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Piazzogna coat of arms
State : SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Canton : Canton of TicinoCanton of Ticino Ticino (TI)
District : Locarno districtw
Circle : Gambarogno district
Municipality : Gambarognoi2
Postal code : 6579
Coordinates : 707 126  /  110254 coordinates: 46 ° 8 '7 "  N , 8 ° 49' 30"  O ; CH1903:  seven hundred and seven thousand one hundred and twenty-six  /  110254
Height : 357  m above sea level M.
Area : 3.91  km²
Residents: 395 (December 31, 2008)
Population density : 101 inhabitants per km²
Website: www.gambarogno.ch
Piazzogna (Switzerland)
w w w
Parish before the merger on March 24, 2010

Piazzogna , in the Lombard local dialect Piazzögna [pjaˈtsøɲa] , is a district of the municipality Gambarogno in the district of the same name , district Locarno , in the Swiss canton of Ticino . It formed an independent political community until April 24, 2010 .


The village is situated on the left bank of Lake Maggiore on a terrace of the Gambarogno three kilometers south of the station Magadino the cadenazzo-luino railway of the Swiss Federal Railways .


The village is first mentioned as Plazonia in 1258 . The place name is a diminutive derivation of the Latin platea and means "small plain", thus referring to the topographical conditions.

From 1542 to 1546 the place appears in arbitration rulings of the provincial bailiffs , in which it was about alp rights and alpine ownership of other neighborhoods. Piazzogna is first attested as an independent community in 1704; previously it belonged to the parish and parish of Vira.

On November 25, 2007, the merger of the nine municipalities on the south bank of Lake Maggiore to the municipality of Gambarogno was approved by the voters of the municipalities of Caviano , Contone , Gerra (Gambarogno) , Indemini, Magadino , Piazzogna, Sant'Abbondio and Vira (Gambarogno). Only San Nazzaro was mostly against it. An appeal was lodged with the Federal Supreme Court against the decision of the Ticino Grand Council to carry out the merger as planned. After the complaint was rejected, the merger took effect on April 25, 2010.

coat of arms

Blazon : In green a silver dew cross with two golden lilies on the sides of the base of the cross.


Population development
year 1808 1850 1900 1950 1990 2000 2008
Residents 157 221 185 106 264 362 395


  • Parish Church of Sant'Antonio abate
  • Oratory of Saint Bernardino of Siena
  • two prehistoric cup stones.



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