Pfieffe (Fulda)

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Water code EN : 4278
location Osthessisches Bergland , Schwalm-Eder-Kreis , Hesse ( Germany )
River system Weser
Drain over Fulda  → Weser  → North Sea
source on the iceberg in the Stölzinger Mountains
51 ° 8 ′ 30 ″  N , 9 ° 45 ′ 34 ″  E
Source height approx.  390  m above sea level NHN 
muzzle at Melsungen in the Fulda coordinates: 51 ° 6 '42 "  N , 9 ° 32' 49"  E 51 ° 6 '42 "  N , 9 ° 32' 49"  E
Mouth height approx.  168  m above sea level NHN 
Height difference approx. 222 m
Bottom slope approx. 10 ‰
length 21.4 km 
Catchment area 117.082 km² 
Discharge at the Adelshausen
A Eo gauge : 116 km²
Location: 1 km above the mouth
NNQ (11/14/2003)
MNQ 1968/2012
MQ 1968/2012
Mq 1968/2012
MHQ 1968/2012
HHQ (06/04/1981)
132 l / s
229 l / s
993 l / s
8.6 l / (s km²)
17.7 m³ / s
76.1 m³ / s
Left tributaries Landebach
(this and others see below )
Right tributaries Vockebach
(this and others see below )
Small towns Spangenberg , Melsungen

The Pfieffe is a 21.4 km long, eastern and orographically right tributary of the Fulda in the East Hessian Bergland in the north Hessian Schwalm-Eder-Kreis ( Germany ).


The Pfieffe rises in the northeast part of the Schwalm-Eder district in the Fulda-Werra-Bergland , part of the East Hessian mountains. Its source is in the far north of the Stölzinger Mountains around 900 m north-northeast of the village Weidelbach (east-northeast Spangenberg district) not located on the Pfieffe on the southwest flank of 583  m above sea level. NHN high iceberg at around 390  m above sea level.

Initially, the Pfieffe flows south, passing the western portal of the Bischofferoder tunnel to the west, to Bischofferode , the easternmost district of Spangenberg. Then it runs along state road  3227 west-southwest through the Pfieffe district , after which the Vockebach and Landebach flow together. It then flows west through the Spangenberger core town, where Spangenberg Castle stands on a mountain cone above the Pfieffetal. From then on, the flowing water flows along the federal highway 487 and takes on the Essebach immediately below Spangenberg .

According to this, the Pfieffe runs through the district of Mörshausen , where it forms part of the north-west boundary of the Stölzinger Mountains in the middle and lower reaches and flows through the southern part of the Melsunger Bergland , part of the Fulda-Werra Bergland. Then it runs, after first crossing under the B 487 and the 812 m long Pfieffetalbrücke of the high-speed line Hanover-Würzburg , westward through Adelshausen , a south-eastern part of Melsungen . Shortly afterwards it runs through the Melsung industrial area Pfieffewiesen , where it was last bridged by the B 487.

Finally , the Pfieffe flows about 2 km south or above the center of the Melsunger core city about 200 m after crossing under the federal highway 83 coming from the east into the Weser source river Fulda flowing there from about south .

Catchment area and tributaries

The catchment area of the Pfieffe, which extends from the mountains of the Stölzinger Mountains to its confluence with the Fulda, covers 117.082 km². The tributaries of the Pfieffe include with orographic allocation (l = left-hand side, r = right-hand side), length of water and mouth with Pfieffe river kilometers (viewed downstream):

  • Mostebach
  • Labach (r; 0.7 km), below Bischofferode (near km 17.65)
  • Drought Pfieffe (l; 3 km), below Bischofferode (near km 17.7)
  • Vockebach (r; 11.8 km), below Pfieffe (near km 14.1)
  • Landebach (l; 7.3 km), below Pfieffe (near km 13.7)
  • Dornbach (l; 2.8 km), in Spangenberg (near km 10.15)
  • Essebach (r; 11.6 km), below Spangenberg (near km 9.35)
  • Brühbach (r; 3 km), in Mörshausen (near km 5.75)

Individual evidence

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