Networked - Johnny Mnemonic

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German title Networked - Johnny Mnemonic
Original title Johnny Mnemonic
Country of production Canada , USA
original language English
Publishing year 1995
length 92 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Robert Longo
script William Gibson
production Don Carmody
music Brad Fiedel
camera François Protat
cut Ronald Sanders

Networked - Johnny Mnemonic is a film of director Robert Longo from the year 1995 . The action film is based on the science fiction sub-genre Cyberpunk short story The Mnemonic Johnny by William Gibson and was produced by the film studios Alliance Communications Corporation , Cinévision and TriStar Pictures . The only other film adaptation of a work by William Gibson is New Rose Hotel .


In 2021, certain pieces of information will be in high demand for trade and contraband. Therefore, there are couriers who convert part of their brain into a data storage device in order to transmit valuable data securely, but in the process you lose part of your memories. During this time, Johnny, who works as a mnemonic courier, wants to get out of his business and regain his entire memory. While an implant is very cheap to have, surgeons pay dearly to remove the implant in order to earn money from the business of mnemonic couriers. Johnny gets an order too big for his memory . As a result, he suffers from severe flashbacks of his childhood which he sacrificed for storage. In order not to die from overloading his brain, he must have unloaded the data from his brain within 24 hours. The data in Johnny's head enables a cure for NAS - Nerve Attenuation Syndrome, a disease that half the world's population suffers from because of their use of electronics and cybernetics . The developing company wants to keep this knowledge to itself, since it is far more lucrative to sell suppressive medicine than to sell cures, so it uses the yakuza, contract killers who are supposed to stop Johnny.

However, Johnny is supported in his struggle by an underground movement, the LoTeks - which fight against corporations, their oppression and against high technology. A cybernetic modified dolphin that the Navy has decommissioned enables Johnny to be freed of his memory content, which is broadcast on all TV channels and on the Internet as the last LoTeks broadcast through the dolphin's cracker capabilities , whereby the criminal activity of the Group is also exposed. That leads to her fall and thus to the end of the hunt for Johnny.


role actor Voice actor
Johnny Mnemonic Keanu Reeves Benjamin Völz
J-bone Ice-T Jan Odle
Street preacher Dolph Lundgren Manfred Lehmann
Shinji Denis Akiyama Gudo Hoegel
Ralfi Udo Kier Fred Maire
Hooky Don Francks Norbert Gastell
Spider Henry Rollins Christian Tramitz


After the overwhelming success of Gibson's cult novel Neuromancer , a film version of it was eagerly awaited in SF circles since 1984, despite warnings everywhere that Gibson's prose would not work as a film. Rumors about filming or scripts that had started surfaced regularly. In 1995, one of the alleged Neuromancer films actually turned out to be a film version of the older short story Johnny Mnemonic . (Another later emerged as The Matrix . Both films star Keanu Reeves .) In this one, Gibson had developed the most important elements of his Sprawl world , in which many of his early novels and short stories are set. For the film, however, only the characters and locations were used, the story and motifs of the actors were completely changed.

The judgment of many critics was correspondingly devastating: connoisseurs of Gibson's works criticized the dropping of the original, complex plot in favor of a more straightforward, Hollywood-compatible action plot. Furthermore, the naive dialogues and the rather listless game of the main actors were criticized. At least the film is visually impressive in places and can serve as an introduction to a closer study of Gibson's novels.


“For the first time, a short story by cyberpunk inventor William Gibson has been adapted for the screen. Gibson himself wrote the script, and the New York conceptual artist Robert Longo was hired to direct. The result is impressive due to its elaborate equipment and tricky special effects that do justice to the sci-fi setting. "

- Focus: film

“An eclectic, sometimes hard thriller in a cyberspace setting with an unusual cast, an artist director and impressive special effects. Made from set pieces of the genre and provided with one-dimensional B-movie dramaturgy, but exciting and, thanks to its mixture, original again. "

- film service 22/1995


Producer Don Carmody won the Genie Award in 1996 and the film was nominated for the same award in two other categories. Keanu Reeves was nominated for the Golden Raspberry in 1996.


  • In Germany, the age rating for the film was reduced from 18 to 16 in August 2017.
  • The film opened in German cinemas on October 12, 1995.
  • The term mnemonic comes from the Greek and can be translated with a good memory . Instructions from a computer processor ( assembly language ) are referred to as mnemonic codes because they are easier to remember than machine instructions .


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