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According to § 18 para. 2 of the Federal Electoral Act had associations their intent to participate in the general election in 2021 to the 97th day before the election (21 June 2021) the Federal Election Show, provided they are not in the German Bundestag own or a Landtag since the last election due Nominations were represented without interruption by at least five MPs. 87 associations submitted their notification of participation for the 2021 federal election on time, and another one after the deadline. On July 8th and 9th, 2021, the Federal Electoral Committee determined which of the associations as parties within the meaning of Section 2 (1)Political parties law are to be recognized. You can then run for election with state lists if you can show sufficient support signatures by July 19, 2021.

At that time, nine parties were represented in the Bundestag or in a state parliament with at least five members based on their own election proposals. Therefore, they did not have to report their participation and do not require any support signatures. These are: CDU , CSU , SPD , FDP , Die Linke , GRÜNE , AfD , Free Voters and BVB / Free Voters . The federal electoral committee also recognized 44 parties with notices of participation. This means that 53 parties can take part in the 2021 federal election for the time being.

Associations whose party status has been rejected by the federal electoral committee can lodge an appeal against the decision with the Federal Constitutional Court in accordance with Section 18 (4a) of the Federal Electoral Act . The Federal Constitutional Court can then recognize them as parties.


The 88 associations with the intention of participating are listed below, 44 of which have been recognized as parties. The numbering follows the order in which the advertisements are received.

The Südschleswigsche Voters' Association was recognized as a party of a national minority and is therefore exempt from the threshold clause .

Short name Party name (additional designation) Party status
1 PDG Party of the Nonviolent No, formal reasons
2 DKP German Communist Party No
3 HUMAN WORLD Human world (for the well-being and happiness of all) Yes
4th - German tradition social, DTS for short No, formal reasons
5 Animal Welfare Alliance Alliance for human rights, animal and nature protection Yes
6th The party Party for work, rule of law, animal welfare, elite promotion & grassroots initiative Yes
7th BP Bavaria Party Yes
8th DGP The STRAIGHT party No
9 Garden party Garden party Yes
11 German conservatives GERMAN CONSERVATIVES Yes
12th GRAIL Holistic right to life No
13 MLPD Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany Yes
14th III. path THE THIRD WAY (III. Way) Yes
15th SSW South Schleswig Association of Voters Yes, recognized as a minority party
16 LOVE European party LOVE Yes
17th Alliance C Alliance C - Christians for Germany Yes
18th Allianz diversity Alliance for Diversity & Codetermination No
19th INDEPENDENTS INDEPENDENTS for community-based democracy Yes
20th APPD Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany No, formal reasons
21 The humanists Party of humanists Yes
22nd - SLAM group No, formal reasons
23 the base Basic Democratic Party of Germany Yes
24 DFU German Peace Union No
25th volt Volt Germany Yes
26th SU SustainableUnion No, formal reasons
27 DHD The house of Germany No
28 - Human Rights 100 per No
29 - Non-German association No, formal reasons
30th - The Natural eV No
32 AlphaHHP AlphaHHP - Health Policy Party for Germany in Europe No
33 Team Todenhöfer Team Todenhöfer - The Justice Party Yes
34 ÖDP Ecological Democratic Party Yes
35 BEGINNING C BEGINNING C - Christian values ​​for human politics No, formal reasons
36 - Party Active Democrats No
37 BüSo Civil rights movement Solidarity Yes
38 PPP Practitioner party No
39 LD Liberal Democrats - The Social Liberals Yes
40 pensioner Alliance of Generations - Pensioners and Family - No
41 - SOLIDARITY Party disbanded
42 WiR2020 WiR2020 Yes
43 DVB The people determine No
44 FAMILY Family party of Germany Yes
45 Health research Health Research Party Yes
47 ALLIANCE21 diePinken / BÜNDNIS21 Yes
48 CENTER German Center Party - oldest party in Germany founded in 1870 No
49 SVP Saxon People's Party No
50 PIRATES Pirate Party Germany Yes
51 V party³ V-Party³ - party for change, vegetarians and vegans Yes
53 NPD National Democratic Party of Germany Yes
54 SGV SGV - solidarity, justice, change Yes
55 ZRSD Federal Central Council of Blacks in Germany No, formal reasons
56 PdF Party of progress Yes
57 DEUPROLIGA German Protestant League No
58 B * mountain party, the over-party (eco-anarchist-realdadaist pool) Yes
59 The grays The grays - for all generations Yes
60 1e1w One Europe One World No, formal reasons
61 DGP The Germanic party for women, the rule of law, nature conservation, child support and democratic love No, formal reasons
62 Gray panthers Gray panthers Yes
63 THP Thuringian Home Party Yes
64 LKR Liberal Conservative Reformers Yes
65 SGP Socialist Equality Party, Fourth International Yes
66 Referendum From now on ... democracy through referendum (politics for the people) Yes
68 you. The urban. A hip hop party Yes
69 CIVIL MOVEMENT Citizens' movement for progress and change Yes
70 BIG Alliance for Innovation & Justice No
71 LfK >> Party for children, young people and families << - lobbyists for children - Yes
72 REP THE REPUBLICANS No, formal reasons
73 - JESUS ​​PARTY - PARTY OF THE GOSPEL No, formal reasons
74 DM German center (politics works differently ...) Yes
75 COME ON The lot fraction No, formal reasons
76 Climate listBW Baden-Württemberg climate list Yes
77 other THE OTHER (X) Yes
78 GFA Basic income for everyone No
79 Quay party Quay party No, formal reasons
80 NIU NIUp No, formal reasons
81 AZ Allianz future No
82 Team Todenhöfer Team Todenhöfer - The Justice Party (Saarland State Association) No, formal reasons
83 - THE NEW CENTER (back to reason) No, formal reasons
84 We2020 We2020 Yes
85 KSP Climate protection party No, formal reasons
86 - around for the rule of law and NEW DEMOCRACY No
87 ACP ACP - the non-party Notice of participation withdrawn
88 - The Haie - party with a bite! Notification of participation not in due time

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