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location Ludwigswinkel , Rhineland-Palatinate , Germany
surface 40.46 hectares
Identifier 7340-024
WDPA ID 82437
Geographical location 49 ° 4 '  N , 7 ° 39'  E Coordinates: 49 ° 4 '12 "  N , 7 ° 38' 45"  E
Rohrweiher-Rösselsweiher (Rhineland-Palatinate)
Setup date December 11, 1979

The Rohrweiher-Rösselsweiher nature reserve is located in the Südwestpfalz district in Rhineland-Palatinate .

The approximately 40 hectare area, which was placed under nature protection in 1979 , extends between the local community Ludwigswinkel , Verbandsgemeinde Dahner Felsenland in the east and the French border in the west. To the north it is bounded by Bitscher Straße. The nature reserve is traversed by Rösselsbach and Rohrbach, which gave it its name. The Rohrbach flows into the Rösselsbach in the east of the area, which in turn flows into the Sauer .

The protection purpose is the preservation of the area with its water and silting areas, its raised bog, its forest edge and forest communities as locations of rare plant species and plant communities as well as the habitat of rare animal species for scientific reasons.

In a survey of the flora and fauna in the transboundary Palatinate Forest - Northern Vosges biosphere reserve, 107 species were identified in the Rohrweiher-Rösselsweiher nature reserve, including silver grass , Vosges orchid , rosemary daphne , round-leaved sundew , lung gentian , European frog bite , fever clover and heart clover .

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