Veľké Chlievany

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Veľké Chlievany
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Veľké Chlievany (Slovakia)
Veľké Chlievany
Veľké Chlievany
Basic data
State : Slovakia
Kraj : Trenčiansky kraj
Okres : Bánovce nad Bebravou
Region : Horná Nitra
Area : 5.146 km²
Residents : 501 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 97 inhabitants per km²
Height : 198  m nm
Postal code : 956 55
Telephone code : 0 38
Geographic location : 48 ° 42 '  N , 18 ° 14'  E Coordinates: 48 ° 42 '14 "  N , 18 ° 13' 36"  E
License plate : BN
Kód obce : 505692
Community type : local community
Administration (as of November 2018)
Mayor : Zuzana Flórová
Address: Obecný úrad Veľké Chlievany
č. 80
956 55 Veľké Chlievany
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Veľké chlievany (Hungarian Nagyhelvény - until 1907 Nagychlivény ) is a municipality in the west of Slovakia with 501 inhabitants (December 31, 2019), which for Okres Bánovce nad Bebravou , part of kraj Trenčiansky belongs.


The municipality is located in the northern part of the Slovakian Danube hill country on the Inovec stream , shortly before its confluence with the Bebrava . The center of the village is at an altitude of 188  m nm and is three kilometers from Bánovce nad Bebravou .

Neighboring municipalities are Dvorec in the north, Bánovce nad Bebravou in the east, Dolné Naštice in the south-east, Pečeňany in the south, Otrhánky and Haláčovce in the west and Veľké Držkovce in the north-west.


Veľké Chlievany was first mentioned in writing in 1276 as Hleulan , other old names are Maior villa Holewna (1323), Helwen (1398), Chliewen (1472), Chlewan (1501), Welke Hlewany (1773) and Welke Chlewani (1786). At the time of the first written mention the place was part of the estate of Trenčín Castle , before it belonged to the Zobor monastery. After the death of Matthäus Csák , the property was divided between the Catholic Church and the small nobility from the area. The village was and is characterized by agriculture.

Until 1918 the place in Trenčín County belonged to the Kingdom of Hungary and then came to Czechoslovakia or now Slovakia.


According to the 2011 census, Veľké Chlievany had 483 residents, including 463 Slovaks and one German and one Czech. 18 residents gave no information in this regard. 416 residents committed to the Roman Catholic Church, ten residents to the Evangelical Church AB and one resident to the Jehovah's Witnesses; one resident professed a different denomination. 27 residents had no denomination and the denomination of 28 residents was not determined.


  • Roman Catholic church, originally Gothic from the 15th century, rebuilt in 1712
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Sons and daughters of the church

Individual evidence

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