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President of the Republic of Namibia
2020 Hage Geingob.jpg
Acting President
Hage Geingob
since March 21, 2015
Nangolo Mbumba (cropped) .jpg
Acting Vice-President
Nangolo Mbumba
since February 8, 2018
Official seat State House in Windhoek
Term of office 5 years
(one-time re-election possible)
Creation of office March 21, 1990
Last choice 2019
Next choice 2024
Deputy Vice President

The President of Namibia ( English President of the Republic of Namibia ), according to the Namibian Constitution , the Head of State of the Republic of Namibia .

The state president is elected every five years through presidential elections. Re-election is only permitted once, with a one-time exception for the founding president Sam Nujoma due to a constitutional amendment .

The President appoints and dismisses the Prime Minister as head of government as well as other ministers and judges. In addition, the president determines the guidelines of politics and is the commander in chief of the army .

The newly elected President on November 28, 2014 had the right to propose for the first time to elect the newly created position of Vice President .

An impeachment is possible only on the basis of a constitutional violation or serious violation of the laws.


Hage Geingob Hifikepunye Pohamba Sam Nujoma
President of the Republic of Namibia
President of the Republic of Namibia
No. Surname Life dates Term of office Political party
1 Sam Nujoma * 1929 March 21, 1990 to March 21, 2005 SWAPO
2 Hifikepunye Pohamba * 1935 March 21, 2005 to March 21, 2015 SWAPO
3 Hage Geingob * 1941 since March 21, 2015 SWAPO

Sam Nujoma carries the right conferred on him the honorary title Founding Father of the Namibian Nation ( English Founding Father of the Namibian Nation ).

Election results

The President of Namibia is directly elected by the people for a term of five years, with one opportunity for re-election.

year candidate Political party Voting shares
1994 Sam Nujoma SWAPO 76.34%
1999 Sam Nujoma SWAPO 76.82%
2004 Hifikepunye Pohamba SWAPO 76.44%
2009 Hifikepunye Pohamba SWAPO 75.25%
2014 Hage Geingob SWAPO 86.73%
2019 Hage Geingob SWAPO 56.30%

Vice President

Since March 21, 2015, due to the third amendment to the Namibian constitution , the office of Vice President has existed for the first time. This is appointed on the proposal of the President.

Vice President of the Republic of Namibia
Vice President of the Republic of Namibia
No. Surname Life dates Term of office Political party
1 Nickey Iyambo 1936-2019 March 21, 2015–8. February 2018 SWAPO
2 Nangolo Mbumba * 1941 since February 8, 2018 SWAPO


State House : residence and official residence of the President

The Namibian President lives on the grounds of the State House in Auasblick in the central south of the Namibian capital. At least three helicopters , including two Airbus Helicopters AS350B3e and two jets ( Learjet 75 and Falcon 7X ) are available to the President and other high-ranking government officials . A Learjet 31 A and a Falcon 900B were previously in use.


Under the Former President Pension and Other Benefit Amendment Act of 2012 based on the 2004 Act, the former presidents of Namibia are entitled to the following benefits, among others:

  • Financial compensation in the full amount of the last salary as President or at least 80% of the salary of the next President.
  • A fully furnished house somewhere in Windhoek or another place in Namibia or a corresponding housing benefit or a one-off payment in the amount of the cost of such a house.
  • Health insurance
  • At least 19 employees, including no less than 10 people responsible for security.
  • office
  • Financial benefits for travel, vehicles, etc.
  • Diplomatic passport

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