Wild bee of the year

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Since 2013, the Wild Bee Cadastre Working Group, the State Institute for Apiculture and the beekeeping associations of Baden-Württemberg have been drawing attention to the endangerment of native wild bees with the title Wild Bee of the Year .

year Name (german) Name (scientific) Illustration
2013 Bicolored snail shell bee Osmia bicolor Osmia bicolor1.jpg
2014 Large woolly bee or garden woolly bee Anthidium manicatum Anthidium manicatum 3604.jpg
2015 Bryony Sand Bee Andrena florea Andrena florea.jpg
2016 Colorful bumblebee or wood bumblebee Bombus sylvarum Bombus Sylvarum - Centaurea scabiosa - Keila1.jpg
2017 Knautien sand bee Andrena hattorfiana Andrena hattorfianaclef.jpg
2018 Yellow-tie furrow bee Halictus scabiosae Bee May 2008-5.jpg
2019 Mustard blue shimmering sand bee Andrena agilissima Andrena agilissima.jpg
2020 Western femoral bee Macropis europaea Macropis europaea 02.JPG

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