Roman Catholic Church in Denmark

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The Roman Catholic Church of Denmark is still a young diaspora church .


After the Reformation had detached all of Scandinavia's dioceses from the bishops of Rome , Catholic missionaries again came to the country in the 19th century , which was meanwhile shaped by the Lutheran State Church .

After an Apostolic Prefecture was founded on August 7, 1868 , which was elevated to the Apostolic Vicariate on March 12, 1892, the København (Latin Hafniae) diocese could be established as a state diocese on April 29, 1953 .

Until 1938 the ordinaries of the 2,160,570 km² (including Faroe Islands and Greenland ) large Apostolic Prefecture, Apostolic Vicariate and later diocese of Copenhagen came from Germany. The Benedictine Father Theodor Suhr was the first native Dane to officiate as titular bishop in his homeland in 1938. He was followed by the Danish-born Jesuit Hans Ludvig Martensen . The Polish-born Dane Czeslaw Kozon is the third native bishop in Copenhagen .

Statistical information

In 1950 there were around 23,000 Catholics in Denmark. By 2015, their number had grown to around 44,000 registered Catholics (= 0.8% of the total population). A large number of Catholics are immigrants (many of whom have not registered in the parishes); Services are celebrated in 14 different languages. 71 priests and 165 religious sisters are active in 45 parishes in the diocese of Copenhagen (as of 2014).

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