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SR Technics

legal form Private company
founding 1931 (Technical Department of Swissair)
Seat Kloten , Switzerland
management Jean-Marc Lenz
( Managing Director )
Number of employees approx. 3,300 (2015)
Branch Aircraft maintenance and servicing

SR Technics , based at Zurich Airport in Kloten ( Switzerland ), is one of the world's largest, independent providers of technical services in civil aviation. The company offers maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for aircraft, components and engines.

SR Technics has been owned by the HNA Group (80%) and Mubadala Development Company (20%) since July 15, 2016 .


In the 1970s, the engines of the DC-9-32 of East African Airways came to Zurich for revision in an under-wing container of the VC-10 .

SR Technics was a subsidiary of SAirGroup . With a turnover of more than CHF 1.4 billion, it was one of the world's leading companies in the areas of maintenance for aircraft , engines and components. Over 50 airlines worldwide had their fleet or parts of it serviced by SR Technics.

Until the end of 1994, SR Technics was the technical department of Swissair founded in 1931 (Department 4). In 1995 the technical department became a profit center under the name "Swissair technical services".

In 1997, the Swissair group took the step towards the holding structure and changed the name to SAirGroup. This holding company consisted of the corporate divisions SAirLines, SAirServices, SAirLogistics and SAirRelations.

As a result of this change, Swissair technical services acquired legal personality as SR Technics in the SAirServices division on January 1, 1997.

The advancing internationalization and globalization made it necessary to adapt the structures of SR Technics to the new circumstances. The SR Technics Group was founded in 2000, in which SR Technics was henceforth integrated as SR Technics Switzerland. Shannon Aerospace, Temro, SR Technics France and SR Technics America also belonged to this group. SR Technics America was in turn divided into SR Technics Palmdale, WASI, Flight Technics, Willis Lease Finance and Pacific Gas Turbine.

After the collapse of SAirGroup at the end of 2001 ( grounding ), SR Technics was sold to various investors in December 2002 , the establishment of a holding structure began, and SR Technics again became SR Technics Switzerland. The main shareholders were 3i plc and Star Capital . The companies Shannon Aerospace, Temro, SR Technics France and SR Technics America, which belong to SR Technics, were also sold, as were all other still healthy parts of the SAirGroup.

In 2004, FLS Industries sold its aircraft maintenance companies FLS Aerospace Ireland and FLS Aerospace UK to the SR Technics Group. At the beginning of 2005 these were then transformed into SR Technics Ireland Ltd. and SR Technics UK Ltd. renamed.

On September 7, 2006, Group management announced that SR Technics was being sold to a consortium based in the United Arab Emirates with long-term strategic interests in the aviation industry. 92 percent of the shares went to the three companies Mubadala Development , Istithmar and Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE), which are owned by the ruling families of Abu Dhabi and Dubai , for 1.6 billion Swiss francs . The remaining 8 percent of the share capital remained in the possession of the management.

At the beginning of February 2009, the group management announced the closure of the Dublin site, which had around 1,100 employees , as extensive customer orders had been lost at the Dublin site and the prospect of new orders was not considered possible in the medium term due to the high costs of the site. As part of the global aviation crisis, SR Technics also announced job cuts at the Zurich location in June 2009, which affected around 300 employees.

In November, SR Technics concluded a contract extension and extension with the low-cost airline easyJet . The contract has a term of eleven years and a sales volume of 1.6 billion US dollars. SR Technics provides line maintenance and heavy maintenance services as well as component maintenance and the provision of spare parts. At the same time it was decided to open a new maintenance location on the island of Malta, in which aircraft the size of an Airbus A320 or a Boeing 737 can be serviced. The execution of IL checks on aircraft of the easyJet fleet in an existing hangar was already started there in 2010.

In January 2010, the group management announced the closure of the components business at the London-Stansted location. This included around 340 jobs. Most of the activities there were then to be carried out at the headquarters at Zurich Airport.

On February 1, 2010, the previous CFO, James Stewart, also took over the position of CEO, succeeding Bernd Kessler, who had resigned with the mutual consent of the Board of Directors.

In April 2011 SR Technics announced the opening of the VIP Completion Center, in which luxury facilities will be installed according to customer requirements. Seven months later, the Mubadala Aerospace MRO network was founded, which consists of SR Technics and Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT). Mubadala Development Company became the sole owner of SR Technics.

On September 29, 2011, the group management announced that over 200 jobs would be cut at the Zurich location, which corresponds to around 7 percent of the total workforce. The reason given was that the franc was too high.

Since July 2012, all Finnair engines and components have been serviced by SR Technics in Zurich. Finnair justified the decision by saying that it wanted to concentrate on its core business. The cooperation would also improve the cost efficiency of engine and component maintenance while maintaining the same quality.

In 2013, SR Technics expanded the strategic partnership with Etihad with an extended ten-year contract for Integrated Component Services (ICS).

In 2014 a new repair shop for components was opened in Malaysia, whereupon a twelve-year contract for MRO was signed with Philippine Airlines in 2017.

In 2015 Jeremy Remacha took over the management. In 2016, 80 percent of the shares were transferred from the Mubadala Development Company to the HNA Group. As part of this change of ownership, CEO Remacha was replaced by Frank Walschot at the beginning of April 2018. In September 2019, Jean-Marc Lenz took over the management.

Group of companies

Various companies belong to the SR Technics Group; the most important operating subsidiaries are SR Technics Switzerland AG, SR Technics UK Ltd., SR Technics Malta and SR Technics Malaysia.

Key figures 2013

  • Number of aircraft maintained: 800
  • Around 500 customers
  • Infrastructure: 7 maintenance hangars with around 354,670 m²
  • Maintenance stations: 16 maintenance stations in Europe and Asia


Maintenance hangar at Zurich Airport

There are maintenance locations in Zurich , Malta International Airport , Feltham , Madrid , Palma , Abu Dhabi , Cork (SR Technics Airfoil Services) and Kuala Lumpur . Line maintenance stations in Basel , Belfast , Bristol , Cayenne , Edinburgh , Geneva , Glasgow , London-Stansted , London-Gatwick , Lyon , Madrid, Malta , Marseille , Paris Charles de Gaulle , Paris Orly and Zurich. The company also has logistics centers in London Heathrow (London Logistics Center), Zurich Airport (main warehouse), Abu Dhabi, Melbourne , Singapore , Geneva, Malta, Miami and Kuala Lumpur. Sales offices are located in Zurich, London, Abu Dhabi, Sydney , Singapore, Mumbai , Shanghai and Sunrise ( USA ).

Location at Zurich Airport

The main location of SR Technics at Zurich Airport includes four maintenance hangars, an engine test bench, as well as maintenance workshops and stores for engines and components. The location covers around 350,000 m². In 2012, around 2,400 of the 3,100 employees worldwide worked in Zurich. From the beginning of 2015 to the end of 2016, the number was reduced to around 2000 and further layoffs were announced. In August 2017, the inventory in Zurich was still given as around 2000 and the company was looking for 80 employees, mostly technicians. The company also trains around 20 apprentices every year .

Six maintenance bays for long-haul aircraft and seven maintenance bays for short and medium-haul aircraft are available in the four maintenance hangars. The arched hangar, which is listed as a historical monument, is reserved primarily for maintenance and refurbishing of VIP aircraft.

Location of Malta's Safi International Airport

The new location in Safi Aviation Park at Malta International Airport was opened in mid-2010. SR Technics in Malta offers base and heavy maintenance for the Airbus A320 family. Around 150 employees currently work at this location.


The services of SR Technics encompass a broad portfolio. This includes individual maintenance as well as comprehensive maintenance of individual engines, components and aircraft and the maintenance of entire aircraft fleets. In addition to the two main locations (Zurich and Malta) with associated hangar spaces, workshops and spare parts stores, SR Technics has around 16 locations.

For work on aircraft and components, SR Technics holds a number of necessary authorizations and certificates from manufacturers and various aviation regulatory authorities.

The services of SR Technics are based on six business areas:

Service portfolio
Combination of aircraft, component and engine service
Technical management of an aircraft fleet
Aircraft Services VIP Aircraft Services Component Services Engine Services Technical training Engineering services
Line, base and heavy maintenance
cabin modifications
VIP aircraft maintenance
Renewal of
original cabins
Maintenance and repair of components
Buying, exchanging and renting components
Maintenance and repair of engines
Basic training (A, B1, B2)
Aircraft types training
Specialized training
Technical Fleet Management
Continuing Airworthiness
Design Services for cabin modifications
AOG structural engineering

Technical documentation / manuals

Authorizations and certificates

Certificates (extract)
  • EASA CH.145.0200 Maintenance Org, EASA CH.21J.358 Design Org, EASA CH.21G.0016 Production Org, EASA CH.MG.7005 Continuous Airworthiness Management Org
  • Training Org (EASA CH.147.0009; CAAC F.147.041002; UAE CAR 147/11/2004)
  • 14 CFR Part 145 SWRY3221 (FAA)
  • Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Qatar, South Africa, Vietnam, Cayman Islands, Saudi Arabia, Aruba, Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, China, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Philippines, United Arab Emirates
  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • ISO 9110: 2005
  • ISO 14001: 2004
  • OHSAS 18001: 2007

Aircraft maintenance

Airplane type Engine type
A300-600 CF6-80 & PW 4000
A310-200 / 300 JT9D, PW 4000 and CF6-80
A318 CFM 56
A319 CFM 56, V2500
A320 CFM 56, V2500
A321 CFM 56, V2500
A330-200 / 300 CF6-80, PW 4000, RR TRENT
A340-200 / 300 CFM 56
A340-500 / 600 RR Trent
A380-800 RR Trent
MD80 series JT8D
MD11 CF6-80, PW 4000
DC10-30 CF6-50
B737-200 / 3/4/5/6/7/8/900 JT8D, CFM56-3 / 7
B747-200 / 3/400 JT9D, CF6-50 / 80, RB211, PW4000
B757-200 / 300 PW2040, RB211
B767-200 / 300 JT9D, CF6-80, PW4000
B777-200 / 300 RR TRENT, PW4090, GE90

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