Spiceworld - The Movie

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German title Spiceworld - The Movie
Original title Spice World
Country of production Great Britain
original language English
Publishing year 1997
length 92 minutes
Age rating FSK without Al.
Director Bob Spiers
script Kim Fuller
production Uri Fruchtmann , Simon Fuller , Mark L. Rosen , Barnaby Thompson
music Spice Girls
camera Clive Tickner
cut Andrea MacArthur

Spiceworld - The Movie (Alternative Title : Spice World - The Movie ; Original Title: Spice World ) is a British comedy film directed by Bob Spiers from 1997 .


Geri Halliwell swimsuit that she wore in the movie Spiceworld .

The film portrays a week in the life of the Spice Girls . He follows the group in the days leading up to their first live concert at the Royal Albert Hall , showing off their hectic schedule, which is filled with performances, rehearsals, recording sessions, press conferences, photo opportunities and interviews. The film begins with an appearance on Top of the Pops , where they sing the song Too Much . Ever since they landed # 1 hits around the world, the group has been in the limelight and everyone from the tabloids to fans wants to see them first hand. That is why the Spice Girls are followed at every turn by a film team that wants to document their lives behind the scenes.

Newspaper editor Kevin McMaxford, on the other hand, wants to ruin the Spice Girls' careers through underhanded attempts to get a negative sensational headline. He puts the paparazzo Damien on the case, who follows the girls like a secret agent everywhere in order to collect material for negative headlines.

On the eve of her big live debut, there was a row with her road manager Clifford. The Spice Girls want to celebrate with their friend Nicola, who is about to give birth to her child. She asks the band to be godmothers for her unborn child. However, Clifford refuses the celebration because he is afraid of his superior, who is referred to as the boss : “You have no life, you have an appointment calendar.” In anger, the girls break off their rehearsals and threaten him with abandoning the concert.

In the evening, the girls break the ban and decide to take a break to go around the houses with Nicola. In a club, however, Nicolas's water bursts and everyone takes a converted bus to the hospital to help Nicola. There they experience how Nicola has her child. Nicolas daughter will be born on the day of the planned concert.

The girls have to hurry to get to the concert on time. When the girls want to drive to the Royal Albert Hall, the driver Dennis cannot be found. Victoria then controls the bus herself. It will be a race against time. As they drive past Buckingham Palace , the girls wave to the royal family. On the way they discover a bomb deposited in the bus. When they finally arrive at the Royal Albert Hall, they are stopped by a police officer because of their dangerous driving style. However, he releases them when Emma declares they are in a hurry and smiles innocently at him. The girls appear at the last minute and end the film with a performance of "Spice up your life". In the credits, the bomb left in the bus explodes when Mel C wonders what happened to her.


The bus from the movie Spiceworld

James Berardinelli described the film on ReelViews as an "ego trip" that should show the singers in the best possible light and give them the opportunity to sing "about 14 songs". It is weak as a comedy because the jokes are "too obvious" and not particularly funny. As a satire, it is even weaker because the parodies are too gentle, "stupid" and lifeless. It's not even a particularly good musical.

Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times on January 23, 1998 that the film was inspired by the film Yeah Yeah Yeah - with the "big difference" that the Beatles were talented. The Beatles movie plays out the Beatles' personalities, while the Spice Girls wouldn't have any personalities. The Beatles 'film contains great music, while the Spice Girls' music is so bad that it can only be heard when it is absolutely necessary.

Peter Stack wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle of January 23, 1998 that it made no difference whether the Spice Girls can act or have a good script (they wouldn't have one). They would play with "teasing sex appeal" and give the teenage girls a party.

The magazine Cinema wrote that the film was intended for the target group of “fifth graders”, for whom it was a “brisk, childish hit with a really likable tendency towards self-irony”. The “number revue” offers the somewhat older viewers “beautiful weird ideas” that would come “every few minutes”. The film is therefore "not as bland as feared".

On April 6, 2018, the film was shown as part of the Tele 5 series The Worst Films of All Time .


The leading actresses Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and Geri Halliwell were nominated for the Blockbuster Entertainment Award and the Kids' Choice Awards in 1999.

The leading actresses received the Golden Raspberry in 1999 . The film received six other nominations for this negative award, including for Worst Film , for portraying Roger Moore, for the screenplay and for the song Too Much . It was nominated in 2005 for the worst “musical” category of the quarter century for the Golden Raspberry.


The film was shot in London . Its production amounted to an estimated 25 million US dollars . The film grossed approximately £ 10.9 million in UK theaters and approximately $ 29.2 million in US theaters. In Germany there were around 670 thousand cinema viewers.


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