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Super City is a train type of long-distance traffic , which is used in several European countries or was. In terms of comfort, speed and mostly price, the SuperCity is a bit above the InterCity .

SuperCity in Austria

The SuperCity was in service in Austria from 1991 to 1996 as the national EuroCity . These trains ran only within Austria, but similar to EuroCity trains with fewer stops. The trains were equipped with air-conditioned cars and a dining car , the maximum speed was 160 kilometers per hour. The train team was available as a special service in the first carriage class , which was subject to a surcharge ; seat reservations were already included on request. The SC was advertised with the slogan “In the morning, home in the evening”.

The following SuperCity trains existed:

Name of the SuperCity Train run Days of traffic Driving time (timetable 1991) Travel time (timetable 1995/96)
Landskron Villach - Vienna in the morning on weekdays 3 hours 59 minutes 4 hours 04 minutes
Dobratsch Villach - Vienna evenings on Sundays 4 hours 10 minutes 4 hours 16 minutes
Styria Graz - Vienna in the morning on weekdays 2 hours 23 minutes 2 hours 23 minutes
Wiener Philharmoniker Innsbruck - Vienna
Vienna - Innsbruck
4 hours 41 minutes
4 hours 39 minutes
4 hours 41 minutes
4 hours 39 minutes
Vienna Symphony Orchestra Vienna - Bregenz
Bregenz - Vienna
in the evening 7 hours 23 minutes
7 hours 40 minutes
7 hours 21 minutes
7 hours 40 minutes

In 1996 the SuperCity was given up by the ÖBB . The trains have been discontinued or converted into InterCity or EuroCity trains. With the introduction of ÖBB-EuroCity in 2002, some of the former SuperCity trains became ÖBB-EuroCity. The former SuperCity connection Innsbruck – Vienna was run after an interlude as a EuroCity train from May 1998 as an ICE and from 2007 as a Railjet .

SuperCity in the Czech Republic

A ČD SuperCity Pendolino in Pardubice
Pendolino in Prague Central Station
2nd class of a Pendolino

The Czech Railways ČD uses the name SuperCity Pendolino for the express connections between Prague and Ostrava that have been running since December 2005 . The high-speed connections between Prague and Vienna and Bratislava , which have been operating since December 2006, were discontinued in December 2011 due to low utilization. Since December 2014 the railjet (in cooperation with the ÖBB ) has been connecting Prague with Vienna and Graz .

SuperCity is the fastest and highest quality train category of the ČD.


Trains currently run from Františkovy Lázně via Prague and Ostrava to Bohumín and from Prague via Ostrava to Košice (Slovakia). The Františkovy Lázně / Cheb – Prague section is served twice a day, the Ostrava – Košice route only once a day. On the main route from Prague to Ostrava there are 8 trains per day in each direction (every 2 hours), 3 of which continue to Bohumín.

SC Pendolino
Course book series (SŽDC) : 010, 011, 170, 171, 270, 320
Route length: 931 km
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Top speed: 160 km / h
km railway station
End station - start of the route
0 Františkovy Lázně
Station, station
7th Cheb
Stop, stop
30th Lázně Kynžvart (only SC 505)
Station, station
37 Mariánské Lázně
Station, station
49 Planá u Mariánských Lázní
Station, station
80 Stříbro
Station, station
112 Plzeň-Jižní předměstí
Station, station
113 Plzeň hl.n.
Station, station
222 Praha -Smíchov
Station, station
226 Praha hl.n.
Stop, stop
288 Kolín (only SC 240/241)
Station, station
330 Pardubice hl.n.
Stop, stop
290 Česká Třebová (only SC 240/241)
Station, station
476 Olomouc hl.n.
Station, station
577 Ostrava -Svinov
Station, station
582 Ostrava hl.n.
Stop, stop
590 Bohumín (not SC 240/241)
Station, station
621 Český Těšín
BSicon .svgBSicon GRENZE.svgBSicon .svg
CZ / SK border
Station, station
689 Žilina
Station, station
746 Ružomberok
Station, station
772 Liptovský Mikuláš
Station, station
811 Štrba
Station, station
830 Poprad Tatry
Station, station
915 Kysak
End station - end of the line
931 Košice

In Slovakia, the SuperCity is operated in cooperation with the ZSSK .


The following SuperCity connections are available (2015/16 timetable):

SuperCity number Train run Days of traffic Departure time Travel time Route length Remarks
SC 240 Košice - Praha hl.n. Every day 2:47 pm 7:32 h 705 km "Košičan"
SC 241 Praha hl.n. – Košice Every day 6:43 am 7:22 h 705 km "Košičan"
SC 502 Ostrava hl.n. – Praha hl.n. Every day 5:11 pm 3:04 h 356 km
SC 503 Praha hl.n. – Ostrava hl.n. Every day 7:43 a.m. 3:01 h 356 km
SC 504 Ostrava hl.n. – Praha hl.n. Every day 3:14 pm 3:01 h 356 km
SC 505 Cheb –Ostrava hl.n. Every day 6:44 am 6:00 h 575 km For operational reasons, on Wednesdays and Sundays in Praha hl.n. to be switched.
SC 506 Ostrava hl.n. – Cheb Every day 1:14 p.m. 6:00 h 575 km
SC 507 Praha hl.n. – Ostrava hl.n. Every day 11:43 am 3:01 h 356 km
SC 508 Ostrava hl.n. – Praha hl.n. Every day 11:11 a.m. 3:04 h 356 km
SC 509 Praha hl.n – Ostrava hl.n. Every day 1:43 pm 3:01 h 356 km
SC 510 Bohumín –Praha hl.n. Every day 9:06 am 3:09 h 364 km
SC 511 Praha hl.n. – Bohumín Every day 3:43 pm 3:09 h 364 km
SC 512 Bohumín– Františkovy Lázně Every day 7:06 am 6:17 h 590 km
SC 515 Františkovy Lázně – Bohumín Every day 2:37 pm 6:15 h 590 km
SC 516 Bohumín – Praha hl.n. Every day 5:06 am 3:09 h 364 km
SC 517 Praha hl.n. – Bohumín Every day 7:43 pm 3:09 h 364 km

Vehicle fleet

The SuperCity connections are operated exclusively with tilting technology trains from the ČD series 680 from the Pendolino series. Thanks to the tilting technology, these are the fastest trains in the Czech Republic.

Since ČD only has 7 trains of this series, it can occasionally mean that other trains (such as Railjet sets) have to take over SuperCity connections. This is further exacerbated by an accident on July 22, 2015 in Studénka , in which a train was damaged and only 6 trains are ready for use. These circumstances led to the fact that the SC 240 and SC 241 were run as EuroCity in the summer of 2015 . From the beginning of August 2016 to September 4, 2016, the SC 502, SC 503, SC 508 and SC 509 will be served as InterCity with replacement trains.

Before the tilting trains went into service, individual fast domestic trains with first class cars and dining cars were called SuperCity.


All ČD ČD tickets are valid, including various discounts (e.g. “Včasná jízdenka”). In addition, with the exception of the Františkovy Lázně / Franzensbad– Plzeň / Pilsen (2nd class) section, reservations must be made for these trains . The surcharge depends on the route and the load on the train and costs between CZK 0 and 250 in 2nd class and between CZK 100 and 250 in 1st class for journeys within the Czech Republic. For cross-border traffic or for trips within Slovakia it is 3 to 5 €.


Since it is the highest quality train category of the ČD, the range of services is above average compared to the other categories.

All passengers have free mineral water, newspaper and internet (WiFi) at their disposal. In 1st class there is also a hot drink and a snack (e.g. sandwich or fruit salad). There is also a bistro on board.

There is an on-board portal on the Internet with current information, films and other functions.

All seats are equipped with 230-volt sockets.

There is also a ČD lounge at selected train stations, which can be used with a valid ticket for the SuperCity.


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