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The Missionswerk Happy Message (formerly: Mission Strupp Happy Message; abbreviated: MFB) is a Christian- humanitarian aid organization organized as a registered association on an evangelical basis, based in Großalmerode near Kassel .


Founded in 1961 as the Good News Mission Troop , the association has been active in East Africa since 1962 . There he tries to help people in need through various social missionary projects. The focus is on child sponsorship programs in Uganda , Rwanda and Kenya . In addition, the association supports women's self-help projects, care for the elderly and the school and technical training of AIDS orphans and street children. According to the association, the aim of the work is to enable those in care to lead a fulfilling and socially engaged life.

In addition, the MFB also has a conference and leisure center .


The MFB works on the faith basis of the Evangelical Alliance . Membership in Germany is the German Evangelical Alliance, the Working Group Evangelical Missions (AEM) and the Netzwerk-m . The MFB also works closely with the German branch of Solace Ministries (consolation services), whose work is particularly dedicated to civil war widows and orphans in Rwanda .


The following records have been released by the Phonomission of the mission troops Happy News :

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