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The Widdehagen, map from 1572

The Widdehagen, map from 1572

height 634.7  m above sea level NHN
location at Schweinsbühl ; District of Waldeck-Frankenberg , Hesse ( Germany )
Mountains Rothaar Mountains
Dominance 6.1 km →  Kuckelsberg
Notch height 93 m ↓  Eimelrod station
Coordinates 51 ° 18 '29 "  N , 8 ° 46' 22"  E Coordinates: 51 ° 18 '29 "  N , 8 ° 46' 22"  E
Widdehagen (Hesse)

The Widdehagen is 634.7  m above sea level. NHN high mountain in the Upland , the northeastern foothills of the Rothaargebirge . He is Schweinsbühl in Hessian Waldeck-Frankenberg .



The Widdehagen rises in the northwest of North Hesse in the extreme east of the Upland in the Diemelsee Nature Park . The summit of the wooded mountain is about 8 km northwest of Korbach , 1.8 km east of Schweinsbühl and 2.6 km (as the crow flies ) north-northwest of Rhena , a part of the municipality of Korbach.

Natural allocation

The Widdehagen belongs to the natural area main unit group Süderbergland (No. 33), in the main unit Rothaargebirge (with Hochsauerland) (333) and in the subunit Upland (333.9) to the natural area Vorderpländer Ridge (333.91). Its landscape falls to the north into the natural area Flechtdorfer Höckerflur (332.60), which belongs in the main unit Ostsauerländer Gebirgsrand (332) to the sub-unit Vorupländer (Adorfer) Bucht (332.6), and to the south into the natural area Hohe Rade (332.53), which belongs to of the same main unit belongs to the sub-unit Grafschafter Bergland (332.5).

Mountain height

According to the top contour line that can be seen on topographic maps , the Widdehagen is about 635  m high. A little to the west of its summit is a trigonometric point ( 634.7  m ) and a little to the east another without an altitude.

Streams and watershed

Part of the Diemel-Eder / Fulda / Weser watershed runs over the Widdehagen : While the water of the Rhen e , which rises on the southwest slope of the mountain, drains north through the Diemel into the Weser , that of the Rhen a , which flows on the eastern neighbor mountain Hohen Rade ( 570.8  m ) rises, southwards through the Neerdar and Wilde Aa and then through the Orke and Eder eastwards to the Fulda and finally northwards into the Weser.

Individual evidence

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