Socket 1366

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Socket 1366
Socket LGA 1366 open R7309468 wp.jpg
introduction 2008
design type LGA
contacts 1366
Bus protocol QPI
Bus cycle 2.4-3.2 GHz
Processors Intel Core i7 , Intel Xeon (Nehalem)

The socket 1366 (also called base B or LGA1366) is a processor socket for Nehalem -based processor series like the Core i7 . In contrast to the socket 1156 , which is also a socket for the Nehalem micro-architecture, this is a server socket. It replaces the base 771 and was also replaced by the base in 2011 at the end of 2011 .

In contrast to its predecessor, Socket 775 , it no longer connects the processor to the chipset via a classic front side bus , but rather via QuickPath Interconnect . For multiprocessor systems , the socket also offers the option of using two (four) such QPI links: one for connection to the chipset, one (three) for direct communication between the processors.

Since a three-channel memory controller is built directly into the Nehalem processors , the socket also offers corresponding pins for connecting three DDR3 SDRAM buses.

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