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Lorenz Niemeyer (also: Lorens Niemeyer , Lorentz Niemeyer , Laurentius Niemeier or Laurentius Niemejer as well as Laurentz Niemeier and other name variants; * November 9, 1594 in Hanover ; † before or in November 1663 there ) was a German officer , local politician , entrepreneur and mill owner .


Niemeyer was born at the end of the 16th century as the son of the preacher and Protestant pastor at the Aegidienkirche Georg Niemeier (with the letter "i" in the name instead of a "y") and his wife Caecilia Klasings. He lost his father early to the plague in 1598.

During the Thirty Years' War , Niemeyer joined forces with Dorothea Mehlbaum (around 1588–1654), daughter of the Hanoverian citizen and brewer Mehlbaum and Margarete Vol (.) Mers for around 32 years for around 32 years .

Towards the end of the war in 1648, Laurentius Niemeyer had an oil painting made with the portrait of his father, who had died half a century earlier, and which later found its way from the Aegidien church to the Marktkirche .

From 1659 to 1677 Lorentz Niemeyer - although died in 1663 - was listed as the city's chief fire officer . He was also a captain , head of the jury in the Hanoverian council and first chamberlain of the town, which had meanwhile grown into a royal seat .

In the meantime, Niemeyer had teamed up with the entrepreneur and one of the first early capitalists Johann Duve in order to conclude a ten-year lease from the city administration for both the Klickmühle and the Brückmühle in 1660 .

After the death of his first wife, who was 66 years old, in 1654, Lorenz Niemeyer married Elisabeth Stoters, the daughter of a citizen and brewer, and deacons of the Kreuzkirche and Margarete Heckenbergs.


Immediately after Niemeyer's death in November 1663 , the sculptor Peter Köster made a tombstone or wall painting for the deceased and his two wives , which from its former location in the Old St. Nikolai Cemetery is now a listed epitaph or grave stele on the outside the south wall of the market church was attached. A photograph copied in collotype in 1909 has been preserved from the picture that was formerly displayed in the “Nikolai Kirchhof ” .

Archives (selection)

Archives by and about Lorenz Niemeyer can be found

  • in the city ​​archive of Hanover for example as
    • Directory of mayors, councilors and other mandate holders of the city, 1390 - 1831 , archive signature NAB 8237
    • Lease agreement of March 20, 1660 for the two municipal mills, Deed Department I, number 1916 (1st copy), number 1915 (2nd copy)

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