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Coat of arms of the community of Werbach

This list of personalities of the municipality of Werbach shows the mayors, honorary citizens, sons and daughters of the municipality of Werbach and its districts ( Brunntal , Gamburg , Niklashausen , Wenkheim and Werbachhausen ), as well as other personalities who are connected with Werbach. The list does not claim to be complete.


The following people were mayors of Werbach:

  • 1766–1767: Andreas Gernert, father was Bartel Gerner (1736–1737)
  • ...
  • 1780–1781: Andreas Gernert
  • ...
  • 1975–1983: Bruno Liebler
  • 1983–1999: Günther Schäfer
  • Since 1999: Ottmar Dürr - He was re-elected in 2007 and 2015.

Honorary citizen

The municipality of Werbach granted honorary citizenship to the following people who have made a special contribution to the well-being or reputation of the municipality:

  • Anton Hofmann († 2015), entrepreneur from Niklashausen, founded the Hofmann Naturstein company in the Niklashausen district in 1945 , with corporate headquarters in the Gamburg district since 1991, and today an international supplier and market leader for natural stone facades, company expansions at home and abroad in the 1970s and 1990s.
  • Dorothea Hofmann († 2013), wife of Anton Hofmann, entrepreneur from Niklashausen.

Sons and daughters of the church

The following people were born in Werbach (or in a part of what is today the municipality of Werbach):

14th Century

  • Horand von Homburg (a. M.), 1392, his sons Rudolf Horand, Edelknecht von Nicklashausen and Hess have the place as a fief

16th Century

19th century

  • Franz Anton Buscher (born November 30, 1825 in Gamburg; † 1879), sculptor and wood carver.
  • Sebastian Buscher (born August 17, 1849 in Gamburg; † December 25, 1926), sculptor and wood carver
  • Clemens Buscher (born June 19, 1855 in Gamburg; † December 8, 1916), sculptor and wood carver
  • Thomas Buscher (born March 7, 1860 in Gamburg; † May 13, 1937), sculptor and wood carver of historicism
  • Alfons Väth (* 1874 in Werbachhausen; † 1937), theologian born in Werbachhausen

20th century

  • Werner Strik (born October 26, 1958 in Gamburg), psychiatrist and psychotherapist born in Gamburg
  • Brigitte Wohlfarth (* around 1967 in Werbach), concert and opera singer

Other people connected with Werbach

15th century

  • Hans Böhm or Hans Behem , Pauker von Niklashausen (* around 1458 in Helmstadt; † 19 July 1476 in Würzburg ) - also known as Pfeifer von Niklashausen , Pfeiferhannes , Pfeifer Hänslein or Henselins - was a cattle herder , musician , preacher and initiator of the Niklashaus pilgrimage from 1476.

19th century

  • Joseph Archer Crowe (born October 25, 1825, † September 6, 1896 in Gamburg), English artist, art historian and diplomat, died in Gamburg.
  • Carl Jakob Adolf Christian Gerhardt (* May 5, 1833; † July 21, 1902 in Gamburg), doctor and director of the Charité, died in Gamburg.

20th century

Other people

Owner of the Gamburg

The following people became owners or lords of the Gamburg in the Werbach district of Gamburg:

Fallen soldiers in the battle near Werbach

The fallen soldiers of the battle near Werbach during the German War as part of the Main Campaign on July 24, 1866 were immortalized on a war memorial.


  • Files of the General State Archives in Karlsruhe.
  • Records in the baptismal register of the Werbach community as well as in the deanery and parish offices.

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