The III. path

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The III. path
An oak wreath on the logo of the German party "The Third Path" - party logo "Der III. Weg.jpg
Party leader Klaus Armstroff
founding September 28, 2013
Place of foundation Heidelberg
Headquarters Bad Dürkheim
Alignment Right
- wing extremism Neo-Nazism
Volkish nationalism
National socialism
Number of members 580 (2019)

The III. Weg (also: The Third Way , short name : III. Way ) is a right-wing extremist small party . It was founded on September 28, 2013 with the significant participation of former NPD officials and activists of the Free Network South (FNS), which was banned in July 2014 . It is an attempt to continue the FNS under the protection of the party privilege. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has found that neo-Nazis are clearly influencing the party.

The party is particularly active in southern and eastern Germany. In Munich she took part in the Bagida demonstrations.

History and members

Demonstration march on October 15, 2016 in Fürth

The party was founded on September 28, 2013 in Heidelberg . The former NPD functionary Klaus Armstroff was elected first chairman of the party . The party is a reservoir for a relatively small but very active group of radical ethnic nationalists who were previously active in the comradeships of the Free Network South. The party is not aiming for great expansion; Its current members see themselves rather as "a conscious neo-Nazi elite that is not looking for growth".

The majority of the members are classified as highly violent by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Well-known members of the III. Along with Klaus Armstroff, there are Maik Eminger , Matthias Fischer , Tony Gentsch , Benjamin Hager , Norman Kempken and Martin Wiese .


The majority of the approx. 500 full and sustaining members (as of 2017) are active in the federal states of Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony, and since 2019 also in North Rhine-Westphalia in the greater Cologne-Düsseldorf area. In Bavaria, the six so-called “support points” in 2014 reflected the centers of the earlier comradeships. In 2019 it succeeded in expanding its structures - albeit only slightly. Of the four planned regional associations, only three have been founded so far. In the north of Germany, the party has so far not been able to build structures. At the federal party conference in September 2019, the III. Way amendments to the statutes regarding a restructuring of the regional associations into state associations. The party had previously participated in the local elections in Saxony in 2019 , but for the state election in Saxony on September 1, 2019, it was refused entry by the state election committee for formal reasons. With the amendments to the statutes, the party underscored its intention to continue to run elections in the future and thus to meet or consolidate one of the requirements necessary for maintaining party status.

In 2019, the estimated number of members / followers / supporters nationwide increased to around 580.


According to the constitutional protection report of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the party is mainly financed through donations and contributions for 2019.


Programmatic poster

According to its own account, the party calls for a so-called “German socialism” as a supposed “ third way ” apart from communism and capitalism . Their program is generally based on an extremely völkisch view of man, closely oriented towards historical National Socialism and the militant comradeship scene . The party is anti-parliamentary; it strives for a presidential democracy with "far-reaching powers" for the president. Key industries and banks are in the service of "German socialism" nationalized be. The III. Weg sees himself ideologically as a “ national revolutionary ” and partly ties in with the program of the so-called “left” wing of the NSDAP around the Strasser brothers' Black Front . Based on this ideology, Armstroff said at a march in Plauen in May 2014: "Capitalist entrepreneurs [...] put the Germans on the sidelines of long-term unemployment and greed for fresh blood from foreigners." At the 2014 federal party conference, he called for leaflets to be launched in front of refugee shelters and to agitate the population against foreigners. The party is expressly against Christian values , which are to be replaced by a " pagan - Germanic " esotericism of the community of species . In 2019, the party particularly focused on the environment and climate protection debate.

In terms of foreign policy, the III. Away with the Greek neo-Nazi party Chrysi Avgi , Hungarian , Ukrainian and Russian right-wing extremists, the right-wing extremist Scandinavian Swedish resistance movement , the neo-fascist Casapound Italia and the Syrian Assad regime. Furthermore, the III. Away in a historical revisionist way the "restoration of Germany within its borders under international law" (according to the Bavarian State Office for the Protection of the Constitution , this obviously means the German Reich before the Second World War ). The party is also anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist . The party manifesto for the 2019 European elections was entitled “Europe awake! European Confederation held EU dictatorship! "In reference to the criminally prohibited awake slogan" Germany "from the storm song of the SA . The party’s parliamentary representatives across Europe are considered to be “traitors”, “representatives of the cowardly bourgeoisie” and “recipients of money for capital”. Feverish "every blow [...] inflicted on these" anti-people systems ", and bow" to every dead and injured person in this pan-European struggle ". Furthermore, the III. Way to leave NATO .

The III. Weg uses symbols from the time of National Socialism such as the cogwheel as a symbol of the German Labor Front as well as a hammer and a sword that cross each other. These two symbols had been Feldgau signs of the Hitler Youth since 1929 and were intended to illustrate the union of soldiers and workers.

The handbook published by Federal Chairman Armstroff in April 2019 with the title The National Revolutionary. Handbook for Activists of our Movement can be seen as the party’s policy for its members and supporters. At the same time, the party wants to develop ideology and guide action beyond its borders, whereby, due to its visual design and practical orientation, it is also suitable to find readers outside of the traditional neo-national socialist spectrum. It announces as a replacement for the existing system - that is, according to the party "exploitative capitalism" and "people-destroying liberalism" - "German socialism as a just and social national order", according to the Baden-Württemberg constitutional protection, a paraphrase for National Socialism. In this handbook, the party also refers to itself as “the irreconcilable enemies […] [of a] multicultural, capitalist and liberal world. The survival of our people requires their downfall. ”Overall, numerous statements by the party not only express ideological fanaticism, but also undisguised hostility towards all of Western modernity.


With the three fields of activity “political struggle”, “cultural struggle” and “struggle for community”, “The III. Way ”as a“ holistic organization ”. The "political struggle" includes, among other things, demonstrations, rallies, distribution campaigns and the "taking up as an electoral initiative". The “cultural struggle” relates to the cultivation of customs. The “struggle for community” includes the aspects of “neighborhood help”, “lived community”, “common leisure activities” and “sporting get-togethers”, in which martial arts play a special role.

The party tries to use charitable activities such as donations in kind for the homeless ("Deutsche Winterhilfe") or clothing distribution campaigns for propaganda and to win over voters. It also offers homework help, cooking courses, Christmas gifts and youth meetings. The party now has a wide range of activities especially for children and young people, including hikes and tent camps. In contrast to charitable organizations , which give their aid purely according to need, donations are only given to Germans. It also distributes a brochure that stirs up racist resentment against asylum seekers and offers “tips on preventing refugee homes” in “one's own homeland” through to legal advice. The party increasingly initiated so-called "national stripes", which want to give the impression of a vigilante with their "martial appearance" . With its stripes, the party wanted to prevent “criminal acts” by refugees and foreigners and give the German population the impression of security. In the spring of 2016, the party called on politicians and politically active people nationwide with postcards to give Germany z. B. to leave via the Balkan route.

In addition to activities such as the distribution of leaflets, cultural and ethnic aspects also play a role within the “bases”, such as joint celebrations such as solstice celebrations , autumn festivals and memorials. The central event format are “support evenings” held at regular intervals, at which ideological and current topics are discussed.

In addition to its website, which was revised in 2017, the party operates a Facebook presence, which - in line with its self-image as a pioneer of the neo-Nazi spectrum - is known as a "guide". New articles corresponding to the right-wing extremist view of the world appear on the website every day, some of which are of a high standard. In addition, the III. Away an online shop to sell its propaganda materials and an internet radio station called Revolution on the air that broadcasts once a month. The policy paper National, Revolutionary, Socialist of the party can also be obtained through this material distribution . This political-theoretical text "is intended to give the neo-Nazi scene an ideological orientation." Of this, however, "only a small part [...] should be able to grasp this demanding and abstract text". The brochure is “a condensed outline of the fundamentals of a National Socialist worldview adapted to the present day” and is to be understood as a “theoretical treatise for the entire right-wing extremist scene”. It is “remarkable in its way, since such fundamental considerations were last presented in this form in the 1980s and early 1990s”. Since the beginning of 2018, the pen and sword column has been appearing on the party's homepage every two weeks . Previous contributions dealt with socio-philosophical, historical, religious-historical and evolutionary biological topics. It was of the opinion that the fight against Islam is above all a fight against its "alien" followers. The women's blog Die Weggefäßin was also launched in 2018 . Since the end of 2017, Der III. Away under the name "Revolution on the air" an Internet radio format. The party also uses the Russian network for its propaganda purposes .

On its website, the party repeatedly deals with nationalist writers and the cornerstones of "nationalism", "socialism" and "revolution" postulated by the party in accordance with the "national counterculture as an alternative to the existing system" propagated in its visually very high-quality handbook Der Nationalrevolutionär . According to the fundamental rejection of western modernity, statements such as: “We live in an uprooted and culturally free liberal-capitalist consumer society that only knows today and no tomorrow. Inflated and completely degenerated, our people are being eaten up more and more by egoism. The meaning of existence and the awareness of who you are and where you come from are completely lost in an identity-robbing multicultural society. "

In addition to an overall decline in right-wing extremist demonstrations, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution also recorded a decrease in the number of right-wing extremist demonstrations by the party from 38 in 2016 to 21 in 2017.

The march of the party on May 1, 2019 in Plauen (where there had been some such demonstrations in the past) with around 500 participants who had marched through the city with drums, flags and torches, also triggered international headlines and led to criticism at the Saxon police and at the responsible district office. Conditions imposed the previous year for a demonstration by the party in autumn had been lifted by the administrative court in Chemnitz. Saxony's Minister of the Interior, Roland Wöller , announced in May 2019 that they wanted to “go to the limits of what is legally possible”. The party also set up its first nationwide “Party and Citizens Office” in Plauen in 2017, followed by another in Siegen in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2020.

On its homepage, the party described the Stolpersteine ​​campaign as an example of an alleged " guilt cult " and wrote about companies that were supposedly run exclusively by Jews and controlled the financial world and drug trafficking, according to the protection of the Constitution, with "recourse to classic anti-Semitic ideas". At the end of the year the party publishes “Why we don't wish a happy new year” on its website and declares that this idiom can be traced back to Judaism and that this “corresponds neither to our culture nor to our customs”.

On July 27, 2019, the party held on the occasion of Christopher Street Day in Siegen under the motto “Protect families! "Stop gay propaganda" from an anti-gay rally.

In the Corona crisis 2020, the party organized various “neighborhood help” or advertised such offers, but again exclusively for Germans. The party's website also claimed that the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank were taking advantage of the pandemic to enforce the abolition of cash, with reference to the alleged Jewish descent of ECB President Christine Lagarde . The party also called on its members to join the protests against the Corona measures, and wrote about it in an article on its website that said in the cities “Germans who are finished with the system and want change. We have to ensure that this change will be the way to German socialism. "

The party's own body & mind working group organizes martial arts training and maintains its own sports facilities for this purpose. A martial arts tournament, which was supposed to take place for the second time as part of the party festival “Jugend im Sturm” in Erfurt in July 2019, was forbidden in advance by the municipal regulatory authorities.

Electoral participation

The party took part in the district elections in the district of Bad Dürkheim in 2014 and achieved a share of 0.5% with 301 valid votes.

In the state elections in Rhineland-Palatinate in 2016 , the party with the top candidate Klaus Armstroff received 0.1% of the vote.

The party ran for the 2019 European elections . It received 12,822 votes, which corresponds to 0.0%. She landed on the penultimate place of the 41 participating parties and did not get a seat in the EU Parliament.

In the local elections in Saxony in 2019 , a representative of the party was elected to the district assembly of the Vogtlandkreis with 1.7% of the votes , in Plauen it received 3.8% of the votes and a seat on the city council.

For the state election in Saxony in 2019 , the state election committee refused the III. Away the recognition as a party and thus the admission to the election.

Participation in xenophobic arson attacks

According to Report Mainz , the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the Ingolstadt public prosecutor assume that there are references to the arson attacks on asylum seekers' homes in Germany in 2014 and 2015 . On site, the III. Away therefore targeted mood were to individuals for offenses ready. The party commented benevolently on these crimes in retrospect.

In the Franconian Vorra , former members of the banned Free Network South , the de facto predecessor organization of the party, agitated against the establishment of a refugee home. After the arson attack on the as yet unoccupied home in December 2014, the party described the crime on its website as an "early Christmas present".

A map of asylum seekers' homes published by the party on Google Maps was taken offline by Google in July 2015 after protests by blocking the software. The party initially circumvented this blocking by using different software and then later reverted to the Google Maps map material.

Assessment of the constitution protection authorities

The neo-Nazi party is considered anti-constitutional and right-wing extremist and is under observation by various constitutional protection authorities in the federal and state levels. The Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) classifies it as a “right-wing extremist, anti-Semitic and misanthropic group”, which is also not prepared to “ distance itself sufficiently from acts of violence ”, according to the state secretary responsible for security, migration and integration within the BMI Emily Haber in a 2016 television interview on Südwestrundfunk . The Constitutional Protection Rhineland-Palatinate certify the party a "stringent idea connection to the worldview of the Nazis ", recognizable by the "idea of the race issue facing national community ". The (probably adopted) text on the 97th anniversary of the death of the Austrian leader of the Pan-German movement and anti-Semite Georg von Schönerer on the party's website in August 2018 (subtitle: “A socialist without fear and blame”) is what Baden-Württemberg's constitution protection agency calls “neo-Nazism in pure culture ", because in this internet text there are two quotes about Schönerer, the source of which ( Mein Kampf ) is not mentioned, and neither is the author, Adolf Hitler , who, however, is described as" a great German statesman ". In the 2017 report on the protection of the constitution published by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, it says a. that this “right-wing extremist micro-party” rejects the value system of the free democratic basic order and strives for a social order based on historical National Socialism. The party especially gathers people belonging to the neo-Nazi scene and sees itself “in uncompromising opposition to the 'system of the FRG'”. Participation in elections and in the process of democratic decision-making, the very function of a democratic party, see this party "as a 'given way' 'in a despised system." So they see "decision-makers in higher hierarchical levels as' enemies'"; Protection of the constitution and others would contribute to the preservation of the "anti-people system of the FRG".


Web links

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