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Schwaighofenberg ( Rotte )
Schwaighofenberg (Austria)
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Basic data
Pole. District , state Salzburg area  (SL), Salzburg
Judicial district Thalgau
Pole. local community Eugendorf   ( KG  Schwaighofen )
Locality Schwaighofen
Coordinates 47 ° 50 '26 "  N , 13 ° 8' 29"  E Coordinates: 47 ° 50 '26 "  N , 13 ° 8' 29"  E
height 775  m above sea level A.
Building status 74 (addresses, 2012)
Post Code 5301 Eugendorf
Statistical identification
Counting district / district Eugendorf-Süd (50310 002)
also Schwaighofen-Berg
Source: STAT : Place directory ; BEV : GEONAM ; SAGIS ; SAGIS


Schwaighofenberg also Schwaighofen-Berg , is a place between the Salzburg Lake District and the Salzburg Pre-Alps in the State of Salzburg , and part of the municipality of Eugendorf in the Salzburg-Umgebung district .


Schwaighofenberg is 3 kilometers south of Eugendorf, at around 770  m above sea level. A. in a pass landscape right on the edge of the Alps, which is also called Schwaighofner Berg here . Here the Eugendorfer Berg  ( 800  m above sea level ), an extension of the Heuberg – Petersberg train , forms a wooded knoll . Towards the southeast the relief descends into the valley of the Alter Bach (via Guggenthal to Salzburg) and the pass landscape around Unterkoppl , in the southeast lies the Forsthuber Bühel ( 773  m above sea level ) and to the east extends Oberplainfeld , where the terrain is located abruptly breaks off to the Plainfelder Bach and towards Thalgau , and towards the north, without any recognizable border, the terrain descends into the hill country of the Salzburg Lake District , which is already counted as part of the Alpine foothills . The location allows a good view, up to the Sauwald (granite and gneiss highlands).

The Rotte itself includes the houses on the L254  Reitbergstraße , which leads from the Reitbergsiedlung on the L103  Thalgauer Landesstraße to Unterkoppl, up to the Eugendorferberg around the Alpenblick and Dachsteinblick inns . The location comprises a total of around 75 addresses.

Neighboring places
Kalham Reitbach
God riding Neighboring communities Swelling
Sommeregg Pabenwang Schwaighofen-Egg


Although the Heuberg, as well as the northeast lying group of the Kolomannsberg belong to the flysch zone , the Schwaighofenberg / Eugendorfer Berg is already completely shaped by glacial sediments. Here, towards the north-east, from Gottsreit as well as from Sommeregg, strikes a typical moraine landscape with clearly defined walls left by the Salzach glacier . The southern group is the northern edge of the glacier tongue that has carved out the Guggenthal (Gnigler Lobus) , the northern group is the southern edge of the mighty Wallerseelobus (Söllheim-Kraiwiesner branch) , which united here at Schwaighofenberg / Reitbach, and met in Thalgau with the Dachstein glacier. The structure of the glacier levels is legible. Little can be said about the flysch itself here, as it lies under thick sediment east of Gottsreit - some outcrops can only be found south around Schwandt and Schwaighofen .

Ostend of the Heuberg (Petersberg, Eugendorfer Berg / Schwaighofenberg) - View from the Gaisberg over the Nockstein (in the picture below) to the north on Wallersee and Trumer Seen

Individual evidence

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