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SAE Institute

legal form GmbH
founding 1976
management Scott Jones (SAE Global)

The SAE Institute (originally School of Audio Engineering ) is a private training institute and offers fee-based training and further education in the field of audiovisual media . There are 54 locations worldwide in 28 countries, the headquarters are in Oxford .


1976 to 2000

The SAE Institute was founded in 1976 by Tom Misner and opened in Sydney in 1977. In the following years further branches were founded in Australia (1978 North Fitzroy , 1980 Brisbane , 1982 Adelaide ). In 1985 the first European SAE College was founded in London , in 1986 the first non-English-speaking one in Munich ; others followed in 1987 in Vienna and Frankfurt am Main .

In 1996, the SAE Institute in London expanded its studios to the point where it became the world's largest SAE Institute. In 1999 the SAE Institute Munich overtook the SAE Institute London as the largest school.

The third German school opened in Berlin in 1988 . Amsterdam became the new European headquarters, with the establishment of an SAE institute there in 1991. In the same year the SAE Institute also expanded its branches in Asia, in Singapore , and in 1992 in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur . In 1993 branches were opened in Hamburg and Paris .

  • The School of Audio Engineering changed its name to SAE Technology College in 1994 .

In 1995 Tom Misner acquired the largest studio in Sweden , Soundtrade Studios , a studio complex with 5 recording studios. The SAE Institute Cologne opens in the same year, as does the school in Zurich . The first school in Italy, in Milan, followed in 1996, and in the same year an SAE institute was founded in Geneva .

The Walt Disney Event Group and the SAE Institute decided in 1997 to cooperate in the United States . The SAE Institute Stockholm was officially recognized and further branches were established in Rotterdam and Stuttgart .

In 1998 the SAE institute opened in New York and Athens and in 1999 the SAE institute opened in Nashville .

Since 2000

  • In 2001 SAE opened in Miami , Liverpool and Madrid . Tom Misner took over the largest recording studio in Germany, which became part of the Studio 301 Group .
  • The first digital film making course started in 2002 . SAE Berlin and SAE Athens have been accredited as degree centers.
  • In 2003 a new course concept was introduced. In the same year the opening of the SAE institute took place in Brussels and Yangon .
  • The SAE Leipzig follows in 2004 . The SAE group has also been the sponsor of the Qantm Institute since 2004 .
  • In 2005 the SAE Institute SAE LA is founded. In 2005 Tom Misner took over the console manufacturer AMS Neve. The first school in the Middle East opened in Dubai and the fourth school in the US opened in Los Angeles . The first SAE Institute Alumni Convention will also take place in Frankfurt .
  • 2006 Another SAE institute is opened in Kuwait .

10th anniversary of the SAE Institute

In 2007 the SAE Institute in Rotterdam celebrated its tenth anniversary in a new and larger property. Schools opened in Amman, Jordan and Atlanta.

  • In 2008 , SAE Institute relocated its headquarters to Oxford . New branches were opened in Cape Town and Istanbul . The SAE Institute in London was relocated to a larger property. The 4th SAE Alumni Convention took place in Berlin.
  • 2010 Another campus will be opened in Belgrade in 2010 . In addition, the SAE Institute in Australia is granted university status, which now enables state financial support for students.

SAE International signs license agreement

SAE International signs license agreements for new schools in Mexico , Egypt and Saudi Arabia in 2010 . The SAE Institute and Qantm College are taken over by Navitas, a company listed on the Australian stock exchange .

  • In 2011 a campus was opened in Bochum , the only location of the SAE Institute in the Ruhr area .
  • In 2016 the SAE Institute Berlin moved to Kreuzberg.
  • In 2017 another campus of the SAE Institute opens in Hanover .

Locations today

  • Austria Vienna
  • Australia: Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Germany: Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Leipzig, Bochum, Hanover, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt
  • France: Paris
  • Great Britain: London, Liverpool, Oxford, Glasgow
  • Greece: Athens
  • Indonesia: Jakarta
  • Italy: Milan
  • Jordan: Amman
  • Canada: Vancouver
  • Colombia: Bogota
  • Mexico: Mexico City
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • New Zealand: Auckland
  • Sweden: Stockholm
  • Switzerland: Geneva, Zurich
  • Serbia: Belgrade
  • Spain: Barcelona, ​​Madrid
  • South Africa: Cape Town
  • USA: Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Nashville, New York, Emeryville
  • United Arab Emirates: Dubai


The following courses are offered:

  • Audio Engineering (Diploma / Bachelor Program)
  • Cross Media Production (Diploma / Bachelor Program)
  • Digital Film Production (Diploma / Bachelor Program)
  • Game Art & 3D Animation (Diploma / Bachelor Program)
  • Games Programming (Diploma / Bachelor Program)
  • Music Business (Diploma / Bachelor Program)
  • Visual FX & 3D Animation (Diploma / Bachelor Program)
  • Web Design & Development (Diploma / Bachelor Program)

The SAE is a member of MedienCampus Bayern , the umbrella organization for media education and training in Bavaria.

The accreditation of the bachelor's degree programs takes place in cooperation with Middlesex University , which, according to anabin, has an H + status, which makes the academic degree feasible in Germany. The SAE Diploma, on the other hand, is a certificate that has nothing in common with the academic qualification of the diploma .

Degrees & duration of study

The SAE diploma is not officially recognized. The subsequent Bachelor of Arts course is provided by Middlesex University and is recognized in Great Britain; the title can also be used in Germany. If you want to do a master’s degree at a German university, the degree is usually not recognized by the German university.

Vocational training / further education:

  • SAE Diploma (18 months)

Studying full-time:

  • Bachelor Program: Bachelor of Arts / Science (Hons) * + SAE Diploma (24 months)

Study part-time:

  • SAE Diploma (18 months) + Progression Bachelor (12 months)
  • SAE Diploma (18 months) + Progression Bachelor (24 months)


  • Master of Arts in Creative Media Practice (MACMP) * (1–2 years)
  • Master of Arts “Professional Media Creation” (24 months) in cooperation with Folkwang, University of the Arts

* .. in cooperation with Middlesex University, London


The costs are around € 20,000 for two years, but there are only 5 to 7.5 hours of attendance per week.

Individual evidence

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