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Makis Voridis

Mavroudis "Makis" Voridis ( Greek Μαυρουδής "Μάκης" Βορίδης , * 1964 in Athens ) is a Greek lawyer and politician. The former leader, chairman and founding member of several right-wing extremist groups and parties was transport minister in the Papadimos transitional government for the right-wing populist LA.OS.After switching to the conservative Nea Dimokratia in 2012, Voridis took over the chairmanship of its faction in the Greek parliament , most recently as health minister in the Samaras cabinet .


Makis voridis has a study at the University of London with the title Master of Laws completed.

As a teenager he was active in the fascist student group Eleftheri Mathites (Ελεύθεροι Μαθητές, Free Students') at Athens College .

In 1985, Voridis took over the youth leadership of the nationalist EPEN from Nikolaos Michaloliakos , which campaigned for the release of the junta officers and the return of the king. In Voridis' view, these party goals stood in the way of modernization, which is why he founded the right-wing Elliniko Metopo in 1994, modeled on his friend Jean-Marie Le Pen, and was its chairman. Voridis was a candidate for Mayor of Athens twice - in 1998 and 2002. Elliniko Metopo had close ties to the French National Front . Voridis, was in personal contact with Le Pen and Carl Lang . Although the party had never entered the Greek parliament in previous years, after the disastrous result of 2004, which was below 0.1%, the entire party leadership switched to the LA.OS party in autumn 2005. After the parliamentary elections in 2007 , Voridis was a member of the LA.OS party, which was represented in the Greek parliament for the first time, until 2009. From November 11, 2011 to May 17, 2012, he was Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Networks in the Papadimos interim government . After LA.OS left the government in February 2012, he joined Nea Dimokratia . Since the parliamentary elections in May 2012 , Voridis was a member of the Nea Dimokratia and took over the chairmanship of the parliamentary group after the parliamentary elections in June 2012 . From June 10, 2014 to January 26, 2015, Voridis was Minister of Health in Samara's cabinet .


In 2003, Voridis said in the extreme right-wing magazine Ellinikes Grammes on the diary of Anne Frank and the demonstrably anti-Semitic fiction The Protocols of the Elders of Zion that the authenticity of both works should be assessed by historians, which was often taken as an implicit allusion to right-wing extremist ideas.

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