107-109 2011
    Tanja Lanäus Annika Flamm 111-125 2011
    Julia Schäfle Ronja Richter 114-125 2011
    Dietrich Adam Severin von Krieger 123-124
    Simone Ritscher Ulla Hellwich alias Ursula von Bergfeld 132-138 2011
    Sabine Marcus Susanne Seifert 146-152 2011
    Daniel Kuschewski Alexander vat 152-155 2011
    Julia Beerhold Maja Klemens 161-168 2011

    Guest appearances

    Audience ratings

    At the beginning, on September 20, 2010, an average of 1.29 million people were reached, which resulted in a decent market share of 12.4 percent. The younger viewers, who were supposed to be addressed more with the new format, were already avoiding the program at this point in time - with only 0.22 million interested people, the figure did not exceed 5.4 percent. In the course of the first week of broadcasting, relevance was continuously lost; on September 23, 2010, only exactly 1.00 million people were watching, with the resulting 11.3 percent, the station was even served properly.

    After the ratings had steadily dwindled in the following months, a new low was recorded on November 16: The 1.21 million interested parties led to 9.3 percent of all viewers. At that time, a mediocre value of 11.1 percent with 1.49 million interested people represented the best value for the total audience; the weekly average was not infrequently only 10.0 to 10.5 percent.

    After there were no significant changes in the ratings in December either, a record was set shortly before the turn of the year: on December 27, 2010, the 70th episode achieved a viewing participation of 1.68 million, but due to the large number of TV viewers who were on vacation even with it not to get more than 10.4 percent.

    In February, the 1.82 and 1.83 million viewers ensured new record results on two consecutive days; This time, this could even have an effect on the market share, which at an average of 12.0 percent was higher than ever before. The young people had turned away, however, here 4.0 percent were the best result in five weeks. The brief soaring probably had something to do with the long-awaited attack on David .

    After a significant decline at the beginning of March, the last two weeks of broadcasting of the month achieved weekly averages of 13.2 percent each and thus climbed above the broadcasting average. This resulted from a loyal fan base and a declining total viewership of all television channels in March. In the worst case, the end of the month reached 12.7 percent with 1.35 million viewers, at best, however, also 13.8 percent with 1.40 million viewers. On average, the 128 episodes shown in the afternoon saw 1.42 million people, which corresponds to a mediocre market share of 11.1 percent.

    There was a clear about-face from the postponement to the morning, when Lena developed into a real ratings hit. On April 11, 2011, the format achieved an average of 20.5 percent market share on the new slot, which was equivalent to the future audience ratings for the program until it ended in June 2011. The afternoon successor cardiac fibrillation ran at 4.15 p.m. - despite the initially passable start - with an average of 10.9 percent in the first week, significantly worse than the telenovela last.

    Web links

    Individual evidence

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