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Rudolf Yelin the Younger (born March 6, 1902 in Stuttgart ; † November 26, 1991 ibid) was a German glass painter who followed his father Rudolf Yelin the Elder (1864–1940), who also worked as a glass painter , in his work .


Like his older brother Ernst Yelin (1900–1991), Yelin first attended the arts and crafts school in Stuttgart . He then worked for two years at the Stuttgart glass painting company Saile before attending the Stuttgart Art Academy from 1923 to 1928 , where Arnold Waldschmidt , Christian Landenberger and Heinrich Altherr were his teachers. Like his father, he devoted himself in particular to wall and glass painting , and he also created large-format wall mosaics . In 1926 he and his brother Ernst participated in the restoration of the Nikolauskapelle in Calw . In 1928 he created a window for the town church in Backnang , and from 1929 numerous windows for churches in Auenstein , Iptingen , Trossingen , Schrozberg , Heilbronn , Lustnau , Emmingen , Nürtingen and the Christ Church in Rheinfelden as well as wall paintings for churches in Liebenzell , Ebhausen , Schwenningen and other places. In addition, until the beginning of the Second World War he created glass windows and wall decorations for secular buildings such as the assembly hall of the Landeskreditanstalt in Stuttgart, the Stuttgart main post office, the Chamber of Crafts in Reutlingen and the imperial eagle at the city gate of Marbach am Neckar .

“During the war” he was, as he admitted in a self-biography published in the Stuttgarter Zeitung on September 21, 1946 , “five years involuntary (police servant) of the state”. In 1944 he was represented as a " war painter for the police ", which explains the connection to the SS , in the exhibition German Artists and the SS in both Breslau and Salzburg with four works. Yelin's exhibits were titled “Comrades”, “Port on the Atlantic”, “Police station on the Mediterranean” and “Knight's Cross Colonel of the Protection Police Griese”, the portrayed being SS-Standartenführer and Colonel of the Police Bernhard Griese (1897–1964) acted.

In the long years of his work as professor and head of the department for glass painting and mosaic at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart (1946–1970) - from 1957 to 1959 he was its rector, then until 1969 (?) Prorector - Yelin has in trained both fine art and art education students in a liberal manner. His better-known students include a. Moritz Baumgartl , Ulrich Bernhardt , Hans Brög , Carl Camu , Luitgard Chountras-Mueller , Heidi Förster , Rudolf Haegele , Wolfgang Kermer , Wolf-Dieter Kohler , Gerd Neisser , Irmela Röck , Hans Gottfried von Stockhausen . On the occasion of his 75th birthday in 1977 the academy made him an honorary member.

Works (selection)

After the Second World War, his work continued unabated, whereby he initially mainly endeavored to have his works destroyed by the war restored or redesigned. But new choir windows or tapestries were also created, such as:

  • 1953/54 Middle part of the three-part choir window of the Stuttgart collegiate church (the side windows by Wolf-Dieter Kohler and Adolf Saile )
  • 1954 Choir windows and tapestries of the Protestant Wallmer Church in Untertürkheim
  • 1954 Ceiling painting (representation of the Trinity) in the choir of the Laurentiuskirche Schönaich
  • 1957 mural in the Reutlingen Church of the Resurrection
  • 1958 Choir window of the Protestant town church Calw
  • 1958 Choir window in the Protestant church in Ehningen
  • 1958 mural “Last Judgment” in the Erlöserkirche in Stuttgart
  • 1963 mural in the Protestant church in Spaichingen
  • 1964 mural in the Protestant church in Pflimmern
  • 1967 Redesign of the entire interior of the Martinskirche in Geislingen an der Steige
  • 1969 Church window of the Protestant Johanneskirche on Feuersee in Stuttgart-West
  • 1974 Choir window of the Martin Luther Church in Trossingen

In many cases he made use of the Valentin Saile workshop , where he had spent his first years of training.

In addition to teaching at the Stuttgart Art Academy, where he was already a member of the planning committee set up by the Minister of Education Theodor Heuss in 1946 , Yelin developed a variety of cultural and political activities in numerous bodies and committees. In addition, he was a long-time member of the Stuttgart Artists' Association and its chairman from 1962 to 1965 and again from 1969 to 1978.

Since Rudolf Yelin's work was largely based on art in architecture , there are hardly any works in public collections and museums. He was rather reserved about selling freelance work. When, surprisingly, large parts of his artistic estate turned up at the Stuttgart flea market in 1997, the former academy director Wolfgang Kermer succeeded in creating the large-format original design for the central choir window of the Stuttgart collegiate church as well as the design for a wall mosaic in the European hall of the Stuttgart high-altitude restaurant "Schönblick" Ensure collection of the academy.



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Individual evidence

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