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Ukrainian Railways

legal form State enterprise
founding 1991
Seat Kiev , UkraineUkraineUkraine 
management vacant, advertised internationally in August 2017
Number of employees 375,900
Branch Railway company

Ukrsalisnyzja ( Ukrainian Укрзалізниця , long name: Українські залізниці - Ukrajinski Salisnyzi; abbreviation UZ or УЗ) is the Ukrainian railway company . In it are railway infrastructure and railway transport companies integrated.


Ukrzalisnyzja emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union as the successor to the Soviet railways on the Ukrainian territory. The UIC assigned the country code 22 to the company. In the course of the fighting in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, there were severe restrictions on rail traffic in the affected regions. Some of the infrastructure was destroyed and rail traffic between the Crimea and the mainland was interrupted. In the near future, the expansion of the rail network to European gauge is planned


The company's headquarters are located on Tverska Street ( Тверська вулиця ) number 5 in Kiev .


HRCS2 Hyundai Rotem
Passenger car in the Mariupol train station
  • Track length: 22,300 km
  • Including electrified tracks: 9,978 km (44.7%)
  • Track width - 1520 mm; there are narrow-gauge railways (mostly 750 mm wide) and a few short standard-gauge (1435 mm) lines, the scope of which is to be expanded inland, however.
  • Number of stations - 1,648 (including 126 category 0 stations)
  • Number of level crossings - about 4,000
  • Number of freight cars - 174,939
  • Number of passenger cars - 8,429
  • Number of electric locomotives - 1,796
  • Number of diesel locomotives - 2,918
  • Number of electric multiple units - 1,443
  • Number of diesel railcars - 186
  • Number of employees - 375,900
  • Volume of passenger traffic - 500 million passengers per year
  • Volume of freight transport - 300,000,000 tons per year

The passenger trains mostly run in point traffic and therefore rarely have to wait for connections . Wherever connections have to be awaited, for example for the changeover of through coaches , generous, even hour-long transition times are planned for passengers . This leads to an extremely high punctuality rate on the Ukrainian railways. The average travel speed hardly exceeds 80 km / h. In the first half of 2013, the company made a total of 3.5 billion hryvnia in losses. According to the Infrastructure Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kosak , these losses are primarily due to the low tariffs for the transport of rail travelers. The tariffs in Ukraine would be on average five times lower than the Russian tariffs. In July 2013, fare increases of 10 percent were announced in this context.

Regional breakdown

Central station in Lviv

The UZ consists of regional rail administrations. Due to the political events since 2014, some railway administrations are only able to work to a limited extent, in some cases regional spin-offs and reclassifications took place:

  • The operation of the Donetska Salisnyzja (Донецька залізниця) based in Donetsk was only possible to a very limited extent because of the fighting. By a parliamentary resolution, the operation was divided between the railway administrations in Dnipro and Kharkiv.

National transport

The main railway lines of Ukraine as of 2014

For historical reasons, the transport network is mainly oriented in a north-south or north-east-south-west direction. In passenger traffic, the connections from Kharkiv to Kiev , from Kiev via Shmerynka to Odessa and to Chop as well as from Lemberg and the Polish border to Kiev are also important. Since the outbreak of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and the occupation of Crimea, the connections there have lost importance and have in some cases been completely discontinued. The most important freight connections run from Kupyansk to Odessa and from Kryvbass to Donbass . In the run-up to the European Football Championship in 2012 , there were increased efforts to modernize both the rail network and the vehicle fleet. Ukrzalisnyzja invested almost 700 million euros in improving the infrastructure, most of it for new high-speed trains from the Czech Republic and South Korea .

Long-distance trains are reservations required and usually overnight trains . With up to four booking classes, they mostly travel with sleeper and couchette cars . However, this is not offered on all trains.

  • Sleeping car
    • Spalny wagon = two-bed compartments , 18 seats (the latest wagons from Waggonbau Krjukow are longer and have 20 seats)
    • Kupeiny = four-bed compartments, 36 seats (wagons from Waggonbau Krjukow: 40)
  • Couchette cars
    • Platskartny = couchette coaches with lengthways and transverse beds in open compartments, 52 (54) places (as a rule, places 53 and 54 are not sold, but serve as a shelf for bed linen)
    • Obshchi = Platskartny-Wagons, 81 seats (here, couchette coaches actually operate as seating coaches, instead of two couchettes, 3 seats are sold).
  • Seating car
    • 1st class = coaches with compartments or high-comfort, open-plan coaches
    • 2nd class = open seating car with armchair
    • 3rd class = open seating cars with benches (only accelerated regional trains),

Regional trains are single class (3rd class), no reservations and usually run during the day. In the big cities, they often have their own train station (Kiev) or are handled in a separate part of the train station (Odessa).

International transport

Kovel-Jahodyn route. Left: standard gauge track, right: broad gauge

At the border stations at Tschop in the direction of Hungary , Slovakia and on to Austria , Mostyska and Jahodyn in the direction of Poland and on to Germany, there are gauge changing systems for passing passenger coaches . Here bogies and couplings are exchanged. The station in the Polish border town of Przemyśl is connected to the broad gauge network of the Ukrsalisnyzja, just as, conversely, a standard gauge track leads to the Ukrainian station Kovel . In the long term, the construction of high-speed lines with a gauge of 1435 mm is planned to simplify traffic in the direction of Central and Western Europe.

The international trains are usually night trains that require a reservation. After Central and West Europe some compounds to Poland with the exception - - are trains with UIC standard sleeper used which, in addition to one with respect to the car of the former Soviet range narrower profile also where old Western European class and booking model for sleeping cars. From Germany there was a direct connection from Berlin to the Ukraine until September 2012 . Other destination stations could be reached by coaches that did not run daily until 2011: Kharkiv, Odessa, Donetsk , Simferopol and Lemberg . From Austria there are through coaches from Vienna to Lviv and Kiev. The international connections to the former Soviet neighboring countries largely correspond to the national trains in terms of equipment. There are also three booking classes here (one, two and three-bed compartments). Until the outbreak of fighting in eastern Ukraine and the associated cooling of relations between Ukraine and Russia in 2014, these trains had, in some cases, considerable distances, for example to destinations on the Trans-Siberian Railway .


Ukraine TE33A

In 2018, GE Transportation Systems ordered 30 Evolution Series locomotives . The first was delivered in December 2018.

Officials and employees

Official number
Higher career Deputy Director General First deputy to the general manager General Director
Ukrainian Railways Ranks 03.jpg Ukrainian Railways Ranks 04.jpg Ukrainian Railways Ranks 14.jpg Ukrainian Railways Ranks 05.jpg Ukrainian Railways Ranks 06.jpg Ukrainian Railways Ranks 15.jpg
Workers Foreman Medium career Upscale career
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