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Municipality Bruckberg
Coordinates: 49 ° 20 ′ 55 ″  N , 10 ° 41 ′ 10 ″  E
Height : 345 m above sea level NHN
Residents : 25  (May 25 1987)
Postal code : 91590
Area code : 09824
House No. 4: Former mill

Reckersdorf ( Reg ə schdorf ) is a district of the municipality of Bruckberg in the district of Ansbach in Middle Franconia .


The Haselbach flows through the hamlet , a right tributary of the Bibert , and a nameless brook, which flows into the Haselbach there as a right tributary. The Schleisswald forest borders in the north-west, and the Haslacher Forest is approx. 0.5 km to the east . State road 2246 runs through the village and leads to Obereichenbach on the B 14 (6.5 km southwest) or to Bruckberg (1.5 km northeast). The Franconian Marienweg runs through the village .


The place was first mentioned by name in 1295 as "Reckersdorf". The defining word of the place name is the personal name Recker (derived from Redger), which is to be assumed as the founder of the place. In 1313 Albert von Vestenberg sold the slopes of a farm to the Heilsbronn monastery . On December 21, 1443 Reckersdorf was mentioned in a document with which the city of Sankt Veit an der Glan , which at that time belonged to the diocese of Bamberg , awarded a Wilhelm von Waldenfels and his brothers, among other things, “a good to Reckerstorff”.

In the 16-point report of the Oberamt Ansbach from 1684 6 teams are listed for Reckersdorf: 3 properties were subordinate to the Hofkastenamt Ansbach , 1 property to the Heilsbronn monastery administration , 1 property of the Mendelschen Twelve Brothers Foundation of the imperial city of Nuremberg and 1 property originally to the Lords of Danngriess zu Vach , now Pfinzing . The high court and the village and community authority exercised the Brandenburg-Ansbachische Hofkastenamt Ansbach.

Towards the end of the 18th century there were 7 properties and a shepherd's house belonging to the municipality in Reckersdorf. The high court continued to exercise the court box office in Ansbach. The village and community rulership was held by the Brandenburg-Ansbach Vogtamt Bruckberg . The landlords were the Principality of Ansbach (Hofkastenamt Ansbach: 2 courtyards, 1 Mühlgut, 1 empty house ; Heilsbronn monastery administration office: 1 courtyard), the Mendelsche Twelve Brothers House Foundation (1 courtyard) and the Nuremberg owner von Haller (1 courtyard). In addition to the households, there was the shepherd's house as a communal building. From 1797 to 1808 the place was under the judiciary and chamber office of Ansbach . At that time there were 7 subject families, 5 of which were Ansbachian.

As part of the community edict, Reckersdorf was assigned to the Bruckberg tax district formed in 1808 . It also belonged to the rural community of Bruckberg, founded in 1811 .

Architectural monuments

  • House No. 1: Farmhouse, single-storey building probably from the 17th century with half-timbered gable
  • House No. 4: watermill, two-story building from the 18th century with a dwelling

Building descriptions: → List of architectural monuments in Bruckberg (Middle Franconia) #Reckersdorf

Population development

year 001818 001840 001861 001871 001885 001900 001925 001950 001961 001970 001987
Residents 50 47 63 48 38 34 33 47 28 32 25th
Houses 9 7th 10 9 8th 5 5 5


The place has been Protestant since the Reformation. The residents of the Evangelical Lutheran denomination are supplied by the parish of St. Martin (Bruckberg) . The inhabitants of the Roman Catholic denomination are parish after St. Bonifatius (Dietenhofen) .


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