Election to the United States House of Representatives in 1970

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A total of 435 seats

The 1970 election to the United States House of Representatives took place on November 3, 1970. The House of Representatives was elected in the United States . The election was part of the general election to the 92nd United States Congress that year, in which a third of the US Senators were elected. Since the elections took place around the middle of the first term of office of the Republican President Richard Nixon ( midterm election ), they were also considered a vote on the previous policy of the president.

The number of MPs to be elected was 435. The distribution of seats was based on the 1960 census .

In the elections, the Democrats won 12 seats compared to the last election in 1968. With this, they were able to increase their absolute majority with 255 seats. The Republicans lost 12 seats and now came to 180 congressmen. Campaign themes were the unpopular Vietnam War and the race riots in many American cities. The main reason for the democratic gains was the dissatisfaction with the Vietnam War, which was then expanded again.

Election result

Total: 435 (435)

The results of the last election two years earlier are in brackets. Changes during the legislative period that do not affect the elections themselves are not included in these figures, but are noted in the article on the 92nd Congress in the section on the members of the House of Representatives under the relevant names of the representatives. As a result, the sources sometimes contain different information, as changes during the legislative period were sometimes incorporated into the figures and sometimes not. The election result shown is based on the source below (Party Divisions).

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