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mountain party, the over party
Mountain Party logo
Rico Tschäntke.jpg
Party leader Rico Tscharntke
Secretary General Jan Theiler (alias Pastor Leumund)
founding July 2005
Place of foundation Berlin
Alignment libertarian communalism
Colours) voodoo turquoise / black
Government grants no
Number of members 229 (as of July 2017)
Minimum age 16

Bergpartei, die überpartei (short name: B * , additional name: ecoanarchist - realdadaist collecting basin ) is a small German party and artist group from Berlin .

The mountain party produces its posters by hand and intervenes with unusual measures.

The party has been running for state and federal elections since 2005 and takes part in referendums and left-wing alliances.


The mountain party hosted the vegetable battle on the Oberbaum Bridge until 2013 . This is the re-enactment of a historical battle, the causes and origins of which, according to legend, have been forgotten. Until 2016, the mountain party was the organizer of NoDogma , the video activism film festival in the German-speaking region.

In 2017 she demonstrated for the reclamation of vacant lots of the Cuvry fallow land with the world's first reverse demo. On May 1, 2018 to 2020, she and the " Quartiersmanagement Grunewald " alliance visited the villa district of Grunewald with a satire demo of 7,000 participants . Under the motto "Antifa is love", she demonstrated in 2019 for the recognition of victims of right-wing violence. 2020 it superseded in alliance #reclaimrosaluxemburg with a weekly Echsenmenschen -. Performance, the so-called hygiene demo from Rosa-Luxembourg-space.

Content profile

The actionist B * is to be located on the alternative left margin. The party officially bears the additional designation “ eco- anarchist-real Dadaist basin” and further describes itself as “utopian solidarity wing, radical feminist arm, section of the postidentitarian anti-national, anti-substanceist action”. It has its roots in the Berlin squatter scene and refers to the tradition of anarchist parties. According to the statutes, the aim is for everyone to be able to live out their ideals freely, thus making abstract party existence superfluous.

In actions she shows solidarity with Mexican Zapatista , the Japanese DIY movement Shirōto no Ran (Japanese 素 人 の 乱 , "uprising of the amateurs") and the project of a non-state society in Rojava (Syria).

In 2005, the Bergpartei was the first German party to include the unconditional basic income , at that time subsistence money , in its program. Her own model calls her "income without a reason".

Other goals

On social media, the party only cites the " classless society " as its goal. Compared to the ARD, a member said that the goal of the mountain party would be the "absolute minority". In the basic program it is expressly emphasized that the mountain party does not want to be elected. Further goals are formulated:

  1. to counter the general canon of those who believe in growth with posters and actions (page 3)
  2. To leave neoliberal structures before the system collapses
  3. undermine the basis of isolation and conditioning and scrutinize and recycle the system of the sunset mentality.
  4. The self-destructive association " ... of the masses (for revolutionary purposes) " (last page)

Furthermore, the basic program describes an ambivalent relationship to these goals. It is emphasized that the path and the will to follow it are more important than the pure intention. On the same page, the writer Franz Kafka is quoted with the sentence:

There is a goal but no way; what we call the path is hesitation.


"eat the rich, not the dead animals", Schlesisches Tor, Berlin 2017

The party program has a radically ecological and social revolutionary note. It combines Freudo-Marxist analyzes with poetic utopias and ironic cultural pessimism . It can be read as a fundamental critique of civilization and domination, which critically deconstructs all areas of modern life. A whole chapter is devoted to the criticism of the liberal concept of “freedom”. For its program, the mountain party translated illustrations by NO! Art artist Seth Tobocman and wrote them in memory of Carlo Guiliani .

Election program for the 2017 federal election

The B * promises in its election program (in the original spelling):

  • right to vote for everyone who lives here
  • limit for everyone who does not live here
  • out of nato, into pleasure
  • Get free instead of buying
  • depend on forms, schools to study groups
  • inter * transformation * dance
  • groups to cooperatives and syndicates
  • lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor ...
  • human rights also for mutants and animals and plants and substances
  • Increase finder's wage by 300%
  • love, kitsch and longing
  • receiving the raw
  • free public power strip lounges
  • bicycles don't burn
  • groundless income
  • mental shift against central locking
  • small but slow
  • content, content, content
  • tomorrow 16h revolution
  • no action before four

Election posters

The cultural activists of the B * produce most of their posters by hand using the screen printing process, which means that each copy is clearly different from the others. They want to use them to “tackle the recapture of the public space occupied by massive brainwashing.” Since the Mountain Party was founded in 2005, it has also drawn attention to itself with large self-made partitions . This possibility of election advertising is mainly used by parliamentary parties.

Further election slogans for the 2017 federal election

2017: "fuck your big project - mental shift against central locking"
  • Tighten the laws of nature!
  • To emphasize
  • Mental shift against central locking
  • concentrate
  • we are Friedlichshain what are you?
  • that would not have existed under Bakunin
  • fuck your big project
  • bring on the anti-fascist protection of the constitution
  • breath in, breath out
  • your catalog log
  • it is never too late for a happy puberty
  • the right to a failed life is inviolable
  • let it be good
  • love your next one like your car

The election slogans of the mountain party included:

  • Miracles without economy
  • Competence as a mask
  • Dentures for everyone
  • Suspicion of the news
  • We are still thinking
  • Pinocchio would vote for the SPD
  • Only pigs can fly
  • Success as a threat

The About Party used:

  • One possible world is different
  • Let's be impossible and realize what tries
  • Time is relative - dreams are important
  • Against numbers, time and cash
  • Eat the rich, not animal corpses!
  • Enter the resistance, go underground, become what you are looking for, create collectives



The B * could u. a. Winning well-known personalities as candidates: the musician PR Cantata , singer and BGE activist Bernadette la Hengst , the architect Benjamin Förster-Baldenius , Cobra 11 actor Niels Kurvin , Manta Manta actress Beatrice Manowski and the lucid dreamer and BGE activist Alice Grinda .

In Prenzlauer Berg, the performance artist Michael Schmacke and district activist Dr. Holger Berg several times for the mountain party. Annette Köhn from the Musenstube, today Jaja Verlag in Neukölln.

In 2016, the state list for the House of Representatives election was headed by top candidate Andrea Kirschtowski .

Rhaffi Hadizadeh Kharazi was presented as the party's first candidate for chancellor for the 2017 federal election . As a direct candidate for the constituency of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Fares Al Hassan was the more promising candidate.


The Friedrichshain local hero Hauke ​​Stiewe is considered a figurehead. He "argues with the likeness of" Hasi Hase "in the alternative" Mountain Party "for social demands such as an unconditional basic income or the inviolable right to a failed life."

The founder and Dadaist rapper Pastor Leumund is identified with the mountain party. When asked by the TAZ which place in Berlin he missed the most during the corona pandemic , the answer was: "The police-free area. With a professional awareness team, of course."

Performing and performing

At election and solo parties, Rico Loop , Recorder of Death , The Dead Crack Whores in the Trunk , Mittekill , The Tsootsies , The Fucking Sneakers , Eye Blue , G- Spot Effect , Dew Decker , The Fake Masters, Sumeyah Hodzic provided live music , The Hutchi Gutchies, The Hellfire Harlekins and Form / Prim, as well as the comedy acts Maria Clara Groppler, Sandy Wieding and Ronny Palm

The Deejays played for the mountain party: Freshfluke, Grizzly, Sanni Est, Reuse, Benz Natur, Dr. Mango, outboard, Dj Slimy, .Bo RandallNi, cholas Desamory, Dj0xd, Zschaber, Peter Silié, Zen Gensa, Analog Human


"small but slow", large partition for the 2017 federal election

Engagement in the small party scene

For the feminist party Die Frauen and the eco-socialist ecological left the B * makes election recommendations. In addition to an open letter to the OSCE election observation mission (see below) with the APPD and the consumer protection party, the B * works closely with other small parties and non-party candidates. On August 25, 2017, the Mountain Party held a panel discussion in which 11 parties and 2 direct candidates took part. The aim was to put together a list for the state elections in Brandenburg in 2019, but this did not happen. The mountain party is a founding member of the umbrella and interest group Federal Association of Public Welfare Democracy with the regional association of pirates in Berlin .

On June 23, 2018, 12 parties accepted the invitation of the mountain party, the superparty to a nationwide small party conference. The aim was to forge an electoral alliance for the 2021 federal election .

Alliances (selection)

Alliances in which the B * or their predecessor organizations are or were actively involved:

2017: “Bicycles don't burn” in front of the Axel Springer building
  • QM Grunewald (1st May demo with the Hedonist International , the incredible Herrengedeck , the Tsootsies , Esels Nightmare and others)
  • Stop the rent madness
  • #indivisible for open borders
  • We decide! (for direct democracy in Brandenburg)
  • TTIP demo network (against the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement)
  • Megaspree (against gentrification and Mediaspree )
  • Freedom instead of fear (against surveillance)
  • Stop A100 (against the expansion of the city motorway)
  • Unpacking or packing (for transparency in job centers)
  • Afghanistan demo (against the German war in Afghanistan )
  • Soundstrike (international boycott against the US state Arizona because of its racist immigration policy)
  • Bizim Kiez (joint actions against displacement in the Wrangel-Kiez, Berlin)
  • Referendum Berlin-free of advertising
  • G20 demo alliance in Hamburg 2017


The mountain party, the Überpartei was created on April 1, 2011 from the merger of the mountain party (B) with the "ÜberPartei" of Germany (ÜPD). The two parties were founded independently in July 2005.

"About Party"

In the summer of “2004 formed in the course of the student protests in 2004, the ÜberParlamentarian Disposition (ÜPD) manifested itself in the“ ÜberPartei ”of Germany in 2005.“ The “ÜberPartei” of Germany - also ÜPD - was officially founded on July 15, 2005 in the House of Democracy and human rights after a lecture Why we should get rid of the state in the library of the free . The ÜPD brought eco-anarchism - and with it most of the program - into the common party. It was founded with the idea of ​​uniting all small parties.

2017: “Advertising is annoying. everybody “- for the referendum Berlin-free of advertising

The mountain party

The mountain party was founded during the temporary use of the asbestos-cleaned Palace of the Republic on June 21, 2005 and fought in the palace alliance for the preservation and cultural conversion of the palace.

Since 2006, the mountain party has been running continuously in the elections for the Berlin House of Representatives . The party also intervened with posters for the referendum on the preservation of the Tempelhofer Feld and the Mediaspree Lowering referendum, as well as the Berlin referendum free of advertising .



Global was the anti-globalization movement that began in Chiapas in 1992 with the EZLN uprising , after its peak in the WTO protest in Seattle in 1999 with the Battle of Genoa in 2001, stalled and threatened to run into reformist organizations such as Attac .


The political climate in the Federal Republic of Germany in 2004 was marked by nationwide student protests against the Bolognia trial, which spread to other parts of the population. In the founding year 2005, Gerhard Schröder lost a vote of no confidence that he himself had put forward and new elections were brought forward . The WASG (later the Left Party ) was founded in January 2005 , but the Pirate Party did not yet exist.


In Berlin, the forerunner organization of the ÜberPartei and Bergpartei took part in occupations and temporary uses, while the party " Die Linke" was involved in a government with Thilo Sarazzin (Minister of Finance).


With the regional reform in 2001 , the east and west districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg were merged against the will of the population. Gentrification threatened the district with the same fate as Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg ; to become a popular tourism hotspot. The successful occupation of the later Künstlerhaus Bethanien by the former, alternative house project Yorck59 on June 11, 2005 preceded the founding of the party.


Since April 1, 2011, the mountain party has been the legal successor to both the mountain party, from which it took its name and abbreviation, and the superparty, which was able to bring in its logo and party colors. The joint program consists of the two programs and the Mountain Party Manifesto. Crucial for the merger was the common experience of non-recognition of the party property in 2005 and 2009, as well as ideological closeness ( autonomous movement ) and personal sympathy. The concept of the superparty for the cooperation of small parties met with "open ears" in the mountain party in 2008. Through the founder of the mountain party, the traveling preacher Pastor Leumund and their top candidate and local hero Hauke ​​Stiewe , the B * became known beyond the borders of Berlin.

Founding installation of the Mountain Party in the plenary hall of the Palace of the Republic in 2005


The name resemblance to the mountain party of the French Revolution , the Montagnards, is purely coincidental. The mountain party named itself after an installation in the temporarily used Palast der Republik . It is therefore the last body that met in the plenary hall of the last democratically elected GDR parliament.

Lower case

The mountain party, the Überpartei has committed itself to the lower case .

Fun party

The mountain party is regularly referred to as a fun party . In her program, however, she claims that she is not a party of fun, but (in her own spelling) “the attempt to sensitize members of a depoliticized fun / party / art society to current political decisions again. especially with the help of fun, parties and art. "

The candidate for Pankow, performance artist Michael Schmacke was during the federal election in 2006 to at Abgeordnetenwatch known:

“What sets us apart from the other fun parties is that we mean business. We polarize issues on a grassroots basis that would otherwise be taken into account by sections of the population who do not vote. "

The trained historian, who works as a chewing gum machine operator, adds: "We will have events that stuttgart and munich can only dream of."

Electoral participation

The party first appeared together in the election for the Berlin House of Representatives in 2011 . She ran for it with only one district list in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg as well as with three direct candidates in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and two direct candidates in Pankow . In 2005 and 2009, the two previous associations tried unsuccessfully to run for the Bundestag election. In the election for the Berlin House of Representatives in 2006 , the mountain party ran with four direct candidates and, with Hauke ​​Stiewe, achieved 6.5% in constituency 5 .


"keep dreaming!" Campaign mobile 2013 in front of the Oberbaum Bridge

The parties were not admitted to the Bundestag election in 2005 and 2009 by the Federal Electoral Committee. In 2009, together with the Anarchist Pogo Party (APPD) and the Consumer Protection Party, they wrote an open letter to the OSCE - Election Observation Mission , in which the composition of the Federal Election Committee - made up exclusively of representatives of the parliamentary parties - as well as the lack of admission criteria and the possibility of contestation its decisions were criticized. The OSCE took up these points in its report and the electoral law was changed so that lawyers now also sit on the committee and there is an opportunity to appeal. Until the merger with the “ÜberPartei”, the candidates from the mountain party ran for the Bundestag election in 2005 and 2009 without a party .

District Assembly

State elections

Bundestag elections

  • 2009 : 0.6% of the first votes (direct candidate Hauke ​​Stiewe) in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg - Prenzlauer Berg-Ost (only mountain party, officially non-party)
  • 2013 : 0.4% of the first votes (direct candidate Benjamin Richter) in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg - Prenzlauer Berg-Ost
  • 2017 : 0.4% of the first votes (direct candidate Fares Al-Hassan) in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg - Prenzlauer Berg-Ost and 0.48% of the second votes (911, in the final result) in Berlin

European elections

Voting mobile in the 2017 election campaign with top candidate Rhaffi at the wheel

The party does not take part in European elections.


There is a federal association, a regional association in Berlin (with two other regional associations) and a regional association in Brandenburg.

Regional association State chairman Result of the last election of the state parliament
Berlin Berlin Erik Schönfelder 0.1% ( 2016 )
Brandenburg Brandenburg Sara Preissel na ( 2019 )

Legend: na - not started

Party finance

The B * is not entitled to payments from state party funding. She collects money through crowdfunding and solo parties and is increasingly dependent on donations.

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