Sloppy cops don't bite

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German title Sloppy cops don't bite
Original title Dragnet
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1987
length 101 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Tom Mankiewicz
script Dan Aykroyd
Alan Zweibel
Tom Mankiewicz
production David Permut
Robert K. Weiss
music Ira Newborn
camera Matthew F. Leonetti
cut William D. Gordean
Richard Halsey

Measly bulls do not bite (Original title: Dragnet ) is an American comedy film from 1987. The director was Tom Mankiewicz , the screenwriter wrote Dan Aykroyd , Alan Zweibel and Tom Mankiewicz. The main roles were played by Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks .

The film parodies the television series Dragnet (German series title: Police Report ), which the NBC broadcasted from 1951 to 1959 and again from 1967 to 1970.


Police officers Pep Streebeck and Joe Friday, who work in Los Angeles , are said to work together as partners. While Joe Friday always insists on compliance with all regulations, Streebeck is considered chaotic and unadjusted.

Friday and Streebeck track down the Satanist sect, People Against Goodness And Normalcy (PAGAN) , led by the Reverend Jonathan Whirley. You infiltrate a sect meeting and save a virgin, Connie Swail, from a giant snake. Joe Friday and the virgin Connie Swail immediately enjoy each other. The police officers' superior, Captain Gannon, refuses to believe Friday and Streebeck. The next morning they drive together to the place where the rituals took place, but no traces can be found.

Reverend Whirley is a well-known clergyman with police headquarters who wants to pursue a career in politics. When Friday, along with the virgin Connie Swail and Streebeck, want to celebrate Friday's grandmother's birthday in a restaurant, Friday identifies Reverend Jonathan Whirley as the leader of the sect. When Friday wants to arrest Reverend Whirley, the police chief Jane Kirkpatrick, who is friends with Jonathan Whirley , suspends him from duty.

The police officers Pep Streebeck and Joe Friday still prevent an attack that Reverend Whirley wants to carry out. He escapes with the police chief and Friday's friend Connie Swail as a hostage. A wild chase now ensues, in which Friday, who otherwise strictly adheres to the rules, now more on the rescue mission for his girlfriend, disregards all the rules.

Reverend Whirley wants to leave the USA with a plane and the hostage Connie Swail. Police chief Jane Kirkpatrick leaves Reverend Whirley at the airport because she is no longer useful to him. He thought he was already safe in the air when suddenly a fighter jet with the markings of the Los Angeles Police Department with blue lights and Friday appeared in the second pilot's seat next to his aircraft. He is forced to land by the jet fighter after which Reverend Whirley is arrested. Friday and Connie Swail, who is no longer virgin after a night together, can look forward to a future together.


actor role Voice actor
Dan Aykroyd Sgt. Joe Friday Thomas Danneberg
Tom Hanks Pep Streebeck Joachim Tennstedt
Christopher Plummer Rev. Jonathan Whirley Lothar Blumhagen
Harry Morgan Captain Gannon Friedrich Schoenfelder
Alexandra Paul Connie Swail Simone Brahmann
Jack O'Halloran Emil Muzz Helmut Krauss
Elizabeth Ashley Jane Kirkpatrick Barbara Ratthey
Dabney Coleman Jerry Caesar Hermann Ebeling


Lexicon of the international film : "In places quite amusing crime parody, which, however, suffers from being over the top and neglects the parodic in favor of the junk."

prisma-online: “Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd guarantee non-stop laughing parades in this comedy. In Tom Mankiewicz's feature film debut, you are engaging in exciting car hunts and mercilessly targeting everything - from semi-silky press reports to the mendacity of the "better" people of Los Angeles. However, this bitter parody about Los Angeles is much harder and more ruthless in the original version. The synchronization is sometimes rather embarrassing - as you can see from the German title. "

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