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Synonyms 'Eperon', 'Spron'
Art Grape vine ( Vitis vinifera subsp. Vinifera )
Berry color dark blue
origin Italy
VIVC no. 17605
List of grape varieties

'Vuillermin' is a red wine variety . It is grown in small quantities in the Italian Aosta Valley , especially in the municipalities of Chambave , Pontey and Châtillon . It was saved from extinction by Giulio Moriando from the Institut Agricole Régional - Aosta. Recent genetic analyzes by José Vouillamoz suggest a connection to the ' Fumin ' variety .

Descent, origin

autochthonous variety in the Aosta Valley.

'Vuillermin' belongs to a group of grape varieties that have been able to maintain themselves in the geographical island location of the Alpine regions of Italy and the Valais in Switzerland. The following varieties belong to this group:

Phenological values

The values ​​were measured between 1994 and 1998 in the Hospice district at an altitude of 600 m above sea level. NN in a pending vineyard with a southern exposure:

  • Budding: April 2nd (see also the article BBCH scale for grapevines )
  • Flowering: June 3rd
  • Maturity: August 20th
  • Harvest: October 22nd

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Individual evidence

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