Naryn (river)

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Naryn - Norin
The Naryn near the city of the same name

The Naryn near the city of the same name

location Kyrgyzstan , Uzbekistan
River system Syr Darya
Drain over Syr Darya  → Aral Sea
Confluence of Big and Small Naryn in central Tianshan
41 ° 29 ′ 44 ″  N , 76 ° 25 ′ 19 ″  E
Association with Qoradaryo to Syrdarja Coordinates: 40 ° 54 ′ 3 ″  N , 71 ° 45 ′ 29 ″  E 40 ° 54 ′ 3 ″  N , 71 ° 45 ′ 29 ″  E

length 534 km (including the source river Kleiner Naryn: 678 km)
Catchment area 59,100 km²
location: 40 km above the mouth
429 m³ / s
Left tributaries Atbaschy , Alabuga , Kökirim , Karasuu (Toktogul)
Right tributaries Onartscha , Kökömeren , Songköl , Usun-Akmat , Tschytschkan , Karasuu (Aksy)
Reservoirs flowed through Toktogul Reservoir , Kurpsai Reservoir , Taschkömür Reservoir , Schamaldysai Reservoir , Utschkorgon Reservoir
Medium-sized cities Naryn , Tashkömür , Uchqoʻrgʻon
Communities Kazarman , Shamaldysai
Naryn river.jpg
Naryn River.jpg
Course of the Naryn (Нары́н)

Course of the Naryn (Нары́н)

The Naryn ( Kyrgyz Нарын ; Uzbek Norin ; Russian Нарын ) is a 534 km (including the source river Kleiner Naryn 678 km) long river in Central Asia and is the right source river of the Syr Darya .

It is one of the largest or longest rivers in the Kyrgyz part of the Tianshan Mountains, which it flows through in western directions, and the overall richest river in the country.

The Naryn arises at the confluence of its two source rivers, Großer Naryn and Kleiner Naryn, in the Issykköl area in the high mountain world south of the large natural lake Issykköl . Without achieving this lake and to flow through manages its water over Naryn westward including through the Toktogul Reservoir and reaches a little further south-west Uzbekistan , where he in extremely large Ferghana valley not far from Namangan by the confluence with the Kara Darya ( Kara-Daryja ) which forms Syrdarya .

The Naryn, which has an annual runoff of 13.7  km³ , is dammed a total of six times for irrigation purposes and to generate energy . The largest reservoir is the aforementioned Toktogul reservoir , which is located at Toktogul . The Kambaratinsk dam with a planned storage volume of 4.65 billion m³ is under construction and is to reach a height of 255 m.

From the Naryn near the city of Uchqoʻrgʻon the Great and the Northern Ferghana Canal are derived as irrigation canals .

Hydropower plants and reservoirs

Looking downstream, the Naryn is dammed by the following hydropower plants:

dam operator Max. Power (MW) status Reservoir Surface (km²) Volume (million m³)
Kambar-Ata 1 2,300 planned Kambar-ata 4,560
Kambar-Ata 2 360 in operation Kambar-ata 70
Toktogul 1,200 in operation Toktogul 284.3 19,500
Kurpsai 800 in operation Kurpsai 12.2 370
Tashkömür 450 in operation Tashkömür 140
Shamaldysai 240 in operation Shamaldysai 41
Uchkorgon 180 in operation Uchkorgon 52.5

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